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Error E16 in Candy washing machines

error e16 in Kandy washersOn Candy washing machines, the E16 error is not common. In any case, you will not find the E16 code in the most common models of these washers, but this does not mean that there are no models in which this code would not be built into the self-diagnosis system. In particular, it can be found on Candy top-loading washing machines with a display, but we will not get ahead of ourselves, we will talk about everything in order.

On a top-loading washing machine

To get started, give an example of a Kandy washing machine. She has a rare self-diagnosis system, which includes the E16 code of interest to us - the Candy CTD8766 washing machine. This is a pretty stylish machine with top loading, electronic control, a simple display with backlight and a maximum load of 6 kg.

Candy CTD8766 whose system contains error E16

Candy CTD8766 is not a new model, but so far it can be freely purchased, as it is found in all major retail outlets selling household appliances.

How is the code E16 decrypted on such a washing machine? Literally, the decoding sounds like this: "... there was a short circuit in the circuit of the heating element ...". What does it mean?

  • The heater of the washing machine simply burned out due to scale or short circuit.
  • Blown wiring or oxidized contacts, because of which power is not supplied to the heater.
  • The triac of the control board that is responsible for the heater is out of order.

E16 from the instructions for the Kandy washer

In rare cases, a short-term malfunction in the control board can cause such an error.. You can fix this failure by restarting the washing machine. If disabling and re-enabling the home assistant does not help, you will have to resort to repair, which we will talk about the nuances a little later.

On the washbasins of the Aquamatic series

The Candy Aquamatic washing machine, of course, will not show you the E16 code, since this washer does not have a display. And those Aquamatics who have a display also cannot show this code, because it is not built into their self-diagnosis system. However, the non-display Candy Aquamatic show error 16, which is essentially the same as error E16.

Error 16 is also decoded, a heater failure (short circuit, open circuit, insulation damage), but this code is not so easy to recognize. To determine this or that error on a Candy washing machine without a display, it is necessary to count the number of blinks of a special indicator, which is located in the lower left corner of the control panel of the machine near the toggle switch. If the washer has stopped its work, and the indicator blinks 16 times, this means that the machine gives an error 16.

If you do not have time to count the number of blinks of the corresponding indicator to determine the Aquamatic Candy error code, restart the machine and it will repeat the blink series.

How to fix the error?

To eliminate the error E16 on washing machines with vertical loading, you will first have to check the heating element and the electrical communications that are suitable for it. First, as usual, you will need to open the case and inspect the part of interest visually, and then check with a special device - a multimeter. So, we perform the following steps.

  1. We disconnect the washing machine from the water supply, sewage and electricity, then we push it out and deploy it to our right side.
  2. We unscrew the two self-tapping screws that hold the right side wall of the machine, and then remove this wall to the side.
  3. Next to the large pulley at the bottom of the tank, we see the contacts of the heating element, to which the bundle of wires fits, however, working with the heating element is inconvenient, since the drive belt interferes. In one easy motion we pull the belt off the pulleys.
  4. We photograph the location of the wires so that later we don’t forget how to connect them.
  5. We remove the wires and inspect them, as well as contacts for melting or oxide.
  6. We measure the resistance of the heating element with a multimeter.
  7. We take out the old heater and put in its place a new one.
  8. We collect the machine back and connect to the communications - you can check!

heating element on Candy CTD8766

Candy series Aquamatic is repaired in about the same way, only in order to get to the heater, you will have to remove the back wall, not the side. If you are interested in other malfunctions of washing machines of this brand, read the publication Error codes for Kandy washing machines.

In conclusion, we note a rather rare error E16, however, it can spoil a lot of blood for the owners of Candy washing machines, especially considering that it is quite difficult to find its decoding on the Internet. But we tried to correct the situation by writing this short article, we hope the information contained in it will be useful. Have a good repair!


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