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Error E1 in Hans Dishwasher

E1 error on Hans PMMThe Hansa dishwasher self-diagnosis system cipher table begins with code E1. If you had to deal with this code, keep in mind that finding a breakdown can be very difficult. To begin, we will discuss the decoding of the E1 error in the Hansa dishwasher, and only then we will proceed smoothly to the options for resolving it.

What kind of breakdowns gave rise to the code?

Often, the Hans dishwasher gives the E1 code not as a result of a breakdown, but under the influence of external factors. What does this mean? The fact is that the inlet valve of the dishwasher (like the washing machine), and most importantly, the flow sensor is configured for a specific water pressure. In our case, it is from 2.5 to 6 atmospheres. Typically, the pressure in the water supply of an apartment building is in this range, and the machine responds to it normally. But in some cases, water pressure goes beyond this and begins to reach 7-8 atmospheres.

With such strong pressure, the valve does not function properly, allowing more water to flow through than expected. The flow sensor also starts to record incorrect readings, stops the dishwasher and gives an error E1. In principle, in such a situation, you can wait a couple of days until the pressure in the water supply system normalizes, and then continue to operate the machine, but then where is the guarantee that this will not happen again?

If you often experience pressure surges in the water supply, the craftsmen recommend installing a pressure reducing valve with a suitable adjustment range. This valve is placed in front of the inlet hose of the dishwasher and lowers the pressure to a stable 3-4 atmospheres.

There is a pressure reducing valve from 5.5 dollars.

wash the net of the filling valveIf the problem is not the pressure of the water, then you need to look for problems inside the machine. Practical work of experienced masters will come in handy here, who advise you to check if the error code E1 appears:

  • filters in front of the intake valve for clogging;
  • the inlet valve itself, which may not open well;
  • flow sensor.

We have no choice but to start checking all of this in turn. Let's start with the filters and the intake valve, since these parts are not in the pan.


At the very beginning, we will take care of the safety of the upcoming repair. Disconnect the dishwasher and turn off the water. Next, we proceed to dismantle the inlet hose together with the inlet valve. The inlet valve in the Hansa dishwasher is external, so calmly unscrew it with the hose from the body, and the other end of the hose from the tee tap. Then you need to do the following:

  1. At the base of the inlet valve we find a flow filter, which is made in the form of a mesh. We remove it and clean it.
  2. We flush the hose itself, since lime deposits could have accumulated in it.
  3. Check the inlet valve. In this case, it is better to test the valve with a multimeter, and then disassemble and test the mechanism for operability, because the defect may be hidden.

If you are sure that the inlet valve is fully operational, you need to put it in place. First, we install a flow filter, and then connect the inlet valve itself to the hose.

flow sensor

What to do next? And then we need to remove the left side wall of the dishwasher. As soon as we succeed, we will gain access to the flow sensor. Tilt the machine to drain excess water, and then try to blow the sensor tubes. Quite often, dirt gets into these tubes and the sensor starts to mope, giving an error E1. After completing the purge, you need to ring the sensor itself, and if it is faulty, you need to replace it yourself with a similar one. Dismantling the old sensor and installing the new one is done on a hunch, there is nothing complicated.

After all the manipulations, we need to check whether the dishwasher will work. If our actions have not been successful and the error E1 continues to burn on the display, you need to contact specialists. Now it’s their turn to decide how to fix this problem. In this case, most likely, the electronic module is to blame, but in order to get into it, you must have certain skills, so there are no options here, just call the wizard.

To summarize our story. This Hans dishwasher error is nothing more than a water failure. This may be a real malfunction, or it may just be a malfunction of the flow sensor. Guesses will have to be confirmed as a result of a comprehensive check, which you will be able to conduct yourself. If you had to face other mistakes of your "home assistant", read the article Error codes for different dishwashers, this information is useful to you. Good luck


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