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Error E01 in the Hansa washing machine

Error E01 in the Hansa1 washing machineSometimes any technique fails, and the Hans washer is no exception. What should I do if the self-diagnosis system generates an error E01? Sometimes this is a purely electronic failure, and you just need to “reboot” the machine, disconnecting it from the network for about 15 minutes and turning it on again. But if something serious really happened in the car, this will not help. So let's figure it out.

What is this mistake?

Error E01 is responsible for the tightness of the hatch. That is, if you see this trouble code on the display, it means that something is wrong with the UBL. And it's not necessarily the lock device itself. Even if the machine is closed perfectly, the control system may simply not know this. Why it happens?

All elements of the washer are connected to the control board, which gives out signals. Therefore, sometimes the reason may lie not in the UBL itself, but in the fact that its supply wire is damaged.

  1. Damage to the sunroof lock device itself is also possible.
  2. The triac, which is responsible for managing the UBL, has failed.

To fix the breakdown, you need to find out what led to it. The above problems can be the cause of both intensive use of the machine, as a result of which the wires are frayed, and factory defects, when poorly soldered wiring breaks and the contact disappears.

One way or another, the problem lies either in the UBL or in its connection with the control board. If you are sure that you can repair it yourself, or just want to make sure what’s the matter, proceed to the inspection.

Explore the hatch lock device

To check the health of this element, you need to use a multimeter. However, to do this without removing the part from the machine will be very problematic. In this case, the result will either be incorrect or it will not be possible to measure anything at all. Therefore, to get started, remove the UBL and inspect it.checking UBL with the help of a tester

Each UBL is equipped with three types of contacts: phase, neutral and common. To correctly ring the module with a multimeter, you need to know for sure where which contact is located. The difficulty is that each manufacturer disposes of contacts completely randomly. Therefore, you need to look at the UBL scheme of your washing machine on the Internet.

  1. On the multimeter, activate the resistance test mode.
  2. The probes must be installed on the phase and neutral contacts (everything is OK if the device showed a three-digit number).
  3. Then on neutral and general.
  4. If you see that the numbers 1/0 are displayed on the device’s display, then the UBL is faulty and needs to be fixed.

However, it also happens that the multimeter does not see a malfunction, that is, three-digit numbers are displayed on the scoreboard. As a rule, the problem may be in the mechanical device UBL. In the end, perhaps you are dealing with a factory marriage, so consult a specialist, because the circumstances of the breakdown of the Hans washing machine are not always easy to determine on your own. A qualified master will necessarily identify and correct the breakdown.


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