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Door error in washing machines

door errorDoor is one of the most eloquent mistakes in the washing machine Samsung, Indesit, Ariston, Atlant and others. When the washer writes “door” on the display, people who are more or less familiar with English understand that door means a door and there are some problems with the hatch. But not everyone is aware of these problems. In this publication, we will analyze in detail what this error means on a washing machine of one or another brand, we hope this information will be useful.

On the Indesit Washbasins

Many users complain about Indesit brand washing machines, they say they are made “from the ax”, then one breaks, then another. We are not going to discuss the quality of these washing machines, but we will focus on one common problem, which, by the way, causes the door error code. This is a mechanism for locking the hatch of the Indesit washing machine.

The fact is that the lock mechanism, which is located inside the hatch of these machines, is poorly thought out. The axis that holds the spring-loaded hook periodically pops up, from which the hook ceases to fix the manhole cover in the closed state. If this happened to you, do not hammer the hatch door out of anger, but do the following.

  1. Disconnect the Indesit washing machine from the power supply.
  2. Remove water from the washer through the trash filter.

Most often, the door error pops up before the machine draws water, but if you are unlucky and the code appears in the middle of washing, you need to carefully remove water from the tank, not pouring everything around.

  1. Unscrew the fasteners holding the hatch, remove the hatch.
  2. Unscrew a few screws that hold the hatch halves together.
  3. Insert the popped out axis into the groove as shown in the figure below.
  4. Reassemble the hatch.

the mounting axis flew out

If the hatch mechanism is in order, but the door does not lock, it is necessary to check the UBL of the Indesit washing machine. UBL (hatch lock device) also breaks down quite often, but this is not the only reason why the door error appears. For information on how to find and fix breakdowns of UBL, electronic module and others, read the article The washing machine door does not close.

On Samsung machines

On Samsung typewriters, the door error is not the only one that indicates problems with locking the hatch. There are also codes de, Ed, dE1, dE2, all these errors, in fact, lead to the same thing - to the hatch door. The error door, de, Ed, dE1, dE2 can appear as follows:

  • the door does not want to lock at the very beginning of the wash, no matter how we press it;
  • it is impossible to open the door after the completion of the washing process;
  • the washer first locks the hatch, but then the lock disappears, and the Samsung washing machine freezes, issuing the specified code;
  • the hook of the hatch does not fall into the hole of the locking device;
  • repeated appearance and disappearance of this code during the washing process, sometimes this happens 5-7 times per wash cycle.

Well, we have listed the situations of the appearance of such an error, now we will figure out in order what to do in a particular situation. Let's start with the most common case when the hatch is physically closed, even the click was, and the machine still displays the door error on the display. In this case, it is necessary to check and repair the UBL. You can read about how to do this in the article. Washer hatch lock - how to replace a door lock?

door error on the washing machineIf the hatch, on the contrary, does not want to open after washing, the problem is again in the UBL. However, be extremely careful, at the end of washing the UBL of any washing machine, for some time after washing, leaves the hatch closed tightly - this is normal. If ten minutes after the end of the program, the washing machine Samsung will not open the hatch, you can think about the repair.

The door error in a Samsung washing machine can be caused not only by electrical, but also by mechanical causes. So if the hook of the lock, which is located on the manhole cover, does not fit into the UBL hole. This means that the loop on which the hatch is held is deformed.This happens not so rarely, especially if you have small children in your family and they like to ride on the door. The problem is solved in one single way - by replacing the loop.

Here let us give advice. Samsung's washing machine has rather “shaky” full-time hinges, but recently they have begun to produce reinforced versions from a special alloy. Buy one such and more similar problems will not arise.

remove and repair UBLWorst of all, if on a Samsung brand washing machine, the door error will disappear and appear. This means that somewhere on the way between the UBL and the control module, the contact disappears. You will have to remove the UBL, ring its contacts with a multimeter, then ring the wiring coming from the UBL. In a similar situation, it is better to entrust this work to the master.

The Atlant washing machine also has similar problems, so we decided not to devote a separate paragraph to this story. We will only say that the Atlant washing machine has the incomparably worse reviews of specialists regarding the maintainability of individual units, including UBL and the control module, but this is a topic for a separate article.


engine from washing machine AristonRegarding the features of the door error in Ariston washing machines, it can be noted that everything we talked about above is also relevant for the “home helpers” of this brand. True, as usual, there is one "but." In Hotpoint-Ariston washing machines, the door error is occasionally irrelevant to the door and the devices that control it. Mistake door on Aristons may appear due to poor contact of one of the engine brushes. How to find and repair this contact?

In this case, you need to get to the motor through the bottom of the washing machine. Unscrew engine mounts, disconnect chip with wires. Remove the engine and check its brushes, including the wiring that supplies the brushes. Perhaps the brushes were brought up during the operation of the washing machine, which means that in order to avoid repeated repairs in the future, they should be replaced. About, how to change the brush of the engine of the washing machine, read in the article of the same name published on our website.

To summarize, we note that the door error on washing machines of different brands can manifest itself in completely different ways. Most often, it actually indicates problems with the hatch door or the UBL, but in some cases the causes of this error are most unexpected.


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    Thank you for the most valuable information: “A door error in Aristons may appear due to poor contact of one of the engine brushes.” It helped a lot to reanimate ARISTON AVSD 107 EX 2003 release on its own! By the way, the first and so far only problem for 15 years of operation!

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