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Door Error on Ariston Washer

Door Error on Ariston WasherIf the Ariston washing machine shows a Door error, then owners who are familiar with English will immediately understand that there is a problem with the hatch door. But everything is not so simple: this problem also manifests itself with the combination of “F17” or the flashing of certain indicators. Accurately diagnose the nature and extent of the breakdown, make out the signs and repair the defect will help our instructions.

Nuances of code development

First of all, it is necessary to recognize the “door” fault code. The easiest way is if the machine has a display and lights up on the screen "door "or"F17 ». Together with that:

  • after starting, the cycle and water intake do not start;
  • the selected program is interrupted;
  • the hatch door does not open at the end of the cycle.

The self-diagnosis system more often displays the “door” error when starting the machine, less often - at the end, in extreme cases - in the middle of the cycle.

Another thing is if the Ariston washing machine does not have a display. Then you have to navigate by the flashing indicators on the dashboard. The order and intensity of the indication depends on the model of the machine.

  • The oldest models have only two bulbs - power and door locks. Therefore, you can guess the problem with the hatch by a series of blinks in 17 instant flashes of the power button. The signal is repeated at intervals of 4-5 seconds. At the same time, the selector rotates clockwise, and the unit makes unusual clicks. Often the picture is supplemented by the flickering of the UBL key.
  • Ariston assault rifles of the AV, AVL, AVTL, AVSL and CDE lineups are equipped with many signal lights. With the error “door”, only two are lit: “Spin” and the lower button “Extra rinse” or “Decrease the spin speed”. The Key indicator also flashes, and with a high flicker frequency.
  • The Hotpoint-Ariston Low-End Series (which includes ARSL, ARTL, ARXL, AVM and ARUSL) talk about problems with hatch closing differently. Here you need to pay attention to the LEDs called "Rinse" and "Key". Some are located in a vertical line near the phase indicators of the cycle. It is possible that all the other lights on the dashboard will blink. But the exact location of the signal keys depends on the model. So, in Hotpoint Ariston machines of the ARTF, AVC, ECOTF brands, the buttons are installed vertically, and in ARTL, ARXL, BHWD, BHWM - horizontally.
  • The deprived display of the Hotpoint Ariston model of the Aqualtis type, for example, automatic machines AQSL, AQS0L, AQ9L, indicate a F17 breakdown by flashing two combinations. Most cars with six temperature lights provoke the first and fifth blinking (“Without heating” and “60 ° C”). If there are only five temperature options, then the LEDs will flicker opposite the words “Without heating” and “90 ° C”.

In most cases, it is not difficult to determine that the self-diagnosis system displays a “door” error. But diagnosing a problem is only the first task. Then you need to fix the problem and repair the unit. How to do this, we will describe in detail in the instructions below.

What is broken?

Before you think what to do to correct the situation, it is worthwhile to more accurately determine the nature and extent of the incident trouble. Yes, the signal code “F17” or “door” directly indicates the impossibility of closing the hatch. That is, the drum door does not slam shut or the control board does not “see” the lock that has occurred.door mechanism repair

In other words, the UBL or the hatch blocking device has failed. The problem is unpleasant and needs to be fixed immediately. But not everything is so bad: a real malfunction is rare, and more often users are faced with their own inattention or program crash. So, most likely, there is one of the common problems.

  1. Loose door. Often in a hurry, we do not press the sunroof tightly enough to the case or don’t notice the laundry stuck in the cuff.Therefore, first of all, we try to open and close the door again. If there was a characteristic click, then the closure was successful.
  2. Power outages. Remember that when U falls below the 200 Volt mark, UBL will not work. This occurs when operating the Ariston washing machine in a private house. To correct the situation, it is necessary to include a voltage monitoring relay in the chain.
  3. Contaminated locking mechanism. If the machine is not cleaned regularly, foreign objects or dirt may get into the lock hole for the tongue of the hatch. The solution will be a thorough check and scrubbing.
  4. Loose door hinge hardware. This will lead to the fact that the tongue will not be able to get into the locking mechanism and the door will not be able to fully close. The necessary repair consists in tightening the fasteners.
  5. System crash. The Ariston machine can simply “turn off”: not to read the signal about the blocking that has occurred or to incorrectly start the indication. If the error occurred for the first time, it is better to restart the unit first. It is enough to disconnect the machine from the mains, wait 5-10 minutes and repeat the start. If the code disappears, then the problem is resolved.
  6. Weakened contacts. Ariston, like any washing machine, vibrates during washing. Excessive vibration often affects the wire drift and the “door” error. To repair the machine, you will need to carefully check the contact connections.

Serious damage occurs extremely rarely. But if none of the problems mentioned is found, then the problem is hiding in other problems. To continue washing, you will have to fix the unit on your own or with the help of professionals.

Signs of damage and repair

Before you begin to solve the problem, it is worthwhile to accurately diagnose the problem. If, among the signs of breakage, the door does not close, the lock disappears in the middle of the cycle, or the hatch does not open at the end of the program, then UBL is to blame for 75%. As already noted, it is responsible for achieving tightness in the drum and the locked door. It is impossible to repair the device - only a full replacement.Ariston board repair

Another failure option is a faulty control module. The control board coordinates the operation of the machine, reads and transmits commands from one element to another. When the electronic controller starts to slow down, the relationship is broken and the system gives an error. The cause will be the burnout of resistors, LEDs, triacs or varistors.

Other faults are often to blame for flashing “F17” or “door”:

  • oxidized or burnt contacts on radio elements;
  • failures in the firmware of the control board;
  • faulty processor electronic controller.

For any problems with the circuit board and radio elements, it is necessary to repair, reflash or replace the "brains" of the machine.

Among the reasons may be worn out electric brushes on the collector motor. On many Hotpoint Ariston models, the board controls the operation of the UBL through monitoring the circuit, which includes the motor. If breakages are detected on the engine, e.g. wear carbon brushes, then the system often interprets it as a problem with locking the hatch. It is logical that a repair will have to be replaced.

When the electric motor breaks down due to burnt lamellas or a broken winding, it is necessary to replace it entirely.

If it is impossible to close the hatch tightly due to a non-falling door tab in the housing opening or the absence of a click, we act differently. First of all, we pay attention to two points.

  • Door hinges. The door is probably skewed and cannot get into the factory slots. The reason for the loose clamps is due to mechanical stress, for example, when riding children on an open hatch. To continue washing, one or two holders will need to be replaced.
  • The locking mechanism. Both the natural sag and the mechanical shock can break the tongue. As a result, the tongue does not fall into the groove. Disassembling the hatch and replacing damaged parts will help solve the problem.

Often the guide of the locking mechanism “pops up” from the seat, and it is enough to return it to its previous position.

The last reason leading to "F17" or "door" is damage to the wiring in the area from the module to the UBL. Talking signs will be the failure to activate the lock, its disappearance during the washing process, highlighting the error on the spin or drain. Erasing the conductor on the sharp edge of the drum or damage to the insulation by rodents lead to such troubles. It is safer and safer to contact professional repairmen. If you decide to act alone, then avoid twists and loose connections.


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