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Dhe error on LG washing machine

Dhe error on LG washing machineOnly owners of washing machines equipped with a dryer can see the Dhe fault code on the display. What exactly could become worthless: a heating element, a temperature sensor, a fan? We'll figure out what the dhe error on the washing machine means, how to fix the equipment with your own hands.

The origin of this code

In the user manual for the Elji washer-dryer, this fault code is not described in detail. The manufacturer gives the following interpretation of the error dhe: "problem with drying temperature." In addition, the manual spells out what to do to fix the breakdown. It is necessary to check:

  • the heater responsible for drying things;
  • temperature sensor and wiring supplying the thermostat;
  • triacs of the control board responsible for the operation of the heating element.

The further course of the repair will depend on the diagnostics performed. In some cases, it will be necessary to replace the heating element or temperature sensor. More difficult will be the work associated with the electronic board. You may need to either reinstall the triacs, or solder the tracks leading from them.

Experienced craftsmen also recommend checking the fan connector of the drying equipment.

check if the connector is well connectedIn some cases, these connectors, especially on Russian-made LG washers, are not fully inserted into place. After some time of operation of the machine, the contact is lost, resulting in problems with drying the laundry. The fan stops working. The solution to the problem can be very simple, and consist in reliably securing the connectors to the seat.

If the LG machine produces a dhe code, special attention should be paid to checking the temperature sensor. The resistance of the drying thermostat at room temperature around 25 ° C should be 49 kOhm. If the value detected during the diagnosis will significantly differ from the standard, you will have to replace the sensor.

Replacing a heating element

TEN of the LG washing machineIf the washer generates the dhe code, and during the check, a TEN malfunction is revealed, then the element needs to be urgently changed. How to fix the situation, is it possible to carry out repairs on our own, we will understand further. So, the algorithm for replacing the heater in the washer-dryer will be as follows:

  • disconnect the device;
  • remove the top cover of the machine case. To do this, unscrew the two bolts holding the panel;
  • remove the metal strip located under the lid to get free access to the "inside" of the washer;

The drying heater is located in the heating chamber, in order to get to the element, it is necessary to open it.

  • disconnect the cuff of the hatch and all electrical connectors from the heater chamber, unscrew the screws holding the upper part of the part;
  • remove the lid of the heating chamber, directly below it and the heater is located;
  • unscrew the bolt holding the heating element;
  • install the new heater in the same place and fix it with a screw;
  • make sure that the chamber seal is refilled in place around the entire perimeter of the part;
  • reassemble the washing machine in the reverse order.

Pulling the cuff on the heating chamber, it is better to put on the back of the seal first, followed by the front.

If the machine shows the dhe code, drying problems have occurred. It is necessary to identify a breakdown in the system, and based on the diagnostic data, replace the damaged element. A simple repair can be performed independently, if a defect is found on the control board, it is better to contact the master.


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