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CL error code on an LG washing machine

LG error code CLDespite the fact that in almost every article we advise people to read the instructions for the washing machine, they continue to neglect this advice, which causes many problems. One of these problems is the cl error on the LG washing machine. What kind of error is cl, or maybe it's not a mistake at all? What is this cl code, which does not work with the control panel, let's understand.

Reasons for the appearance of the code, what does it mean?

The cl code on the LG washing machine is not an error code at all, but the so-called information a code that tells the user that the control panel lock mode or simply “child protection” is turned on. The developers of front-loading automatic washing machines were immediately puzzled by the problem of the need for locking, since the control panel of such machines is very low, in the reach of small children, which is very dangerous.

Note! The cl code is, in fact, a short designation of the English word “children”, which translates into Russian as “children”.

child lock on LGA child can easily by pressing a few buttons not only stop the washing process, but also ruin the washing machine, so if you have a small child in your house, do not forget to use this function. So, cl on the LG typewriter is an information code, and if it appears after pressing a key combination, this is normal. But what to do if this code is always displayed after turning on the washing machine, or even worse, appears suddenly in the middle of the wash, although no one pressed anything, but we will not get ahead of ourselves.

How to set / remove the lock, lock options?

Almost all modern models of automatic washing machines from LG have a child lock, and the key combination that makes this lock the same. Namely super rinse plus prewash. The arrangement of keys on different models of cars is different. They can stand:

  • to the left of the display;
  • above the display;
  • under the display.child lock on LG

The essence of this does not change - pressing two keys super rinse plus pre-wash simultaneously with a hold of 3 seconds, activates the "child protection" mode, mode is also disabled.

Confusing buttons is pretty tricky. The manufacturer took care of this by putting symbols on the control panel. In particular, the keys "child protection" are indicated by a smiling lock, from which there are two curved lines that indicate precisely these buttons.

child lock on LGAfter setting the cl mode, it remains until the end of the wash. When completing the washing process on some machine models LG, the child lock is reset, and on some it is retained even if the machine is turned off. In some models of LG washing machines, you can lock all buttons from children, and on some all buttons except on / off.

This baffles consumers who have purchased partially blocked cars. After all, a child can ruin the wash by clicking on the on / off button. Then what's the point, in blocking in general, if the child is still able to affect the washing machine? Moreover, this problem is typical for expensive cars stuffed with different functions, and the more complex the machine, the more “tender” its control module. A sudden shutdown during the washing process can damage the microprocessor, and then an error can definitely occur.

Important! If your model has LG cars, the control panel should be completely blocked and this is written in the operating instructions, but in fact everything except the on / off button will be blocked, this may indicate a malfunction of the control module.

The lock occurs spontaneously and does not turn off

child lock on LGIf the LG machine is working, then turning on and off the "child protection" mode will not be difficult.But what if, when the washing machine is turned on, the inscription cl lights up on the display and it is not possible to unlock the machine by pressing the keys, how long do not push - is this a mistake? In essence, there can be several options for this malfunction.

  1. The cl lock spontaneously activates after the washing machine is connected to the network and does not turn off, so it is impossible to set the washing program.
  2. The cl lock activates spontaneously during the wash process (for example, after washing before rinsing).
  3. The cl lock is activated by the user, but does not turn off or turn off after a time.

In this case, you need to either contact the service for help, or try to repair the LG machine yourself. For self-repair will have disassemble the washing machineby dismantling the control module. Then you will need, taking a multimeter, ring the contacts of the super rinse and prewash buttons, as well as the on / off buttons. Most often, the causes of the above malfunctions are oxidized button contacts, frayed wires or defects on the control module board.

Important! If after checking the electrics, you are convinced that the problem is precisely in the control module board, contact a specialist. It is better not to repair this part yourself.

In conclusion, we note that if the display of your LG washing machine shows cl, while the control panel does not work, do not rush to panic. In this case, this is not a mistake, it’s just that your machine is locked from children and you need to remove the lock by simultaneously pressing the super rinse and prewash keys. Only if the lock is not released can we talk about a malfunction.


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    Many thanks very much helped !!!!

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    Thanks for the help! But just why poke the instruction, because if it is available, it is natural to read it. People are looking for a clue on the Internet when the instruction is lost, is it really not clear?

  4. Gravatar Ale Ale:

    Thank you !!!) And then I fell into a panic! Only on my typewriter I had to press immediately and super rinse and temperature !!

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    Thank you so much! It helped. I’m glad madly that I didn’t have to call the master, wasting time, or even money.

    • Gravatar Sholpan Sholpan:

      Hello, I have a LG WD 10160NUP screen lock. The panel is all-inclusive, but no water. In general does not work. How can I take it off?

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    Thank you very much!!!

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    And I will say thanks, the instruction has long disappeared. And you want to wash 🙂

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    Hello, tell me please, I did not turn on the lock. And the husband wanted to add pants and stopped the machine and the door did not open and still clammed up. Me: "You can’t do that." And he started back. The machine washed and the door does not open.

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    The lock can be removed by pressing one key on the sensor, if it is from children.

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    Thank you very much, reassured grandmother.

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    Thank you very much.!!!

  17. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    On my washer there are touch buttons and under one of them is the inscription “child lock”. He pressed and held only her and the lock was released.

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    Thank you very much. I thought that the kayuk typewriter came. Hooray! It turned out, all is well!

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    Thank you very much. Helped a lot!

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    Thank you for clarifying that you need to hold the combination of buttons for 3 seconds! We never used the lock, apparently somehow we pressed it ourselves, blocked all the buttons, and after turning it off from the outlet, too. Quality protection! 🙂

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    Thank you so much! Earned! Helped!

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    Thank you very much, but you are wrong about the instructions, a brand new machine manual in place. Re-read everything, there is nothing about this code. You saved us!

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    Thank you very much for your advice.

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    We have a model LG F2J5QN4W with a touch screen. Somehow the lock turned on, I can’t turn it off 🙁 Can you tell me how to do this?

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    Hello. And on my typewriter LG F1281TD, child protection stopped working. I often used it because my son was small and constantly pressed buttons. Can I fix it somehow?

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    And if the touch screen is on lg. There are no buttons. Unable to unlock. Help!

    • Gravatar Shokir Shocker:

      Good afternoon, LG washing machine. Touch screen, no buttons. I can’t unlock, what should I do?

      • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

        Bro, spin - this is the child lock button, hold it down and you will be happy 🙂

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          Thanks for the spin, saved 🙂

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    Thanks for the help with the machine, did not call the master.

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    Thanks for the article, I searched for instructions for half an hour, found it. For another half hour I was looking for an error code. I decided to look for a solution in the internet, went to you, read about protection from children. Spent another half hour on all sorts of combinations. The hint was in front of my eyes on the panel.

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    Thank you so much! Everything worked out! I did not have to call the master! Thank you for your competent help!

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    Thank! Bailout rescued!

  36. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Thank. Helped a lot. CL mode is on its own. They did not know how to unlock the panel. Now everything is fine.

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    LG F1022ND machine - when turned on, the pre-soak button lights up, the washing modes do not switch, although the panel lights up. The machine does not start. Please advise what to do?

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