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Samsung washing machine error 6E (bE)

6E error in SamsungError 6E (aka bE) in the Samsung washing machine occurs quite often. Moreover, this can happen either at the very beginning, or in the middle, or even sometimes at the end of the wash. The machine suddenly stops working, freezes, and the display shows “6E." What does this code mean, what kind of malfunction is generated and how can this malfunction be eliminated? We will talk about all this in the framework of this publication.

Decrypt the code

This code can be briefly decoded as a heating element error. But what does the phrase “error of the heating element” mean, what is hidden under it? And under it are two malfunctions. The first is directly connected with the heating element when the heater burns out completely and a part is required to be replaced. The second is related to the power supply problems of the heating element when its contact burns out or the wiring breaks. In both cases, the heating element ceases to function, and the self-diagnosis system responds to this in the manner described above.

Attention! If you have a Samsung washing machine that was manufactured before 2007, it is possible that instead of code 6E, bE will appear on the display - this means the same thing.

How to get to ten?

Before deciding whether to replace the heater or to repair contacts and wiring, you need to decide on what exactly broke. It is impossible to do this in absentia without dismantling the Samsung washing machine. So, we have only one thing left, to get to the ten and see what is out of order there. We do the following.

  • We take out the powder receptacle, and then through a special hose, which is located near the trash filter, drain the water from the tank. If the Samsung machine generated an error 6E before the water got into the tank or the washing machine managed to drain the water, you can skip this step.
  • Dismantle the top cover of a Samsung brand washing machine.
  • We unscrew the screws that are on the right and left of the powder receptacle niche. And one screw, which is located on the right side of the control panel from the end.
  • We pry the control panel with a flat screwdriver and slide it up. It is not necessary to remove the panel at all, since an impressive bundle of wires is suitable for it, removing them, and then putting them in place is an unnecessary job.
  • Now go to the cuff of the hatch. Need to take it off. It’s easy, but if you have problems read the article How to remove the cuff of the hatch of the washing machine.
  • At the base of the washing machine housing in front is a narrow decorative panel. They are attached to latches so that these latches can be removed, we hook them with a flat screwdriver, and then remove the panel.
  • Under the bottom ledge of the front panel of the Samsung washing machine, we find 4 bolts and unscrew them.
  • Above the top protrusion of the front panel there are several more screws that need to be unscrewed.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the sunroof lock device. The device itself does not need to be removed.
  • We take the front wall with both hands, slightly raise it up, remove and remove to the side.

replacement ten

Well, we can see right under the hatch of the Samsung washing machine sticking out of the front wall of the tank, a heating element. More precisely, we will not see the whole ten, but only a small part of it: contacts, sealing rubber, the base of the body and the fastener, but this is already very good.

Replacing the heater heater

Well, well, let's arm ourselves with a device called a multimeter, and check the contact resistance of the heating element. If the resistance value is 25-30 Ohms, the ten is most likely working, but if zero or one is lit on the instrument panel, the part needs to be changed. If the heating element is serviceable, carefully inspect the contacts and the wiring supplying the heating element, there is something to eat.

A burnt contact or wiring can be seen without even checking them with a multimeter.

heater replacementIf the heater is still defective, you need to start replacing it, but first remove the defective part. Make it easy:

  1. unscrew the central nut, which is located between the contacts of the heater;
  2. very carefully, grasping the hairpin with pliers, shake the teng from side to side;
  3. we apply a light blow with pliers on the hairpin, the ten should shift slightly inward;
  4. Using the same flat screwdriver, we remove the heating element out.

Now we will examine the burnt ten. Typically, a large amount of limescale and all kinds of debris adhere to the faulty heater of the washing machine. If you have a ceramic heating element on your machine, this is the worst of all. Do not take the exact same ten in any case, it is better to look for a metal analogue, because ceramic coated heaters have shown themselves very poorly.

We are looking for and buying a regular metal heating element for the Samsung washing machine, we clean the seat with sandpaper, insert a new heater in the hole and screw it. Then we hang on the wiring contacts, after which we assemble the washing machine, install it and check for operability.

To summarize, we note that error 6E on the Samsung washing machine almost always means a breakdown of medium complexity. So do not hesitate, carefully study our publication and take up the repair of your "home assistant". Do not put off this business, otherwise the machine will not wash. Good luck


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