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Error 4e in a Sumsung washing machine

Error 4eAutomatic washing machines with electronic display are no longer new. Information that appears while working on a small screen can be very useful. Indeed, in addition to the duration of the wash and the temperature of the water, machine manufacturers have included error codes in the program. We will deal with one of these errors - error 4e in the Samsung washing machine.

Error 4e Description

Error 4e means that for some reason the washing machine is not picking up water. This is easy to understand: you can’t hear the sounds of the accumulating water, and through the glass of the drum you cannot see the flow of water. Error 4 e in the Samsung washing machine can occur both at the very beginning of washing, and during rinsing, when soapy water is already drained, and clean water does not flow.

In some Samsung washing machine models, such an error is indicated not by the 4e code, but by the 4c ​​code.

Causes of occurrence

The occurrence of such an error can be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Lack of cold water.
  2. A foreign object is stuck in the water inlet valve.
  3. When connecting to the water supply, an error occurred in the connection of hot and cold water.
  4. There is no water pressure, there is no pressure in the water supply.
  5. The hose is not connected to the detergent container.


The first thing to do is open the cold water tap and make sure that it is not turned off.

If water is supplied to the apartment, but the machine does not start washing, showing error 4e on the screen, then it is necessary:

  1. Check the tightness of the tap and valve through which water is supplied; there may be a leak. Leaking water is usually the main cause of this error.
  2. Check with what pressure the water is supplied through the hose.

When the water pressure is strong, the cause may be a clogged inlet filter. It is enough to clean or replace it, and try to start the washing machine again. If the error 4e appears again on the screen, then the matter is in the internal details of the washing machine, which requires a call to the master.

How to fix error 4e when there is no water supply pressure at all. In this case, it is necessary to check the water supply hose to the washing machine, we have clearly presented how to do this, in the form of a diagram.

error 4e on the washing machine

If you can’t find out the reason why the machine gives an error 4e, it wasn’t possible, you need to contact a Samsung service center. Perhaps the reason is the breakdown of the internal parts of the machine, but only a professional can say this.

When error 4e appeared before rinsing, then the steps to eliminate it should be as follows:

  1. Check if cold water enters the apartment.
  2. Switch off the washing machine.
  3. Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly.
  4. See the pressure of the water passing through the inlet hose.
  5. Turn on the machine and start it in the "Rinse and Spin" mode
  6. If the error appears again, you will have to call a specialist in household appliances.

Errors 4e and e4: the same thing?

error e4 on the washing machineIn search of the causes of error 4e on the washing machine, some people type in e4 rather than 4e in the Internet search engine. This is not right, because these are two completely different mistakescaused by various reasons. Error e4 means that an imbalance has occurred in the drum of the machine. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • too much linen, the permissible volume is exceeded;
  • perhaps the laundry is too small;
  • the laundry was knocked together and stuck to the drum;
  • malfunctions with the electronic controller; defects in machine drive parts have occurred.

Error 4e is one of the most common. To eliminate it, you need to have some skills, in particular to be able to connect a hose for water supply. There are other error codes that can report a serious malfunction of the washing machine. They are described in the article. Error codes for the Samsung machine. You can also watch a video on how to fix error 4e:


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  1. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    Thank you for clarifying the difference between E4 and 4E. I fixed the problem.

  2. Gravatar Vasya Vasya:

    For some reason, error 4E pops up only in (wool) mode. On all other modes it works perfectly! What's the matter?

  3. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    My error occurs only on washing programs. The rinse water is excellent

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