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Top-loading dishwasher overview

top loading machineThe top-loading built-in dishwasher is a very good technical solution for a small kitchen. And indeed, he built a similar dishwasher into the countertop, open the lid, lay the dishes and the job is done. But the trouble is, the idea is good, but go find such equipment on store shelves. Or maybe you can still find, we just did not look properly?

Top-loading dishwasher: myth or reality?

Usually, when it occurs to us to equip our kitchen with an unusual top-loading dishwasher, we go on the Internet and make a request in a search engine. And what is the result? And as a result, we quickly make sure that all well-known manufacturers do not produce such dishwashers, well, in any case, they do not deliver them to our market. Is it really necessary to give up and stop the futile search?

Top-loading dishwashers are sometimes very unexpected in design and construction.

Indeed, currently the top-loading dishwasher in the world market is a rarity. Some of them are produced in Asian and European countries for domestic consumption. Their price is fabulous, but if you really want to, you can find and buy such equipment through national online stores. We will not dwell on the description of models, we will talk about this a little later. Now let's talk about the pros and cons of a top-loading dishwasher.

Pros and cons of these machines

What are the pros and cons of a top-loading dishwasher? Maybe she is so bad that she’s not worth it and is tormented with her search. Why throw out a ton of money for a worthless thing? The question is really serious, but we suggest “not cutting it off”, and first examine the pros and cons of such unusual “home helpers”, and only then draw constructive conclusions based on specific data. Let's start with the merits.

  • Possibility of placement on a horizontal surface near the sink. This is very convenient, because the dishwasher lid will be part of the countertop, and will not bother anyone at all and take up a large amount of space in the kitchen.
  • Convenient bookmark dishes. To lay the dishes in the front-loading dishwasher, you will need to bend over and, bending over, put the dirty dishes in the basket. In a top-loading dishwasher, everything is simpler. Opened the lid, stand and put the dishes in the hopper. For people with radiculitis and other similar diseases, this is ideal.
  • A vertical dishwasher can be made completely invisible. The fact is that ordinarybuilt-in dishwasher hiding behind a beautiful furniture facade, but you can still see it. The vertical can literally merge with the surface of the countertop so that even a professional does not immediately find it. If you think about it, this is the perfect interior solution.

Well, and of course, such a technique is not without drawbacks, which also need to be mentioned. Firstly, such dishwashers have a very limited capacity. As a rule, it does not exceed 6-8 sets of dishes. Secondly, verticals have some problems with washing and drying dishes, so the quality of their work leaves much to be desired. Thirdly, such dishwashers are not widespread, which means that in the event of a breakdown, it will be difficult to find a specialist for repairs, not to mention spare parts.

A vertical-loading dishwasher is practically not serviced by the manufacturer, so in the event of a breakdown, you will have to rely on your own strengths.

Top loading dishwasher overview

Let us dwell on vertical dishwashers, especially since there are not so many of them.

The Briva In-Sink is more like a sink combined with a dishwasher.A convenient technical solution, because you can first rinse the dishes and immediately put them in the car. This dishwasher will cope with its task very quickly, spending half less energy and water.

top loading machine

The L machine is one of the strangest dishwashers. She not only washes, but also includes a lighting device. Its peculiarity is also that the flooded water is used several times, passing through the cleaning system, which is why it does not have drain hoses.

car L

Dishwasher with sink. To sink turned into a dishwasher, you just need to lower the dome (cover). You can wash a couple of sets of dishes, but no more, so this gadget is not for mass distribution.

Briva In-Sink 2 Machine

As you can see, a vertically loaded dishwasher is more of a gadget, a miracle of modern technology, the embodiment of a design idea. It is difficult to call it a technical device with high performance. Probably, it’s technically not rational to create a top-loading dishwasher, which is why frontal household machines have become so widespread.


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