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Premium Dishwasher Overview

luxury dishwashersStatistics show that there are many people who do not want to be satisfied with economy class dishwashers. Although the sale of premium dishwashers did not increase, it did not particularly fall, despite the significant growth in the dollar and the economic crisis. We decided to select the best premium dishwasher models and include them in our short review in order to introduce our readers to them. Here's what happened.

Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O

The most expensive dishwasher in our review is Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O from a well-known German manufacturer. This is a fully embedded model. Its current market value is about $ 3,680; you can buy a used car. Judging only by the cost, this is really a premium class dishwasher, but what about its characteristics?

  1. Its capacity is more than 14 sets of dishes. Although the manufacturer indicated a capacity of 14 sets, users claim that the machine can wash up to 16 sets at a time.
  2. The equipment has a modern color display and electronic control.
  3. For one washing cycle, the machine consumes less than 10 liters of water.
  4. The Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O is very quiet. At maximum speeds, it produces 41 dB.
  5. In the arsenal of the eminent "German" 10 washing programs, in addition, you can set as many as 7 temperature modes.
  6. There is a limited load mode, although with such a low water consumption it is unlikely to be in demand.
  7. You can set the program and delay its launch until one day in increments of one hour.

The Gadget has a lot of cars. In addition to the familiar “beam on the floor”, there is excellent internal lighting, the ability to use 3 in 1, 7 in 1, etc. means, protection against any water leaks, as well as unusual technologies such as tapping the door.

Miele G 6891 SCVi K2O

The model has the useful AutoOpen feature. After the program ends, the machine itself automatically opens, so dry and clean dishes can be taken out at any time.

The lack of the “protection from children's interference” function was striking. For such an expensive technique, this is a drawback. The rest of the model is very decent and very good at washing dishes. In the rating of professionals, the machine scored 9.8 points out of 10, this is an excellent result.

Kuppersbusch IGVE 6610.2

Much more modest, in terms of cost, the Kuppersbusch IGVE 6610.2 machine will be a worthy decoration of an elite kitchen. About 2326 US dollars will have to be paid for it. It is assembled from the highest quality materials and checked manually. Technical specifications are relatively modest. The basket can hold around 13 sets of dishes. She unexpectedly has standard electronic controls and the most common display. Judging offhand, the machine is not worth the money, but in fact the Kuppersbusch equipment is very reliable and able to work quietly for several decades without repair.

Kuppersbusch IGVE 6610.2

Kuppersbusch IGVE 6610.2 is quite economical because it consumes only 9.5 liters of water for 1 program. There are few washing modes, only 5, but they are well selected. The machine has a standard set of additional functions, among which the "Intensive zone" stands out. The machine also has an amazing box Multiflex Premium, which can be laid out. It perfectly laundered cutlery.

Asko D 5896 XL

This expensive dishwasher impresses with its features. The first thing that catches your eye is that the level of noise produced is only 42 dB. For full-size embedded technology, this is very quiet. As for water consumption, with a standard sink for 14 sets of dishes, 10 liters of water are consumed, and only 0.83 kW / h is spent on energy. As you can see in everything the savings for which you have to pay about 2280 dollars.

The duration of the standard dishwashing program is slightly more than 3 hours, or rather 210 minutes. But from 13 built-in programs, you can choose a shorter cycle.

Asko D 5896 XL

This model has not only modern automatic dishwashing programs, but also turbo-drying. You do not have to think about getting rid of dry drops, when blowing with hot air, this problem will not arise. The user will also appreciate the availability of:

  • full protection against leaks,
  • automatic installation of water hardness and other indicators,
  • holders for glasses;
  • holders for vases and bottles;
  • delay of inclusion up to 24 hours;
  • interior lighting;
  • the function of heating dishes and hygiene.

Bosch Serie 8 SMV87TX01R

This full-sized "home assistant" is inferior to the previous typewriter in terms of functionality, although it costs not much cheaper around $ 1930. Although it makes noise within 44 dB, it only spends 9.5 liters of water on washing 14 standard sets of utensils. This dishwasher has half the number of modes, only 7, in our opinion, even they are enough to wash a wide variety of dishes.

Drying in this machine is only condensation, so you have to wait a little longer when all the dishes dry out. Energy costs are 1.01 kW / h, which is not so much for a full-size machine. The technique also provides leakage protection, indicators, delayed start, a 3-in-1 tablet tray, but there is still no automatic adjustment of the water hardness in it.

Bosch Serie 8 SMV87TX01R

In addition to baskets for dishes, the package includes: basket for spoons and forks, plus a glass holder. Pay attention to the fact that the machine itself, with the same dimensions, weigh 39 kg, compared with the Asko technique, whose weight is 52 kg, this is quite normal. Thanks to the lock of the door lock, the machine will be protected from children, and the presence of the additional Hygiene function will protect you from allergies, which is also important. In general, high-quality German assembly is evident.

Siemens iQ700 SN 678X51 TR

And this is another brainchild of the famous German concern Siemens iQ700 SN 678X51 TR. This elite dishwasher can be purchased for $ 1,789. Her capacity is quite large, but not impressive, about 13 sets of dishes. There is protection from babies, a stylish display, but not even this machine stands out. It stands out for its stylish design, despite the fact that it is a fully embedded model. Don't have to think about fixing the facade to the dishwasher, since the kit comes with a very stylish factory door facade.

Siemens iQ700 SN 678X51 TR

Siemens iQ700 is "quieter than water, lower than grass." Even being in the kitchen with her, you cannot always hear how she works. The memory of the control module contains 8 washing programs and all of them are excellent, they cope with their task at 5+. The model has a fairly accurate load sensor, which will tell the user when dirty dishes can still be loaded into the machine, and when enough is enough. The Night Wash mode will help make the machine even quieter if you sleep lightly and prefer to wash dishes at night. Additional functions are quite standard:

  • You can delay the start of the program for a period of 1 to 24 hours;
  • the machine is protected from water leaks of various nature;
  • there is a sensor that monitors the purity of the water pumped into the system;
  • there is a special box in which you can put various tablets and capsules with a variety of components;
  • There is a beautiful interior illumination of the washing chamber, variously adjustable baskets, a glass holder, VarioSpeed ​​Plus functions, as well as Shine & Dry.

With this, we would like to complete our review. Of course, the equipment we have brought is far from affordable for everyone, but if you decide to overpay, choose the really best. Good luck


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