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Overview of the dishwasher MMU 1000M

PMM MMU 1000MLarge canteens, hotels, fast-food restaurants with huge traffic require a reliable and efficient dishwasher. In this case, we need equipment capable of washing at least 1,500 plates per hour, and such equipment is produced at the Grodno factory of commercial engineering. Today we will talk about the dishwasher MMU 1000M, a review of which we have prepared for you.

The purpose of the machine

It is very powerful conveyor-type dishwashercapable of washing up to 1600 plates per hour. It is intended for large catering establishments with the number of seats more than 300. MMU 1000M is equipped with two types of cassettes, which allow washing both standard and non-standard dishes, kitchen utensils, cutlery. The equipment can be connected to hot water or to cold water.

When connecting the machine to cold water, we reduce the resource of the heating elements.

Maintenance of MMU 1000M is carried out by two kitchen workers. One is loading and installing cassettes with dirty dishes, the other takes clean dishes from the cassettes and puts them in storage. In the process, the machine is capable of:

  • preliminary washing;
  • processing dirty dishes with a washing solution;
  • pre-rinse with very hot water, heated to 850WITH;
  • final rinse with water without heating.

Main characteristics

And what are the technical characteristics of the best brainchild of the company Grodtorgmash? We have already said about the performance of MMU 1000M, 1600 plates per hour. But this is the so-called theoretical performance. In the kitchen, in addition to standard plates, there are bowls, glasses, ladles, chopping boards, trays, trays and much more.

Calculate the performance of the machine in relation to a specific dish can only be experienced. Nevertheless, companies that use the MMU 1000M machines respond very well to them, confirming their reliability and high performance. We note that the size of the dishes should not be more than 530x325 mm, otherwise it will not fit in the cassette and it will not be possible to wash it automatically. So, the characteristic.

  1. The machine is made of the highest quality stainless steel.
  2. When using cold water, the machine consumes 32.8 kW / h, while using hot water 24 kW / h.
  3. It is connected to an industrial power supply network of 380 V.
  4. During continuous operation, the machine consumes an average of 200 liters of hot water.
  5. Machine size W x D x H - 1050 x 3700 x 1300 mm.
  6. Mass MMU 1000M with all units 525 kg.
  7. Estimated service life 8 years.

Compound elements

The universal dishwasher MMU 1000M is a rather complicated unit. The machine consists of many parts, which provide it with unsurpassed functionality. MMU 1000M consists of a number of elements from the loading section to the ventilation pipe, but not thanks to these elements the machine bypasses its closest competitors, but thanks to the electrician. The unique electrical circuit of the machine consists of a number of parts.

  1. Type 03.03.300 temperature sensors in the amount of 3 pieces.dishwasher MMU 1000M
  2. Capacitors in the amount of 3 pieces.
  3. Tubular heating elements for 3000 W222 in the amount of 3 pieces.
  4. Tubular heating elements for 4000 W212 in the amount of 6 pieces.
  5. Two fusible inserts.
  6. Semiconductor lamps 3 pcs.
  7. Relays and contactors - 13 pcs.
  8. Engines - 3 pcs.
  9. Electric pump with starting capacitor.
  10. Two metering pumps.
  11. Three-pole circuit breaker.
  12. 11 switches of various types.
  13. Resistors, surge arresters - 14 pcs.
  14. Temperature switch and temperature controller.
  15. Level sensors - 8 pcs.
  16. Two microswitches.
  17. Transformer.
  18. Triac BT B08-600BW
  19. Two solenoid valves and terminal block.


Before starting the dishwasher MMU 1000M, it is necessary to properly equip the cassettes with dirty dishes. Blue cassettes are designed for glasses. They have special elongated cells. Green cassettes are more versatile. They can even be used for washing cutlery. The dishes are set tightly. Cassettes with cutlery should be covered with a special grid.

Pour the detergent into a special tank, install the cassette on the conveyor and start the dishwasher. Passing through the tunnel part, the dishes are completely washed and rinsed. It remains only to pick up the cassette from the conveyor at the exit. Operation of the machine without loading for more than 10 minutes is not allowed.

So, in the Russian market it is difficult to find a dishwasher, which in terms of characteristics and price would bypass the dishwasher MMU 1000M. By the way, it costs only $ 7,500, while the closest competitor is $ 2,000 more expensive. Worth thinking.


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