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Overview of Bosch freestanding dishwashers 45 cm

Freestanding machines Bosch 45 cmIt is very difficult to imagine a kitchen without household appliances. Refrigerator, microwave, washing machine have become indispensable helpers. However, filling such a small space in the kitchen with such a technique is becoming increasingly difficult. Where to put the dishwasher, if its dimensions are very impressive. That is why you need to look at narrow models, so that you also have a chance to buy a dishwasher. We will review the Bosch 45 cm freestanding dishwashers, find out their practical features and disadvantages.

We evaluate the characteristics

No one wants to waste money. This is exactly what can happen if you choose a dishwasher spontaneously, so to speak, to take the first model you like. Still, we recommend not to rush and evaluate the characteristics of freestanding dishwashers, first of all we look at:

  • dimensions. Find out the exact size of the machine and compare it with measurements of free space in the kitchen. It will be a shame if the machine does not pass between the cabinet and the wall of the refrigerator. Despite the fact that such a machine model can be put anywhere, it is unlikely in a small kitchen, such a space can be found;
  • washing chamber capacity. Most manufacturers indicate in the instructions the capacity of 9 or 10 sets of standard dishes. There are cars with a capacity of 11 sets. However, in practice, not everything is so simple. The number of items that you can fit in the washing chamber will depend on the shape of the baskets and the possibility of their transformation.

Many users note that the retractable cutlery tray is much more convenient than the basket for spoons and forks, which takes up a lot of useful space for plates.

  • power usage. Modern PMMs have a class of energy consumption from A ++ to A, which is in the range of 0.68 - 0.92 kW / h. This is quite normal, even economical;
  • type of management. Most models have electronic controls that are intuitive to anyone. At the same time, there are cars, both with a display and without it. In our opinion, this is a matter of taste and habit. However, if there is no display, then you can save a little;freestanding PMM
  • water consumption. This parameter is no less important, but when compared with a manual sink, even the most “gluttonous” dishwashers will consume less. If you are one of those who save on everything, then models with a flow rate of 8 liters of water will be preferable for you. Most PMMs consume 10 liters per wash cycle;
  • programs. The main programs that are necessary for washing any dishes are: main wash, quick, for lightly soiled dishes, soaking or pre-washing, as well as intensive operation. This is a standard set of programs. All additional programs, such as hypoallergenic washing, fragile glass and others, will affect the price. Therefore, think well how often you are going to turn on the machine and what to wash, maybe you do not need such modes at all;
  • additional functions. Think carefully about whether you want to see a “beam on the floor,” various indicators and sensors. The Aquastop system of full protection against leaks can be useful, it is not worth saving on it. Although it is not a 100% guarantee against water leakage, it can save you from a flood, and therefore from potentially high repair costs.

For a small family, the half-load option will be very useful.

  • connection and accessories. When buying, be sure to see how the machine connects and whether there is everything for this. It is also possible that the drain and water hoses will be short and you will have to buy them separately;
  • type of drying. Free-standing machines have condensation drying. Turbo dryer, although more efficient, but such PMM with turbo dryer is currently not on sale;
  • design. These characteristics are subjective.You can choose what you like, especially since the market offers not only models in silver or classic white. There are even black dishwashers.

When choosing equipment, many buyers are interested in the quality of washing dishes. But this parameter cannot be evaluated in absentia. So that the kind sales assistant does not tell you, there are a lot of factors on which the cleanliness of the dishes will depend. And it may not be the car at all, but the detergent or the proper operation of the equipment. In this matter can helpcustomer reviews and own experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of PMM 45 cm

Narrow dishwashers with a width of 45 cm have their own characteristics and advantages over other equipment in this category. These machines are very popular with consumers, due to the following advantages:

  • they are relatively small in size, which makes it possible to fit the equipment in a small room;
  • freestanding PMM can not be hidden under the facades, it fits perfectly into the design of the room;
  • some models have a removable top cover, which means that, if desired, you can install the equipment under a standard countertop;
  • narrow PMM cope with dishes no worse full-size machines 60 cmwashing everything to a creak and shine, while spending less water and energy;
  • produced by many manufacturers in different price categories.

As for the shortcomings, they can occur during operation:

  • if your family grows over time, it is obvious that the capacity of a narrow machine will not be enough;
  • not all PMMs of this category can be easily placed under the countertop, although they are not intended for this;
  • Such dishwashers include far from all baking sheets and large pans, which means that part of the dishes will have to be washed by hand;
  • no dishwashers with turbo dryer.

Dishwashers Bosch

The dishwashers of the well-known Bosch brand, which have established themselves in the market, are in the greatest demand. We’ll start with a review of these machines.

Bosch Serie 6 SPS 53M52 - a dishwasher in a classic white design with 9 place settings. It works quietly, spends only 9 liters of water and 0.78 kW / h of energy. It has an optimal number of programs and modes, full protection against leaks, and salt and rinse aid indicators make operation convenient and understandable. There is a display on the front of the door. Users respond positively about it.

Bosch Serie 2 SPS 40E42 - a budget model, an order of magnitude cheaper than the previous one, but in functionality inferior to it slightly. In this machine there is no display, a slightly higher noise level. The main programs are present, temperature conditions - 3. As well as in the previous model, there is a half load. This model has collected a lot of reviews on the Internet, most of which are positive.

dishwashers Bosch 45

Bosch Serie 6 SPS 53M58. This PMM model is suitable for hi-tei lovers, as its case has a metallic color and a stylish display is placed on the door facade. The machine uses water very economically, only 6 liters per cycle. Five washing modes, half load, protection and even a delay in starting up to 24 hours - all this is in this model.

Bosch Serie 6 SPS66XW11R - a dishwasher of a high price category. It attracts with a capacity of 10 sets and low noise, only 43 dB. The baskets of this model are thought out to the smallest detail, there is a separate cutlery tray, glass holders. Unlike the models discussed above, this one has the function of using 3 in 1 funds, that is, tablets, which is important. In addition, the manufacturer added a night mode and a Hygiene Plus mode, which mothers of small children will surely appreciate. Be careful, this model does not have half load.

What brands still pay attention

In addition to Bosch dishwashers, there are decent appliances from other manufacturers. Pay attention to these models, maybe you will like them.

Candy CDP 4709 is one of the most inexpensive dishwashers with positive reviews and good features.The washing chamber holds 9 sets of dishes, but spends 13 liters of water. Noise is within the normal range of 49 dB. 7 washing programs, including BIO mode. At a price of only 17 thousand rubles, a good option that will save you from slavery in the kitchen.

Hansa ZWM 416 WH - this PMM is distinguished by the energy class A ++, only 0.69 kW / h. In terms of noise and capacity, it does not differ from the Kandy machine. Washing programs 6, half load available. The machine is budgetary, there is no protection against children, but there is protection against leaks. There is a small screen on the door. And most importantly, you can use 3 in 1 funds.

Freestanding PMM 45 cm

Candy CDP 2D1149 W. In this machine, you can wash 11 sets of standard dishes in one cycle, according to the manufacturer, while spending only 8 liters of water. This is impressive. 7 modes are built in the machine, plus “super ECO” and full protection against leaks. For washing, tablets can be used. Good performance for reasonable money. How good the machine is in business and what is the quality of components is up to users to decide.

Smeg D4B-1 - not built-in expensive German PMM black. A decent set of programs, including 10 washing modes, 7 temperature modes, half load. In all respects, the machine is economical and has protection. The unusual color makes it special and unique.

After reviewing, we can conclude that the largest model range of freestanding PMM is represented by the Bosch brand. You can pick up good equipment in terms of quality and characteristics for relatively little money. We do not advertise, the choice is yours. Decide for yourself whether it is worth overpaying for features, brand, and other characteristics. Have a good choice!


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