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foot washing machineMechanical washing machines - what is it? Museum exhibit or cutting edge design? Most likely, both of them, because, as you know, "everything new is well forgotten old." In this article we will describe a modern portable foot-operated washing machine. We will talk about the prospects for the development of such a technique, describe the characteristics of a model that has already appeared on the market, and also consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Fields of application

After seeing a brief history of the appearance and development of washing machines, we can easily see that the first washing machine had a mechanical drive, and it was washed thanks to the muscular strength of a person. After a very short time, washing machines became electric and for 100 years it never occurred to anyone to create and promote mechanical models.

About 100 years ago, electric washing machines easily replaced mechanical washing machines, and now, such a technique again wanted to pinch itself a small piece from a huge market.

Indeed, what is the prospect of a mechanical washing machine that erases due to the muscular strength of a person? Indeed, the very essence of a washing machine is to free a person from the unpleasant activities associated with hand washing, and here not only do you buy a washing machine, and even work hard to wash the laundry. Any layman will immediately think about a bar of soap and a trough - cheap and cheerful.

Modern developers have created so far a one-of-a-kind mechanical washing machine, which is powered by repeated presses of the foot pedal. Such a washing machine should be used somewhere on vacation in order to wash a small amount of linen while not ruining the manicure. Also, a mechanical washing machine can be used anywhere where there is no electricity and along with a regular automatic washer. Let's talk about its characteristics in more detail.

foot washing machine

Model Overview

In the modern market of washing machines, we can meet only one, though actively promoted, mechanical model - Drumi, developed by the Canadian company YIREGO. In addition to this machine, there is also AQUA Coton, but the principle of its operation is different, so we will not talk about it. Drumi is a mechanical washing machine that is driven by the human foot. Hence the name - foot washer. This washing machine was a hit in 2015, all information sites devoted to modern technology have always written about it. What are the features of Drumi?

  1. Pedal drive.
  2. Unusual appearance.
  3. Portability.

The main thing, of course, is the unusual nature of the development itself. None of the modern manufacturers have ever done this or sold it, which means that the first sales were due at least to the genuine interest of users in the new washing machine. The first sales took place in July 2016 in Canada and the United States, but the development has not yet gone in the form of either its high cost (about $ 190), or due to the lack of interest from the European user, or just so little time has passed, and the market did not manage to react to the new product properly.

washing machine drum

Drumi has the following characteristics: a pedal mechanical drive, the use of which does not require much effort on the part of the user, loading 2.2 kg of laundry, a height of only 56 cm, hot water consumption - up to 5 liters, and most importantly 3 cycles of laundry care. It may seem strange to some, but Drumi is capable of not only washing, but also rinsing and wringing, while all this is done by pressing the pedal. As for the sizes, they deserve the most small washing machines existing in the world.

It works like this:

  • load dirty laundry into the car, pour the powder;
  • then we pour hot water into the washing tank;
  • close the lid and begin to press the pedal with low intensity for 5 minutes;
  • then open the lid and drain the dirty water;
  • pour clean warm water, close the lid again and press the pedal for 3 minutes;
  • drain the water again, close the lid and again press the pedal for 2-3 minutes;
  • drain the squeezed water and that’s it - the wash is over.

foot washing machine

Surprisingly, at the outlet, the laundry washed with the Drumi has residual moisture as after spinning in an automatic washing machine. Not bad, considering that this is a mechanical washing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now let's note the pros and cons of Drumi, no matter how strange it may sound, but this technique has much more advantages than disadvantages. With virtues, we will begin.

  1. The washing machine has very small dimensions, which allows you to carry it with you on vacation.
  2. It does not require an electrical connection.
  3. It can wash small portions of linen, up to two pairs of socks and underpants.
  4. Strongly saves water and washing powder.
  5. This is a one-of-a-kind mechanical washing machine capable of wringing laundry.
  6. Washing, rinsing and spinning are very fast, much faster than in a standard automatic washing machine.
  7. The washing machine looks very stylish, it will not be a shame to show your friends and put them in the middle of the room. In addition, the washer has a very convenient carry handle, and given that it weighs only 7 kg, you can carry it anywhere.

foot washing machineDisadvantages of the Drumi washing machine are also available and the main disadvantage can be considered not even the price, but affordability. Currently, the original model of this washer can be bought only in Canada and the United States, or order such a washer in local English-language online stores. You’ll have to pay extra for shipping, and plus wait until it arrives, not all buyers accept this.

In general, the washing machine was very, very decent. Against the background of the advantages that are in the arsenal of this technique, the foot drive is somehow invisible, because in fact it does not create any special inconvenience to the user. Try to get a similar foot washer and we are almost sure that you will not have to regret!


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    I would like to buy such a car. Tell me where to order it?

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    What price?

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    Wonderful!!! I want that.

  4. Gravatar Natalia Nataliya:

    Please tell me where and by what link you can order the Drumi portable foot washer, and what is its price?

    • Gravatar Kochubey Kochubey:

      It is necessary to search among amateur masters of garage workshops for a broad profile enthusiast who can manufacture and organize the production of such portable washers. With the presence in our country of multi-talented big-headed specialists for all kinds of things, the manufacture and production of small-sized Drumi washers will not be particularly difficult due to the simple, simple design of the product. The main difficulty will be held by the Snordlords and the Nepuskal-permissiveness from the official Putin oikumena destroyers.

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    The price is 319 dollars, this is a penny! As if she's stuffed with electronics. Her price is not more than 5 tr. must be.

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    It is written to buy only in the online store of Canada and the USA, for $ 300. And this is not considering delivery.

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