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Why not wash aluminum dishes in the dishwasher?

aluminum cookwareThe dream has come true - the dishwasher is finally installed, you can start the wash. Many people have a desire to wash all the dishes that are in the house, and some, without hesitation, do so. However, do not rush, because putting something in the dishwasher is strictly prohibited. First of all, this applies to all products made of aluminum. Why aluminum dishware is “afraid” of a dishwasher, let's figure it out.

Reasons why you should not put aluminum in PMM

Aluminum is a fairly active metal that reacts with many substances and even with water, under certain conditions. Such conditions are created inside the dishwasher. On the surface of this metal there is a dense oxide film that dissolves well with alkalis. Alkalis are present in many detergents for dishwashers, thanks to them the dishes are washed without physical impact.

So, under the action of alkali in hot water, the oxide film is removed from the surface of the aluminum cookware. As a result, aluminum is able to react with water, which leads to the destruction of aluminum itself and the appearance of a dark coating on its surface. If you expose dishes to such an effect for a long time, then it will not only be dark, but also begin to collapse. Some say that washing dishes at 35 degrees didn’t happen at all, but we still warn you, after several such sinks, the dishes will still darken and possibly forever.

Important! Scientists have proven that aluminum utensils cannot be used. Metal in large quantities enters the human body, negatively affecting the functioning of all organs, without exception.

Handwashing detergents are less aggressive, so we don’t notice any changes with aluminum dishes. However, with prolonged use, the effect of darkening still appears. So, we conclude that aluminum dishes can not be put in the dishwasher, because:

  • she loses her appearance, acquiring a dark coating;
  • it is not safe for health.

What to do with darkened dishes?

With that, why it is forbidden to wash aluminum in a dishwasher, everything is clear. But after all, not many people remember chemistry lessons, not everyone reads the instructions for dishwashers, and not all instructions have a note that aluminum dishes cannot be washed, and some even accidentally put aluminum products in the tank. On thematic forums, users write about how they were spoiled:aluminum cookware

  • pans
  • pans
  • garlic presses;
  • spoons;
  • details from the meat grinder.

Therefore, the question arises: is it possible to return aluminum shine to its former luster and attractiveness? Everything is not so simple and will depend on how much the dishes darkened. The protective layer of the metal does not deteriorate immediately, the hotter the water and the more alkali in the detergent, the faster the dishes darken and become grayed out. Of course, spoiled dishes should be thrown away, but sometimes there is no such possibility, especially if these are parts from a new meat grinder. What then remove the plaque?

Only manual cleaning with special tools will help.. But boiling with soda and powder will only aggravate the situation, so in no case do this. Nitric, sulfuric and other acids can help in the fight against dark gray deposits, but we will not describe this method, since it is not safe and can lead to irreversible consequences. Acetic and citric acid are unlikely to help, they are weak. Here are some things to try:

  • aluminum cookwarecleaning and polishing with GOI paste for finishing polishing. It is necessary to apply the paste on a piece of felt rags and rub the darkened product;
  • polishing with special paste made in France Dialux;
  • treat darkened products with a HORS rust converter for cars (use as a last resort), and then grate with one of the above funds.

Remember! You only need to wash aluminum utensils with your hands and, if possible, special means, of which there are a lot on sale, or ordinary kitchen soap.

What other dishes should not be washed in a dishwasher?

Not only aluminum cookware can be damaged in the dishwasher. And if in some cases such utensils can be, and need to be replaced, then you just can’t part with another. Therefore, pay attention to what other products should not be washed in a dishwasher:arrangement of dishes in the dishwasher

  • dishes made of wood or with wooden parts - from prolonged exposure to water, such dishes will swell and crack;
  • silver and cupronickel utensils - as well as aluminum utensils, it can darken and lose their attractive appearance, which is not so easy to return;
  • Teflon-coated pans, if there is no permit sign - during washing, unprotected Teflon becomes dull, which leads to food burning;
  • knives - under the influence of hot water, the knives get dull
  • bone and expensive porcelain - can darken and lose luster.

The most important thing when washing dishes is to observe the temperature regime and rules for arranging dishes. You can even spoil ordinary dishes if you wash them in too hot water with concentrated detergent.

So, aluminum cookware is the number one ban on a dishwasher. If you do not want to spoil the details of a new meat grinder or your favorite aluminum frying pan, then do not experiment on the advice of other users, they say, until you try it yourself, you won’t know. In this case, everything without experiments is clear enough, learn from the mistakes of others.


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