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The door of the washing machine does not close (hatch, door)

The washing machine door does not closeUnfortunately, all household appliances break down sooner or later. Nothing is eternal. Break down and refrigerators and dishwashers and washing machines. And various failures can be very much. The refrigerator may stop cooling, or suddenly turn off and so on. The dishwasher may start to wash the dishes less efficiently or stop draining the water.

With a washing machine, various troubles can also occur. There are also minor malfunctions, in the presence of which the equipment can continue to function more or less normally. But if the hatch door does not close at the machine, then it is impossible to start washing. That is why such a breakdown can be a very unpleasant surprise for any person.

How to close the washing machine?

In order to finally close our machine, it is necessary to establish what exactly the breakdown is. Therefore, further we will analyze the main causes of this malfunction and talk about how to eliminate them.

Sunroof does not lock in closed position

Dismantling the hatch of the washing machineOften this problem occurs with machines manufactured under the brand name Kandy and some Indesit models. Quite often, it is associated with a broken guide. If the rail in your car is made of plastic, then it is at risk. This part is placed on the hatch body directly under the locking tab. Its breakdown may be associated with a slight curvature of the door. To solve the problem you need to change the broken part to a new one. And with further use of the machine to be as accurate as possible.

For other cars, a similar problem may be due to a completely different reason. Himself the fixing tongue may squint. And when it is mowed, the following happens: it simply does not fall into the lock hole. Accordingly, the hatch of the washing machine cannot close. This trouble occurs when the rod that holds the tongue in the desired position has fallen out. In order to return the tongue in place, we need to disassemble the hatch and put the metal rod back.

Below you will see a video on how to replace the door handle of the washing machine. It will show how to properly disassemble the hatch:

The door closes but does not lock

In such a situation, washing will not start. Just because the machine does not understand that the door is closed. And the broken lock is to blame for everything. The main function of locking the hatch is to lock the hatch in the closed position during washing. Simply put, it prevents the door from being opened when the washing machine does its job.

We do not recommend fixing this item. It’s better not to mess with it, but to replace it with a new one. Moreover, the new one is not so expensive.

The process of changing the lock is quite simple. And in order to fulfill it, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the attached video instruction:

The hatch handle broke

The hatch handle is involved in opening and closing the washing machine. And it is natural that over time it can break. In addition, it can become worthless from the fact that you inaccurately used it. For example, they pulled too much, etc. If your typewriter breaks the handle, then it needs to be replaced. Usually such a nuisance occurs precisely with plastic parts. Since they are the most brittle.

To replace the handle yourself, it will be necessary to remove the hatch door. It consists of two parts. And in order to solve our problem we need to disassemble it. We have already added instructions for repairing such a malfunction in video format in this article. This video is the very first in this article and it is located above. In order to fix the hatch with your own hands, familiarize yourself with it.

Thank you for your attention to our site and continue to study the useful materials that are here.They will help you in the independent repair of washing machines and the proper handling of them. Have a good day!


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  1. Gravatar aleks aleks:

    Good day. After starting, Candy starts the program and stops after a second - indicating that the hatch is open. At the same time, if you select a pause, the open indicator stops flashing, and remains on. Locking / unlocking of the hatch occurs normally - the thermoplates work out.
    The question is what type of sensor is used in the lock device, magnetic or contact. And can it be circumvented for verification?

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