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Zanussi washing machine does not turn on

SM Zanussi does not turn onBreakdowns always overtake all of a sudden, and often the desire to start a large wash suddenly ends in nerves and bewilderment. And more recently, a properly working machine stops responding to your requests. The Zanussi washing machine does not turn on for many reasons, ranging from problems with the power supply in the room to the non-functioning lock of the hatch and the faulty module.

But you should not write off the washing machine and plan the purchase of new equipment. It is quite possible to solve the problem and continue the planned washing, just follow the instructions below.

How does a breakdown manifest itself and why does it occur?

Call it "the law of meanness," an accident or a pattern, but sooner or later the washing machine may break. And Zanussi machines are no exception. You can notice the “SOS” signal from the washer by the following “symptoms”.

  1. The system does not respond to pressing the Start button. The lamps do not light up, water does not accumulate, which does not change even after reconnecting.
  2. There is a "knocking out" of food. After pressing the start button, several indicators light up and immediately go out.
  3. The hatch door does not close. No click and tank lock.
  4. Everything is blinking. The situation is the reverse of the first: the pressed “Start” provokes the flashing of all the lights on the control panel. Even those that usually remain unlit.

If you observe one of the above pictures, reboot the machine. A single failure of the system is possible, but when repeating the story - it is necessary to drip deeper and do the repair yourself. You will have to fix one of the following problems:

  • shattered contacts in the outlet;
  • lack of power in the network;
  • a broken cable or broken plug;
  • damage to the power button;
  • faulty FPS;
  • a problem with UBL;
  • defective electrical circuit;
  • failed internal wiring;
  • non-functioning programmer or program switch.

interference filterAn ordinary person can cope on his own only with some of the flaws listed above, but you should not rush to call the service department either. It is better to try to pinpoint the location of the breakdown, because something from the list is solved quickly and without the involvement of specialists. Where to start and what to check - we will tell further.

We check and repair

The first step in the instructions on what to do if the Zanussi washing machine stops responding to the Start button will be a power check. Most startup problems happen due to banal carelessness: they forgot to plug in the cord or did not notice that there was no electricity at home.

If the plug is in the socket, in other rooms there is light, and the cycle still does not start, it is recommended to pay attention to the specific socket. You need to know more precisely whether there is tension in it. The easiest way to connect a hairdryer or desk lamp to the socket being tested. The lack of response from the instruments indicates loose contacts, damaged insulation and necessary repairs. But with the help of an extension cord, you can simply and quickly launch the washer through another outlet.

Another option is if the power cord is damaged. This is immediately noticeable: traces of burning, the smell of molten insulation, pinched areas or external cracks clearly indicate that the conductor needs to be replaced. If you have the appropriate knowledge and experience, you can carry out this procedure yourself, otherwise, we contact the service department.

When everything is in order with electricity, you should look for a malfunction in other places. But we are doing it competently and consistently. Disconnect the machine from the network and evaluate the performance of each element that can provoke a shutdown.

Important! Make sure the washing machine is completely disconnected from the power outlet.

  1. FSP.The idle filter can pass the total voltage and prevent the washing machine from fully starting up. In this case, when connected to the network, no indicator lights up. You can verify the serviceability of the part by “ringing” at the input and output. Unapproved FSP will have to be completely replaced.
  2. Start Button. The problem key is excluded from the list of possible causes in a manner analogous to the FSF. Each conductor suitable for the button is tested (in the pressed position) and if the result is negative, it changes to a new one.
  3. UBL. There are two ways to understand that the machine does not start due to a broken hatch blocking device. The most reliable one is to measure the availability of a suitable voltage by the tester, and the absence of a numbers multimeter on the display will confirm this version. There is another option: try to close the tank door, and the familiar “click” of 60% guarantees a working UBL.
  4. Internal wires. Damaged internal wires cause all indicators on the dashboard to flash simultaneously. In this case, you can try to independently detect leaks, restore insulation and make contacts, but it is better to let specialists completely replace all wiring.

UBL ZanussiIf the previous checks did not reveal the source of the problem, then in nine cases out of ten the main control element is to blame. For machines with electromechanical control will have to deal with the programmer, and with electronic - with the module. It is not possible to independently test such parts, replace the control unit, or repair suitable conductors. Therefore, it is recommended that you call a service representative. Moreover, there is always the possibility that the breakdown is purely individual and the reason for the shutdown in a completely unexpected place. And the timely discovery of this fact will save a lot of money.

Attention! If a burning smell is felt near the machine, a slight smoke, sparks or dark spots are visible - in no case should it be connected to the network!

Zanussi cars, like all modern automatic washers, are complex units with high-tech electronic “stuffing”. One inaccurate movement and minor repairs will result in very serious, and most importantly costly problems. Therefore, it is recommended to soberly assess your strength and stop at the stage of checking the power supply. And let a specially trained master be engaged in testing the FSP, UBL, control systems and dashboard.


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