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Why the washing machine does not work

washing machine does not workA washing machine may stop working for completely different reasons. Any repairman will immediately tell you several hundred possible reasons, so in order to determine the nature of the breakdown, you need to collect as much information about it as possible. It is about why the washer does not work and about its typical breakdowns, we will talk in this article.

Failure symptoms

If your washing machine suddenly suddenly stopped working at all or stopped working correctly, do not rush to call the service center and call the wizard. This is not necessarily a failure, which you can not do with your own hands. First of all, observe the machine and its behavior.

  • If the washing machine does not turn on at all, do not press the on / off button, which means either a problem with the power supply or with the electrician of the machine itself.
  • If the washing machine turns on, but you cannot set any program or function, then the problem is in the electronics.
  • If the washing machine erases, but it makes very strong extraneous sounds: knocking, metal rattle, ringing, the problem is in the movable mechanism of the drum.
  • If the washing machine washes, but does not drain, freezing at this stage, then the problem may lie in the drain pump.

You can continue the thought for a very long time, because there can be hundreds or even thousands of these “ifs”. The main thing is that you understand the meaning, begin to reason logically and be attentive to your home assistant.

washing machine does not workIn addition to an external study of the symptoms of a breakdown in the washing machine, it is also necessary to study the self-diagnosis system of a specific model of the washing machine. The fact is that the control module of any modern washing machine has the recognition of many typical malfunctions. If the machine detects such a malfunction, it will stop operation and display a specific error code. Your task will be to decrypt this code, after that you will understand what is broken.

We give an example. Error code E20 on the Electrolux washing machine, means that the machine cannot drain the waste water. A system error does not tell you exactly what is broken, but it greatly limits the range of problems that could potentially occur. In this case, either the pump or the water level sensor or the triac of the control module broke down.

Note! On washing machines without a display, the error code can be recognized by the indicators that are lit in a certain sequence.

It doesn’t turn on at all

If the washing machine does not turn on, the first thing to do is check the power supply. You need to start with the simplest reasons that you can check without disassembling the washing machine.the machine broke

  • Check if the power is turned off and the machine is plugged in.
  • Unplug the machine’s power cord from the electrical outlet and insert a plug from another electrical appliance into this electrical outlet. Perhaps just a malfunction in the socket or wiring.
  • Try plugging the washing machine into a different outlet, pilot, or UPS.

These measures sound like some kind of stupidity, but in fact the most common causes, the so-called failure of the washing machine, are the carelessness of users. More serious reasons will follow:

  • the on / off button does not work;
  • the power cord, plug or surge protector is broken;
  • defective control module element or control module itself;
  • defective wiring, wire connections in the machine body.

To check the car and eliminate the above causes of the problem, you have to disassemble the equipment, ring the multimeter, and for this you need certain skills. At this stage, it is better to contact a qualified craftsman.

The program, function is not selected

choice of washing programIt may happen that you are trying to select a program or a washing function, but it is not selected.Individual programs or functions may not work. For example, you want to turn on fast washing, but this program does not turn on for you, but you can activate the program “cotton fast”. The problem should be repeated from time to time after turning on the washing machine, if the problem is fixed by rebooting the washer, it is too early to sound the alarm.

This or a similar problem is most likely caused by either a control module or a switch. The switch cannot be repaired; replacement is required. With the control module, too, everything is complicated. Perhaps the cause is a burned-out triac and then repair is possible, but everything can be serious, and then the control board needs to be replaced. Offhand, no one will tell you for sure, you need to open and look. It’s better not to do it yourself, so as not to break anything.

Note! Not every master is engaged in the repair of the control module of the washing machine, many simply offer to change this part. Do not see such offers, find a master knowledgeable in electronics.

Washes wrong

Why can the washer malfunction, because it seems to start and start to wash? In this case, the reasons are “wagon and small cart”. If the washing machine does not produce any system errors, it must be carefully monitored and what deviations from the norm occur.

Quite a few faults can be identified by ear. Each stage of the implementation of the washing program is accompanied by a special sound. If the sound is abnormal this is an occasion to think. What kind of breakdowns can lead to improper washing?the machine does not erase

  1. The drive mechanism of the drum of the washing machine broke (belt, bearings, sleeve, crosspiece).
  2. The water level sensor is out of order.
  3. The pump broke.
  4. The heating element is out of order.
  5. The temperature sensor does not work.
  6. The control module has broken.
  7. The filling valve is intermittent.

These are just the most basic reasons why a machine may not work properly. You can study the full list if you read hundreds of thematic publications posted on our website. You can’t tell about it in a nutshell.

Suddenly shuts down

Why does the washing machine suddenly turn off, what is the reason for this "ailment"? Well, firstly, you need to understand what is meant by the phrase "suddenly turns off", and secondly, determine the moment when this happens. If the washing machine is de-energized at the moment of maximum load on the network, namely at the time of heating the water or during intensive operation of the engine, we are talking about overloading the circuit. It is necessary to immediately disconnect the equipment and check the wiring and the socket.

Before checking the wiring or the outlet, be sure to disconnect the power supply.

If the washing machine suddenly turns off, and an error with a certain code appears on the display, this means that the self-diagnosis system has worked normally, you need to decrypt the error and eliminate the problem that caused it. In rare cases, the control module may become the culprit of a sudden shutdown if one of the tracks on the board breaks or one of the semiconductor elements is poorly soldered. Ultimately, a specialist will find out, it’s better not to go to electronics yourself.

To summarize, we note why the washing machine may not work? The answer to this question is worthy of a whole book. Within the framework of one article, it will not be answered in detail for sure. The main weapon in troubleshooting a washing machine is your head, but you always have time to call the service center, try to be prudent!


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  1. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Hello, to the breakdowns listed on this site, I think it’s worth adding a malfunction to the control panel of the washing machine. Just today I ran into this problem in everyday life. It turned out that the external load on the body and shaking of the washing machine can bring it out of working condition.
    I called the wizard, who after the inspection suggested that a replacement of the module or the entire control panel unit is required, because at the moment of switching on, water was accumulated and the engine started, but then the shutdown automatically worked and the drum stopped immediately without moving. In this case, the functions of draining and rinsing were performed.
    In fact, the reason was ridiculously simple. When the washing machine was not yet loaded and not plugged in, my five-year-old son climbed on top of it and got up and decided to jump, which he managed to loosen the case and apparently the panel shifted.
    In general, the master left, unfortunately, did nothing and only perplexed me even more with the fact that he intended to remove the control panel and take it with him to the after-sales service, plus, presumably, saying a considerable amount for the upcoming expenses.
    It’s good that I didn’t agree, because as soon as the master realized that he couldn’t fix the damage himself and didn’t get the money, he, furious, closing the top of the case with such fury, slammed the cover where the control panel was located, which fell off from it a piece of plastic.
    I will not tell how he tried to shake money from me. But, most importantly, after his departure, I cleaned my beloved assistant from fuel oil from his hands, wiped it with an affectionately dry cloth and turned it into silence without wild male harassment and unwashed paws.
    My washing machine is working !!!
    Of course, I will no longer allow her to jump on it, and I will not allow any masters to beat her.
    Here is a story.

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