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Indesit washing machine does not spin the drum

does not spin the washing machineI don’t feel like talking badly about the Indesit brand, but their washing machines sometimes cause a lot of trouble to the user. In particular, such a washing machine often, for no reason, the drum stops spinning. And sometimes it’s even worse - the drum wedges in such a way that it’s not enough to make it spin, it is difficult to turn it by hand. What are the causes of this problem and how to eliminate these causes is described in this article.

What are the causes of the malfunction?

The list of reasons why the Indesit washing machine does not spin the drum is not so easy to compile. Everything will depend not only on the brand, but also on the model of the washer, as well as the components that are installed on it. But in general, based on the opinion of most experts, a list of typical faults can be compiled as follows:

  • the drum has jammed a foreign object in the tank;
  • there were problems with the drive belt and the pulley of the drum of the washing machine (as a rule, both with one and the other);
  • “Covered” the motor coil;
  • carbon brushes brushed to metal;
  • erased from prolonged operation of the lamella engine;
  • semiconductor elements of the control module are out of order.

It is clear that this list cannot be considered complete, because even such a generally simple washing machine like Indesit is a rather large set of components, assemblies, individual parts, electrical and electronic circuits, failure of which can cause the drum to stop spinning . And if you take into account that the behavior of some models in the event of a breakdown is not similar to the behavior of others and, being a layman, it is easy to confuse cause and effect, is it even better to entrust the diagnosis to the masters?

Here, of course, everyone chooses for himself, but if you read this article, you probably don’t look for easy ways, so we will figure out how to independently diagnose and reliably determine why the Indesit brand washing machine does not spin.

The list of reasons will expand significantly if we consider cases where the drum of the Indesit washing machine spins unstably. In this case, we will not expand the topic and consider situations when the drum of the machine spins unstable in a separate article

Belt or pulley?

belt in the washing machineIf you are faced with a situation where the Indesit brand washing machine does not spin the drum, be aware that it is most likely that the drive belt has broken or flown. Damage at first glance is not terrible, well, think of a belt - opened the back wall, and pulled it back onto the small and large pulley, but it wasn’t there. If the belt on your Indesit washing machine flies constantly, this is already a symptom of a much more serious problem - breakdown of the drum pulley. What needs to be done to check these versions?

  1. Turn off the washer and pull it out of the niche in which it is installed.
  2. We remove the service hatch or the back wall (depending on the model).
  3. After we open the service hatch, it will immediately be clear what happened to the belt.
  4. If the belt is in place, then we continue to look for a breakdown in another place, if the belt has fallen off, then the first thing we do is examine the drum pulley (big wheel).
  5. If the wheel is completely intact and there is no sign of damage, then you can safely put the belt in place and reconnect the washer, but if the slightest damage is found on the pulley, you need to change it. Otherwise, the belt will fly off constantly.
  6. Next, we examine the small pulley that is dressed on the engine shaft. If you find even the slightest deformation, also know - the pulley must be replaced, because it is the cause of the problems.

Belt replacement

It is easy to say to be replaced, but how to make this replacement and is it even possible to do it yourself? Let's start with the big detail - the drum pulley. To remove it from the drum shaft, it is necessary to unscrew the bolt, which is located exactly in the middle of the pulley.How to do it?

  • Block the rotation of the pulley with a wooden block.

If the pulley is already damaged, then there is no reason to protect it, because we already change it, another thing is bolt and thread. They need to be kept intact.

  • Lubricate the bolt with WD-40 fluid and wait 30-40 minutes.
  • We take a ratchet with a suitable size head and try to unscrew the bolt. In this case, it is not worth making unnecessary efforts; in such a case, the main thing is not to ruin the threaded bolt, mainly even the thread.
  • As soon as you manage to gently loosen the bolt, then everything is simple, unscrew it and remove the old pulley, and put a new one in its place, then you can only install the belt.

In this situation, remember that after replacing the pulley it is always better to change the belt, so there are more guarantees that the Indesit washing machine will continue to work normally in the future.

Something hit the tank

a foreign object pierced the tankExperts write a lot, they say, they shoot a video about what happens when foreign objects get into the washing machine’s tank, how expensive this situation turns around. However, users stubbornly continue to stuff things into the drum of an automatic machine without checking their pockets. As a result, at the bottom of the tank you can find paper clips, buttons, pins, screws, caps from ballpoint pens, buttons and much more.

And all would be fine if these foreign objects simply lay on the bottom of the tank, but the fact is that they can cause jamming of the drum, which in turn is fraught with damage to the flimsy wall of the plastic tank.

Important! If the tank is jammed due to an object falling into it, do not try to scroll the drum or start the washing program. Immediately remove a foreign object from the tank.

You can remove a thing that accidentally gets there from the tank either through the opening of the drain pipe or through the opening of the heating element. On some models, the Indesit Ten washing machine is located on the back. If this is the case, then we simply remove the back wall, disconnect the wires from the heating element, and pull it out of the tank, having previously unscrewed the fixing nut. The hole for the heater is large enough to get anything from the tank.

If your model has Indesit Ten washing machines in front, it is more difficult to remove the front wall, but you know for sure that the cause of the breakdown is a foreign object in the tank, you can do the following:

  1. put the washing machine on its side;
  2. remove the drain pipe from the tank through the bottom;
  3. catch an object caught in the tank through the drain hole.

Engine problem

Engine Indesit typewriterAs you know, the engine of the Indesit washing machine sets in motion its drive mechanism, thanks to which the drum rotates. It is logical to assume that if the engine does not work or does not work normally, then the drum will not spin - this is the next possible reason why the Indesit washing machine drum does not want to rotate.

In the collector motor, brushes may be erased, the winding may close, and there may be problems with lamellas. You can read about how to check each element of the engine for malfunctions, as well as how to eliminate these malfunctions in a publication Doesn't spin the drum in the washing machine Samsung.

Control module triac

Control blockPerhaps the most problematic reason that leads to the fact that the drum of the washing machine Indesit automatic machine stops spinning is a malfunction of the control board. This reason can only be accurately detected by a professional who competently rings all suspicious semiconductor elements and draws the appropriate conclusions.

Why the washing machine drum does not rotate the Indesit machine if the control module is broken? The reason, as a rule, is in the burnt control triacs, which are responsible for controlling the engine. But this is only one of the many conclusions that the master can draw after a rigorous check of your “home assistant”. Therefore, if the main suspicion fell on the electronics, do not hesitate to call the wizard. It is not worth repairing it yourself, you can permanently ruin the control module.


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