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Daewoo Wall WasherMore recently, a new product from Daewoo Electronics was presented to the Russian market: a miniature washing machine that needs to be hung on the wall. According to the manufacturer, in Korea itself, such a curious “gadget” has been sold for a year and is very popular.

At the presentation of the equipment, the wall-mounted washing machine was described as “the rise of washing to a new level”.

What is she like?

DE DWD-CV701P is a conventional front-loading washing machine, only very small. The package includes a plastic tank, and a stainless steel drum embossed in the form of honeycombs, providing gentle washing. There is an inverter type electric motor.

Structurally, the machine differs from large-sized models by the absence of a pump pumping and draining water when it requires a washing program. Since the mini-model is designed to be installed on the wall, above the sewerage pipes, it means that water can drain into the sewers by gravity.

  • The largest overall dimension is height, it is 60 cm.
  • The maximum load of the model is 3 kg, the total weight is 16.5 kg.

Who is it for?

According to the manufacturer, DE DWD-CV701P can be used:

  • as an extra - a second washing machine in the apartment;
  • for separate washing of children's things;
  • like a washing machine for the single. At this point, I would like to add that a one and a half set of bed linen weighs about 2 kg, so that it can also be sent for washing in a miniature machine;
  • for urgent washing of the right thing, suddenly dirty.

How she looks like?

Toilet wall-mounted washing machineThe mini model has a modern stylish design. It will harmoniously look on the wall and the bathroom, and the kitchen, and even the living room. Silver parallelepiped with rounded corners and a glass round hatch in the middle looks like an elegant piece of furniture, especially in combination with the design of the room in style.

High tech

You can only install a wall-mounted washing machine on a solid wall (brick or monolithic, not containing voids), these are safety requirements. She, of course, is more than two times lighter than any floor machine. But, nevertheless, it weighs 16, 5 kg, and even linen and water. And do not forget about the dynamic loads from a running engine.

There is another question that needs attention. Since water is poured by gravity, there should not be too much distance from the place of fastening of the mini-model to the sewer pipes with a minimum of turns and elevations.

How does she work?

The wall-mounted washing machine has 7 programs, covering the entire necessary range of washing options. Starting from a short cold wash cycle to the most popular cotton wash at 60 degrees. There is a program for washing delicate items and for spinning and rinsing without washing.

Wash class - B, spin - class - C, (700 rpm.)

Not first-class features, but ample for home functioning. On the dashboard there are locks: "child protection" and "leakage protection."

How does she wash? Test

Washing machines in the kitchenCotton t-shirts specially bathed in ketchup were chosen for testing.

On the front panel of the mini-model there are removable scoop containers for washing powder and conditioner. It is convenient for them to scoop up detergents, and then place the containers back on the front panel.

The washing process is quite quiet: the engine runs silently, however, splashes and sounds of flowing water are audible quite distinctly. The noise during the spin cycle is much stronger, but does not exceed 60 dB. Strong vibration during operation was not noticed, during installation on the wall, the instruction strongly recommends the use of gaskets that dampen vibration.

Tests showed that the mini model did the job, light t-shirts are removed from the ketchup without any trace.


The wall-mounted washing machine had many more advantages than disadvantages:

  • good washing results;
  • convenience in operation;
  • minimal noise and vibration;
  • stylish design, occupying a worthy place in the interior;
  • space saving: the machine does not take up space on the floor.

Of the minuses, only restrictions on the installation site (main wall, access to sewer pipes) can be noted.

Thus, it turns out that Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701PC is a high-quality, useful and interesting equipment that will surely find its customer.


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