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How to replace a pump in a dishwasher

replacing the pump in the dishwasherWhen we say: replace the pump for the dishwasher Ariston, Bosch, of another brand, we mean that either the pump (drain pump) or the circulation pump must be replaced. When replacing the pump, the repair itself is simpler and cheaper, but replacing the circulation pump will be several times more expensive, even if you do the repair yourself. Read about how to replace one and the other pump in this article.

Preparation for work

Some masters say that in most cases, repairs to the dishwasher can be done with bare hands. Basically only a flat and Phillips screwdriver is required. But to be sure, you need to prepare pliers, a multimeter and an awl.

  • Pliers are needed in order to tighten the fastenings on which the dishwasher pump is held.
  • Screwdrivers are needed to remove fasteners.
  • The awl is useful in order to pry the panels, for the convenience of removing them.
  • A multimeter is needed to measure the resistance of electrical elements.

But the preparation for the repair and replacement of the drain pump, as well as the circulation pump, is not limited to the selection of tools, you need to properly prepare the dishwasher itself. What actions need to be performed?

  1. Dishwasher Bosch or Ariston is unplugged.
  2. We block the water.
  3. We unscrew the lower decorative strip, which is located under the door of the "dishwasher".
  4. Disconnect the inlet hoses from the machine body.
  5. Pull the dishwasher body forward.
  6. Disconnect the drain hose from the siphon and twist it.
  7. We spread cellophane on the floor, throw some large rags on top, and then put the dishwasher.

Important! The above method prepares for repair built-in dishwashers Bosch, Ariston and others. It is a little simpler to disconnect and pull out freestanding "dishwashers", but the essence, in general, is the same.

Replacing the drain pump: step-by-step instructions

The pump (drain pump) changes “one or two”, the main thing is to disassemble the dishwasher correctly, but there may be problems with this. If you do everything according to the instructions, then the entire repair from start to finish will take no more than 20 minutes, while dishwasher disassembly takes the most time. So, we proceed to disassemble the machine and replace the drain pump.pump and circulation pump

  • We open the door of the Bosch or Ariston dishwasher and pull out the trays and the basket for the dishes from the tank.
  • We take out a flat sprinkler.
  • We unscrew the plastic garbage filter that looks like a glass.
  • We remove the filter mesh.
  • We unscrew the fasteners located under the mesh.
  • Now you need to turn or tilt the Bosch or Ariston dishwasher on its side.
  • We remove the side panels and plastic mounts-holders.

Note! When you assemble the car back, having completed the repair, do not forget to put these fasteners in place.

  • Thermal insulation may interfere, so remove it to the side.
  • Next, we unhook the filler pipe and disconnect the pallet with aggregates from the body of the Bosch or Ariston dishwasher.
  • Next, each element located in the pallet is turned off, including the circulation pump is turned off, for this we carefully pull off all the wiring.
  • There is a pump on the side of the circulation pump, it must be firmly grabbed by hand and turned half a turn to the left - the pump can be easily removed.

water pumpThe old pump is removed, now you need to get the original spare part, which will not just be compatible with your dishwasher Bosch or Ariston, it must be approved by the manufacturer. Only in this case can it be expected that the dishwasher will work normally. The easiest option is to write off the factory designations from the old pump and order a similar one in the online store.Or go to the store where spare parts for washing and dishwashers are sold, show the seller an old pump and ask them to sell exactly the same.

The pump (drain pump) of the Bosch or Ariston dishwasher was purchased, now you can proceed with its installation. The pump is inserted into the niche of the circulation pump, turns half a turn to the right, the wires are connected to the contacts (previously the plug with the wires is turned off), and then we assemble the dishwasher in the reverse order - the repair is completed.

How to replace the circulation pump?

circulation pumpThe pump (drain pump) of a Bosch or Ariston dishwasher changes easily, but there is nothing complicated in replacing the circulation pump, the main thing is to have an idea about the design of your own “home assistant”. The drain pump only pumps out the waste water, and the task of the circulation pump is more complicated. He drives the water in a circle, feeding it through the sprayers into the tank, which allows you to wash the dishes.

Moreover, in the bowels of the body of the circulation unit of a Bosch or Ariston dishwasher, in some cases, a flow-through heating element is installed. Its task is to heat the water, keeping its temperature during washing. Repairs that come down to replacing the circulation pump also begin with the disassembly of the dishwasher. How this is done, we have already described above. Next, do the following:

  • disconnect the drain hose from the circulation unit;
  • remove the circulation unit from the mounts that are under it from the side;
  • disconnect the inlet hose.

Important! Before removal, all wiring is disconnected from the circulation pump. In this case, it is advisable to sign all transactions so that you do not confuse anything later.

Now we just have to carefully pull out the circulation unit and put a new one in its place. On Bosch and some other dishwashers, the circulation unit is non-separable, therefore, it should be replaced entirely. We put in place the old new unit and assemble the car in the reverse order. Repair is over!

In conclusion, we note that the repair of the dishwasher, which boils down to replacing the drain or circulation pump, will not make you any serious work. The main thing is to act systematically and preliminarily study the features of disassembling your "home assistant", then the repair will end successfully. The drain pump is a little easier to change, but in general, the circulation pump is also easy to change. Good luck


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