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Review and reviews of the nanoscale dishwasher

nanoscale dishwasher bagThe nanoscale dishwasher bag is a unique, completely new device, which, according to sellers, should greatly facilitate the use of the dishwasher, and most importantly reduce the cost of its operation. We are not used to blindly trusting advertising slogans, so in this article we will analyze what a nanobag for a dishwasher is, how to use it, and also look at consumer reviews about this new product. We hope you find this information useful.

Why do we need a nanobag?

To begin, let's decide on the question, what is a nanobag? Personally, this name, when we heard it for the first time, did not say anything. Nano bag is a substitute for detergents and rinse aid for a dishwasher. If you dig deeper, then this is a complete analogue balls for washing clothes based on tourmaline, because inside the nanosack there is a secret in the form of those very balls of tourmaline and other minerals.

Literally, a nanobag is a small pillow made of a porous material stuffed with small mineral balls. The task of these balls is to ionize the water pumped into the dishwasher, from which this water becomes very active and begins to destroy any dirt and grease, removing all this from the dishes. As a result, according to the manufacturers, you get the same clean dishes as if you were washing them in a dishwasher using tablets, powder and rinse aid.

Note! The manufacturer claims that one nanobag is enough for 1000 dishwashing cycles.

How to use a nanobag?

The nanoscale dishwasher bag is sold in its original packaging and is exposed in plastic wrap. Before you start washing dishes on any program, you:

  • open the packaging (referring to the box);nanoscale dishwasher bag
  • free the bag from polyethylene;
  • put it in any dishwasher basket (at least the top, at least the bottom);
  • close the door and start the washing program.

We emphasize that, according to the manufacturer, the dishwasher does not need to put any detergents or rinse aid in addition to the nanobag. Firstly, this is not necessary, and secondly, the chemistry contained in detergents will certainly damage the contents of the nanobag and it will lose its properties.

After the dishwasher has completed the washing cycle, the nanobag must be removed and exposed to the sun to dry. That's actually the whole science.

In order for the nanobag to work more efficiently, it is necessary to choose washing modes at a temperature of at least 60 0C, better than 70 and above.

How do people respond to these products?

As part of this paragraph, we have provided true reviews of people who have already managed to test nanobags in practice. These are the reviews.

Sofia, Moscownanoscale dishwasher bag

I bought this bag with a friend for a company on one of the selling sites. The purchase cost me 110 rubles, so I did not hesitate much. As soon as they delivered it to us, they immediately tested it on the dirtiest dishes. I was not shy and put a greasy frying pan, goulash dishes and other heavily soiled dishes in the dishwasher, and put a nanobag next to it. Launched a washing program for 1 hour 20 minutes at a temperature of 70 0C. The dishes were surprisingly laundered well. The dirt even moved away from the pans, but there was a white coating on all the dishes.

She asked her friend, she also said that the dishes were washed, but not perfect, not like with a rinse aid. There were stains on the glasses. The next day, we agreed to conduct an experiment, a friend at home, and I at home. First we washed the dishes at a temperature of 70 0With just like that, without a miracle bag, and the second time already with a bag - no difference.I don’t know what experience other people have had in using “nanotechnology” (they found positive reviews on the network), but my friend and I think this is a complete scam. With a clear conscience, we put a nano-bag rating of 2 - tested in practice.

Catherine, Klim

As soon as I found out about the appearance of a nanobag, I immediately bought it. Still, only 120 rubles per 1000 dishwashers. For 1000 sinks, I will lower kilograms of powder and liters of rinse aid, spending a lot of money on them, and here you get almost free use of the dishwasher. I’ve been using the bag for half a year already, I’ve bought the same for my mom, the reviews from me and from my mom are the most positive, we advise everyone.

Note! Nanobags sold in Europe and the United States cost at least $ 50. In Russia, they are sold on average for 120-150 rubles - the price suggests certain thoughts.

Irina, Kaliningrad

The first nanobag for the dishwasher I brought a year and a half ago from Germany. I bought it there for 40 Euros. Used for a long time and could not get enough - the dishes really shone with cleanliness, as in advertising. It was not enough for 1000 sinks, that's for sure, well, maybe 600-650, then the quality of washing began to deteriorate sharply, and I just threw away the old bag and bought a new one in a store in Kaliningrad for 120 rubles. It was surprising that he didn’t wash the dishes at all, the quality of washing is as if you were washing the dishes just with water and salt. The conclusion is this: nanobags made in Germany more or less work, but the analogues sold in Russia do not work, it is better not to buy them at all - a waste of money.

Natalya, Moscow

I relied on the laudatory reviews of my friends and relatives and bought a nanobag. In short, this is garbage, it does not wash anything, the dishes at the exit are semi-dirty, all in spots and stains. Unfortunately, nothing better than powders and tablets for dishwashers has yet been invented. And this attempt should be considered unsuccessful.

To summarize, we note nano-bags for dishwashers - this is one of the attempts to reduce the cost of operating a dishwasher and make it safer and more environmentally friendly. In fact, and this is confirmed by user reviews, this attempt was unsuccessful, at least when it comes to these products sold in Russia.


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