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Heating element (TEN) for the washing machine

TEN for the washing machineTEN is a heating element. Its task is to heat water to the required temperature in the washing machine. In different models of cars it can be located in different ways. In some it is on the front side, in others from the back. In both cases, the heating element is attached to the bottom of the tank. And two wires go to him.

When the washing machine suddenly did not begin to heat the water, the first thing to do is to check the operation of the heater. After all, its breakdown is one of the most frequent malfunctions in this type of household appliances. The heating element fails due to contact with hard water. With its regular heating, it is covered with scale. And it is precisely the scum that is one of the main causes of breakage.

TEN broke - how to change?

First you need to check if the power is turned off in the washing machine. To disconnect it, just pull the plug from the outlet.

Then we need to remove the cover of the washing machine. Most often, the heater is located behind. And this is done simply. Since in most models the back cover can be easily removed if necessary. It is mounted on only four bolts or screws.

If in your typewriter it is located in the front, you will have to tinker.

Replace heater

To remove the front wall of the casing, you will need to remove the clamp securing the cuff. Usually it is removed using a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, depending on what type of clamp is used. Then you need to tuck the cuff inside the drum so that it does not interfere. After that, the hatch lock is removed. It is fixed on two bolts.

We also need to remove the control panel. To do this, first remove the cover (upper part of the housing) of the washing machine. It is mounted on the back with two bolts. By removing these bolts, we can slide the cover out of the grooves. To do this, push the cover from the front to the back. After which it is easily removed. Then we take out the plastic dispenser tray from the hopper. Next, unscrew the fixing screws and put the control panel up so that it does not interfere with further work.

Then remove the bottom socket. In some models, it is bolted, in other latches. Perhaps there will be screws behind it, which will also need to be unscrewed. After all this, we can finally remove the front wall of the washing machine.

Replacing the heater

Replacing the heating element of the washing machineNow we will extract the heater. As we wrote above, the ten is located at the bottom of the tank. And first you need to remove the wires from it.

If you are afraid to forget where which wires are attached, you can first photograph their position on a phone or camera. Then remove the terminals from the visible part of the heating element of the washing machine.

After that, you need to unscrew the fixing nut, which is located in the middle of the heater. You do not need to remove it. It is only necessary to unscrew to the maximum, but so that it still rests on the end of the thread. Then it, together with the protruding pin, must be pressed inward. You may need to knock on it with a hammer to do this.

Then you can get the heater. To do this, you may need to pry it with a slotted screwdriver or knife. After you have removed the old broken heater, you can remove it to the side and install a new part. Everything is going exactly the same, but in the reverse order.

Video for those who have a heater located on the front of the machine

For those who have a heating element in front (most often in Bosch machines) we have prepared a special video in order to clearly demonstrate the whole process of replacing a heater with our own hands. It is in English, but no translation is needed. You just need to repeat everything that the master does. And you will be happy! Watch the video and do the replacement of the ten with your own hands:

Video for those who have a heating element on the back of the washing machine

Now, for our other readers, those who have a model of a machine that implies the presence of a heating element on the back, which, by the way, is more common in Russia, we also prepared a video. You are more fortunate. And you do not have to remove the front wall of the machine. After all, it is longer and more difficult than just unscrewing a few bolts on the back and removing it. Getting to the heating element here is no problem.

After that, you just need to remove the wires and unscrew the nut. Also, the nut can not be completely twisted, but left at the end of the thread. Then, you will also need to push the pin in and remove the heater. You can also take a picture of the wires in advance if necessary. This will help you remember where which wire to attach when reassembling. Watch the video with the replacement of the heating element of the washing machine:

Where to buy heating elements?

Where to buy TENIf you wondered, where to buy a heater? Then we will help you. To purchase a heater, you can contact any service center serving brands of machines similar to yours. You can also apply for an advertisement in the newspaper for the sale of spare parts. We do not recommend purchasing used parts. After all, a new heating element is not expensive enough.

And the easiest way to purchase a heater is to find a seller using the Internet. To do this, open any search engine. You can use the most popular options, or rather Yandex or Google.

After that, type in the search line something like: "buy a heating element in Moscow." If your city is not Moscow, then replace the word "Moscow" with the name of your city. And press the Enter key. After these steps, you will see search results. These are the sites that, in the opinion of the search engine, most correspond to your request. Click on them, familiarize yourself with the cost of heating elements and choosing the appropriate online store, call and order a heating element for your washing machine. Most likely, when communicating by phone, you need to name the model of your typewriter.

If suddenly the seller did not have the heater you need, then call the next one. If you live in a small town or village, then you may have to order the item with delivery from another larger settlement. You can also go and pick up the item yourself. But in this case, we recommend that you first contact the seller and make sure that the spare part is available. This will help you save time and not travel in vain.

We wish you a successful replacement of the defective part. And so that your washing machine serves you well. And for a long time I was pleased with the quality work and clean, pleasantly smelling linen. Continue to explore our site, here you will find a lot of interesting and useful information. And have a nice day!


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