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Can I put a dishwasher next to the stove

PMM next to the stoveIt's no secret that household appliances can be harmful to each other if they are installed incorrectly. Some appliances normally adjoin each other, others generally cannot be placed next to each other and this must be remembered at the moment when you are going to start designing your own kitchen. Today we will figure out whether it is possible to put the dishwasher next to the stove, and at the same time slightly touch on the issue of the proximity of the PMM with other household appliances and appliances. Let's see what conclusions can be drawn as a result.

What is fraught with such a placement?

Often people put an electric stove with an oven close to the PMM case. This is the main mistake that can lead to damage to the dishwasher. The plate body, overheating, transfers heat to the dishwasher body, and it is not designed for such extreme operating conditions. First of all, the electronic module suffers, which can paralyze the operation of all systems of the machine.

Another mistake is to install a gas stove near the dishwasher. The reason is the same - overheating. Only in this case will overheating be even more serious. It is also not necessary to place gas or electric hobs directly above the PMM casing.

  1. In this case, heat from the hob will be transferred to the PMM housing and harm the machine.
  2. Liquids “escaping” to the hob from the pots can get onto the PMM case, which in turn can cause a short circuit in the control panel.

The "runaway" milk or soup will fall onto the dishwasher directly from the stove and this will force the hostess to clean not only the stove, but also the PMM case.

  1. Two powerful appliances standing on top of each other can cause big problems. If there is a leakage of current to the stove or dishwasher, then such a problem can destroy both devices, since their bodies are in contact.

In general, if possible, it is best to keep electric and gas stoves away from dishwashers. The key phrase is “if there is an opportunity”, and if there is no such opportunity, since the kitchen is too small, you will have to come up with something.

If there is no choice

In small kitchens, it is often necessary to place an electric stove next to the dishwasher, contrary to all the rules, since there simply is no other option. In such a situation, experts recommend leaving a gap between the PMM case and a slab at least 1 cm wide. If a heat-insulating material is laid between the equipment, it will be very good. By reliably isolating the side walls of household kitchen equipment from each other, you will make the operation of both appliances safe.

However, it is strictly forbidden to place the hob above the dishwasher. It is simply dangerous, even if the devices are insulated with insulating material.

Bad neighbors for a dishwasher

PMM and stoveWe decided that the minimum distance between the stove and the dishwasher should be 1 cm. But this is provided that heat-insulating material is used. Without insulation, the distance between the housings should not be less than 5 cm.

Not only the stove can potentially harm the dishwasher. If you put a dishwasher with a washing machine, then you can say goodbye to the first in the coming months. The fact is that during the spin cycle, the washing machine vibrates intensely and sways. Closely pressed against the body of the dishwasher will begin to swing, which will lead to a breakdown of the internal parts, rupture of the nozzles and much more. Well, if during the operation of the washer the dishes are loaded into the baskets of the dishwasher, it will all break.

Neighboring a refrigerator can also be harmful, especially with a No Frost refrigerator. The walls of such refrigerators can quite warm up and transfer heat to the PMM case.Well, we have already talked about the consequences of this.

Some not very perspicacious owners put a microwave on the case of a freestanding dishwasher, and then they come to our specialists and complain: why is this the dishwasher does not turn on? It’s fortunate that in such a neighborhood she worked at least a little, because microwaves can burn out an electronic module in just a few minutes.

It is better not to put the microwave on any device and in general the distance between it and any household appliances should be at least 15-20 cm. Only then can their joint operation be considered safe.

So, putting the stove next to the dishwasher, the owner should not count on "good neighborly relations" between these two devices. The stove may well harm the dishwasher and vice versa PMM may well harm the stove. Therefore, observe safety precautions and do not place the cooker plate close to each other. Good luck


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