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Can I put a microwave on a dishwasher?

microwaveModern housewives are so accustomed to microwave ovens that they do not think at all how dangerous the appliance is installed in their kitchen. Of course, the danger he poses is not so much in relation to a person as in electrical, electronic and gas equipment that is in the house. Can I put a microwave on a dishwasher or any other equipment? Let's figure it out.

Dangerous neighbor

Many people think that exposure to microwaves is limited to the bowels of the microwave oven, but in fact, harmful radiation goes far beyond the body of the microwave. The more expensive and better the microwave oven, the better the internal shielding, but even from expensive equipment the radiation is very decent. It is enough to:

  • disable microcircuit control modules of household appliances;
  • provoke a short circuit;
  • disable electronic stuffing of gas equipment.

Gas meters are particularly affected by the harmful effects of microwaves.

In this regard, the distance between the microwave oven and any electronic-electrical equipment should be at least 20 cm. Only in this case the influence of harmful radiation will be minimal.

Now let's figure out the neighborhood of a microwave and a dishwasher. Almost all modern dishwashers have electronic control modules. If you put the microwave oven on the dishwasher, and then turn on two devices at the same time, there is a chance that the control module of the dishwasher will fail. Well, if the matter is limited to a local failure, which is eliminated by rebooting the machine, and if it comes to the breakdown of the part?

So that you know, this is a very expensive repair, the work of the master together with the part will cost at least 9-12 thousand rubles. Does it make sense to take risks, especially if you still count how much the repair costs, andhow much are dishwashers (repairs may not be practical). It turns out that you can’t put the microwave oven on the dishwasher, as well as place it next to any other equipment. But then the question arises: where to put it at all?

How to put a microwave oven?microwave placement option

Indeed, if the kitchen is very small and the necessary equipment hardly breaks in, then, no matter how contrived, the microwave still has to be placed either next to the refrigerator, or next to the stove, or next to the dishwasher. And then what was the Russian person savvy? In fact, there is an option to place the microwave oven away from other equipment. It is suitable for any kitchen, even for the smallest.

Are you intrigued? Meanwhile, there is no particular secret here, do the following:

  • purchase a special bracket for a microwave oven;
  • in a convenient place on the wall, make markings;
  • drill holes for fasteners with a puncher;
  • mount the bracket on the wall and install the microwave on it.

In appearance, the microwave appears to be suspended from the wall, next to the kitchen furniture, but in fact it will be firmly fixed. The advantage of this method of placing a microwave oven is not only that the device will be placed far from other equipment. The main advantage in saving space and in aesthetics, because being on the brackets, the stove does not bother anyone and looks great.

When you mount the microwave on brackets or special shelves, it is possible to install it at the height at which the use of the oven will be most convenient. The bracket reliably fastens the microwave oven, preventing it from sliding to the floor during operation, but sometimes “run away” from the fridges and microwave cabinets causing a lot of trouble to the housewives.

The conclusion of our story today suggests itself. Do not put the microwave on a dishwasher, refrigerator or any other large household appliances.It will not lead to anything good. It is best to fix the microwave on the wall with the help of a special bracket, so it will not interfere and will not create any problems. Good luck


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