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Can I put a dishwasher next to the refrigerator?

fridgeThe rules for placing a dishwasher are easy to follow for owners of large kitchens. But what if the kitchen is quite small and there is hardly enough space in it to accommodate everything you need. But you still need to think about what you can put near and what should not be done so that you don't accidentally ruin an expensive dishwasher, stove or refrigerator. Like it or not, you have to put some devices nearby, but which ones? Today we will pay special attention to the question: is it possible to put the dishwasher next to the refrigerator, but at the same time we will recall other household appliances.

What is the danger?

The manufacturer claims that installing a dishwasher close to the refrigerator can harm both appliances, but how real is this danger? The walls of modern No Frost refrigerators heat up quite a bit, but still not strong enough to damage the dishwasher. A machine, in the event of a water leak, could theoretically harm the refrigerator, but the likelihood of this is very small. The vibration from the dishwasher is also small and it is also not able to harm the refrigerator. Which of these can be concluded?

  1. If the doors of the dishwasher and the refrigerator do not interfere with each other, then the devices can be placed side by side.
  2. Leave a gap between the body of the machine and the wall of the refrigerator. One centimeter will be enough.
  3. Do not plug these appliances into a single outlet. The refrigerator and the dishwasher are large consumers; the power grid may not withstand the load. In addition, it is better to protect the power connection. dishwasher stabilizerso that power surges do not harm the devices.

The stabilizer is quite expensive, but not more expensive than all the equipment in the kitchen.

If you are very afraid for your refrigerator and dishwasher, lay a thick layer of thermal insulation between their bodies. This will be enough to secure the operation of these two most important kitchen items.

Unwanted neighbors for cars

dishwasher next to the fridgeAs you already understood, the refrigerator is not included in the list of unwanted neighbors for the dishwasher. Why should a dishwasher stay away? First of all, from the microwave. A microwave is generally very poorly compatible with any electrical appliance, because the radiation coming from it is detrimental to electronics. Only simple electrical appliances like a kettle, toaster, coffee maker, food processor, etc., more or less normally tolerate the neighborhood with a microwave.

The dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, multicooker, etc., contain electronic filling, which means that the microwave oven should be kept at a certain distance from them at least 20-30 cm. The washing machine is also considered an “aggressive” technique and it doesn’t Do not place close to the dishwasher. The fact is that during the spinning process the machine body vibrates a lot. If you put it tightly on the PMM case, vibration will be transmitted to the dishwasher, which can lead to breakage.

In order for the washing machine to work normally in the kitchen, there should be a 2-3 cm gap between its body and the housings of other appliances (or furniture walls). Provided that the washing machine is set to level, this distance will be enough so that the body, even when spinning at 1200 rpm, does not touch surrounding objects.

Another undesirable neighbor for a dishwasher is a stove with an oven. It is dangerous to put the dishwasher and stove close because the oven body overheats and transfers heat to the dishwasher, which is not designed for this. As a result, the dishwasher may fail.If it is possible to better separate the stove and the dishwasher with a cabinet, but if this is not possible, then you need to put a reliable heat-insulating material between the machine and the stove.

So, the location of the dishwasher in the kitchen should be verified. It is necessary to think over not only where the dishwasher will stand, but also who will have its closest neighbors. She will survive the neighborhood with the refrigerator, but close contact with the microwave can be fatal. Good luck


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