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Can I put a dishwasher on the washing machine

dishwasherNot from the best of life, people begin to pile equipment on top of each other. Very limited space makes you turn on your head and invent the most incredible options. Some people think of putting the dishwasher on the washing machine, and such experiments are not always successful. Today we will tell you how to place the dishwasher over the washing machine correctly, without harming the equipment and the interior.

Installation options

If it occurred to you to put the dishwasher on the washer, discard this idea right away. You can place the dishwasher over the washer, but you can not allow the body of one machine to touch the body of another. So far, our explanation seems to you "rubbish", but do not worry, then we will open this thought and everything will become clear.

Placing a dishwasher above the washing machine is beneficial due to space savings. This measure saves from 50 to 70 cm of usable space. In a small kitchen, these centimeters are a real treasure. How to install equipment?

  1. For a dishwasher and washing machine, you need to prepare in advance a fortified, stable cabinet-pencil case with two niches of suitable sizes.

The top niche of the pencil case can be slightly smaller than the bottom, but not vice versa.

  1. The cabinet must be installed on a perfectly flat and fortified surface.
  2. The jumper connecting the upper and lower niches of the pencil case is additionally strengthened by a steel corner, and in the back wall of the cabinet you need to make large holes for connecting communications.
  3. First, the washing machine is installed and connected, then the dishwasher is installed and connected.

Of course, this installation option is only available for front-loading washing machine. If the washer has a vertical load, nothing can be put on top of it, otherwise it simply will not open the hatch for laying the laundry. Do not put anything on the washing machine, which vibrates very strongly during the spin cycle. Some models are so "jumping" that there is nothing to think in order to put something on them.

On the Web, you can find many images of the installation of a tumble dryer over a washing machine. In almost all cases, drying feels great over the washing machine and here you can draw a direct analogy, if not for one “but”. Tumble dryers cannot leak, since they accumulate a negligible amount of water, but dishwashers can. If you are ready to put up with this, then this option is just for you.

What is fraught with improper installation?PMM on the washing machine

Practice shows that a dishwasher above a washing machine may well be installed, but you just need to do everything correctly. Even the slightest mistake with such an installation can result in high costs. What can happen if the installation fails?

  1. During the spin cycle, the washing machine simply shakes the dishwasher to the floor. Many cars, when spinning at high speeds, begin to sway very much, and this is enough for the dishwasher to collapse on the floor, simultaneously breaking off the inlet hose and filling the entire floor in the kitchen with water.
  2. When the equipment cases touch, the vibration from the washing machine will be transmitted to the dishwasher, and the light dishwasher is not designed for such vibration. Where it leads? Almost certainly, this will lead to damage to the dishwasher (destruction of fixtures, connecting rods, locking mechanism, etc.).
  3. If the dishwasher does not have a leakage protection system, it is better not to put it on the washer. A leak will almost certainly “kill” the electronics of the washing machine and this will “get in” to you in the repair of the electronic module.

Even if everything is done correctly, this installation option cannot be called ideal. Firstly, the dishwasher will be located quite high from the floor.To load dishes and cutlery into baskets, you have to reach up, risking dropping objects on the floor. In addition, it will be difficult for you to correctly place the dishes in baskets without substituting a stool, which is inconvenient. Secondly, the dishwasher can only work when the washer is turned off. Turning on two devices at the same time is dangerous due to vibration.

In general, if you want to put a washing machine and a dishwasher like this, think not only about whether this can be done, but also whether you need it. We would recommend putting equipment this way only if there are no other options, since there is a real danger to the machines and the entire kitchen.


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