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Can I use silicone bakeware in the dishwasher?

silicone baking dishHundreds of thousands of housewives use silicone baking dishes because it is convenient. Firstly, products depart from them very well, and secondly, they are baked more evenly and do not burn. Nevertheless, when the mountain of these dirty molds lies in the sink, waiting for washing, I don’t really want to wash them by hand. There is a great desire to start washing silicone baking dishes in the dishwasher, but it’s kind of scary, suddenly the silicone surface deteriorates and the baking starts pestering it. You must first find out everything, and only then decide on a machine wash.

Machine wash

There are no special restrictions for washing silicone baking dishes in the dishwasher. Moreover, manufacturers of silicone utensils very often recommend washing their products in the dishwasher. Why is that?

First of all, because in the dishwasher, the forms are washed under the influence of the pressure of hot water and detergents. The mechanical effect on them will be minimized and this is very good, because the silicone surface is not afraid of washing chemicals and boiling water, but is afraid of brushes and sponges with abrasive pads. Some manufacturers of silicone molds even give recommendations regarding the choice of washing programs and arranging molds in basket baskets.

  1. Place the cookie cutters in the upper dish basket or cutlery tray.
  2. Load other utensils.
  3. Put a serving of powder or tablet in a special compartment.

Be sure to check for salt and rinse aid.

  1. Close the washing chamber door and start the pre-soak program. It is on this program that the molds coated with oil or cooking oil are washed in the best way.
  2. After preliminary soaking, the machine will run the usual washing program and the molds will be again as new.

In order not to ruin the molds from now on, experts recommend always lubricating them before using oil or cooking oil. Oil does not allow the silicone surface to degrade, but if you neglect the advice, the silicone molds will spoil the baking. You might still be interested Is it possible to wash cupronickel in the dishwasher.

Hand wash

When manually washing silicone, many neglect elementary rules. Products, of course, deteriorate, and then the housewives scolded manufacturers for poor-quality molds, plates and so on. In general, before using something new, always read the instructions beforehand, do not be lazy, this is very important. So, how to properly clean silicone baking dishes if there is no dishwasher in the house.baking dish

  1. Dissolve a small amount of gel detergent in a basin of warm water.
  2. Stir the detergent in water so that a foam forms.
  3. Put the silicone molds in the solution and hold there for about 10 minutes.
  4. Take a soft cloth or sponge and wash each tin immediately in the basin.
  5. Rinse the tins with clean, warm water, wipe with a soft towel and clean until next use.

It is strongly recommended that you do not use brushes, brushes, rags made of coarse cloth, as well as sponges with abrasive pads - nothing that can scratch a soft and delicate silicone layer. Covered with micro scratches, the silicone molds will begin to stick strongly to the baking, and it will simply cease to be obtained. The same requirements apply to all utensils made from this material. The more carefully you treat her, the longer she will delight you.

In conclusion, we note that you should not be afraid to wash the silicone molds in the dishwasher, nothing bad will happen to them. Even if you include the longest washing program in very hot water, the forms will not lose their remarkable properties.So feel free to download the forms into the machine and wash them on any program, but it is better to include pre-soaking. Good luck


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