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Can I clean trays in the dishwasher?

Housewives who have recently acquired a "home helper" are interested in whether it is possible to wash a baking sheet in a dishwasher. In fact, there are no problems. If the size of the washing chamber allows you to accommodate a baking sheet, then it can be washed without difficulty. Some dishwasher manufacturers even put special nozzles in the kit for washing baking trays and large pans, so do not be afraid to wash them in a car. In any case, machine washing should be carried out correctly. How? We will tell about it now.

What to lay and how to wash?

Many housewives had to and have to wash greasy baking sheets with their hands. This is a very dreary occupation. Firstly, burnt fat does not leave well, and you have to scratch the metal with a special plastic scraper to remove it. Secondly, for manual washing, the baking sheet must be placed in the sink so that the greasy drops do not fly to the sides, and he hardly enters it. In general, washing such oversized utensils is an unpleasant and tiring task, therefore, in this situation, the dishwasher will act as a lifesaver.

  1. In the dishwasher, the pan is washed more thoroughly.
  2. The dishwasher will wash the baking sheets for a long time, but no manual labor.
  3. The dishwasher washes without mechanical stress, which means that the special non-stick coating of the pan will not suffer.

Even a relatively safe plastic scraper, which removes burnt grease, will eventually damage the baking sheet, and nothing can be said about abrasive detergents and brushes.

A baking sheet will take up a lot of space in the dishwasher, but washing it alone is not necessary. Put a large frying pan, pan in the washing chamber, exhaust filter, ducklings, as well as cutlery. If all this is properly decomposed, the result will be amazing. Let's get started.

  1. First you need to remove the upper basket. On machines with an upper cutlery tray, you may need to remove it if the pan does not enter.
  2. On Bosch dishwashers on the back wall from the inside of the washing chamber there are special grooves into which nozzles for washing baking trays are inserted. Insert them.
  3. We place the baking sheets vertically in the lower basket and lean against the side wall of the washing chamber.
  4. In the middle of the basket we lay other dishes. If you have somewhere to put the cutlery, you can load them.
  5. We put detergent and close the door of the dishwasher.
  6. We choose the usual program with "Pre-soaking", if any. If there is no “Pre-soaking” mode, then it does not matter, everything should be washed without it.
  7. We are waiting for the end of the washing and evaluate the result.

Why didn't he launder?

There are many housewives who blame the dishwasher, they say, it very poorly launders trays and pans. Moreover, they almost always back up their words with photographs on which poorly washed baking sheets “show off”. When you start asking questions about how they laid trays, what detergents they used, what programs they turned on, children's errors pop up. Now we will discuss them.

  1. Never place the pan in the dishwasher basket horizontally. Firstly, water will accumulate in it, and the machine may freeze in the middle of the sink. Secondly, the baking sheet is simply poorly washed.
  2. Do not place the pan vertically diagonally from the corner of the washing chamber to the corner. So you block the sprinklers and prevent the water mixed with detergent from reaching the most contaminated areas of objects.
  3. Do not enable quick wash mode. It is better to activate a regular or intensive washing program, so you will improve the quality of washing.
  4. Do not save on detergents. Use the whole tablet, not half, or the dose of powder is strictly normal. Watching what you use.

If you are sure that you are doing everything according to the rules, but the machine is still unsatisfactorily washing the baking sheets, then you need to contact the dishwasher repair master. Apparently we are talking about some kind of malfunction.

What is the best wash?

I would also like to note the fact that very often the dishwasher washes baking trays and other utensils “not at full strength” because the hostess chose the wrong detergent. A lot of publications have appeared on the Internet on the topic of cooking home washing utensils in a typewriter. In an effort to save several tens of rubles, people simply “went crazy." They pour soda, mustard, citric acid into the machine, and then they complain that their "home helpers" do not wash the dishes well, and sometimes even break down.

As for home remedies, experts are adamant. They reasonably believe that only certified powders, capsules and tablets can be used together with special salt and rinse aid. Only with such means can an acceptable washing result be obtained from the machine. It’s best to buy the products recommended by the manufacturer of specific brands of dishwashers. This means that the tools were tested in conjunction with specific "home helpers" and gave excellent results. Respect your technique and it will answer you with a long and flawless job.

So, we managed to figure out how to wash the baking sheets and other similar dishes in the dishwasher. We sorted out the specific mistakes of the housewives during machine washing of baking sheets and looked at how to wash the dishes in the dishwasher, and how to wash it. We hope that the information provided by us will provide you with practical assistance. Good luck


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