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Is it possible to wash cupronickel in a dishwasher

cupronickel wareOwners of cupronickel ware and cutlery can be lucky, because among such products there are real rarities. You eat something with a spoon from cupronickel and don’t know that it can cost a fortune. It is even more offensive if such a spoon or bowl is hopelessly spoiled due to improper care. We will try to prevent this and to begin to discuss the question, is it possible to wash cupronickel in a dishwasher? Can a dishwasher spoil a cupronickel item at all, or is it just idle speculation, let's find out.

What will happen?

Cupronickel alloy is one of the most resistant. This fact is known to many and the same gave rise to the erroneous assertion that cupronickel dishes and cutlery are not afraid of any harsh washing conditions. Meanwhile, washing dishes from this copper-nickel alloy in the dishwasher is strictly prohibited and this is no accident. Of course, under the influence of chemistry and hot water cupronickel will not collapse, but with products it will happen that the owner categorically does not like it.

  1. Cupronickel dishes and cutlery will darken greatly.
  2. Any coating on objects made of such an alloy will suffer very quickly.
  3. Drawing on cupronickel objects at best will become faded, and at worst partially erased.

It is clear that nobody wants to use blackened, so cupronickel ware.

It is also believed that the coating on nickel silver products reacts with tablets and powder, which are usually used in a dishwasher. As a result, an oxide film forms on the surface of the product, which makes the dishes not only ugly, but even dangerous to health. If you value cupronickel cutlery and utensils, take care of them correctly, and do not shove thoughtlessly into the dishwasher.

Some of our readers have the impression that much cannot be washed in a dishwasher. It is not true. There is only a very limited range of items incompatible with the dishwasher, the rest Can be washed in the dishwasher without any harm.

What is the best wash and clean?

Cupronickel spoons and other objects generally should not be washed and cleaned with aggressive chemicals. There is a strict prohibition on contact with chemistry containing alkali, acid, and abrasive particles. But it’s not always possible to wash dishes and cutlery manually, having only a rag and a large amount of hot water in the arsenal.

Experts recommend soaking very dirty products in a solution of hot water and baking soda. It is not necessary to keep dishes from cupronickel in this solution for a long time. Enough 10 minutes, after which the dishes need to be washed under running water by rubbing it with a sponge. In order for the drawing and chasing to remain in perfect order, it is necessary to rub items from cupronickel with special jewelry pastes every 1-2 weeks and wipe them with special napkins.

Especially carefully you need to relate to items made of nickel silver with natural gilding.

washing cupronickel dishesIf cutlery from cupronickel is blackened due to improper care or washing in the dishwasher, do not rush to throw them in the trash. We will prepare a large metal bowl and put the affected cutlery into it. Then do the following:

  • take a shell of 5-7 eggs (for a shell of 1 egg there are 2-3 cutlery);
  • open the shell as carefully as possible and place in a bowl with cutlery;
  • pour the broth of potatoes in a bowl so that the broth hides all the cutlery (a decoction with excess can be obtained when cooking crushed potatoes);
  • put the bowl on the fire and boil for no more than 5 minutes.

As a result, blackness from cutlery is partially, or maybe completely, removed.Repeat this procedure several times, then wipe the cutlery with a napkin with jewelry paste and the objects in your eyes will be transformed.

So, we hope, we managed to convince the owners of cupronickel dishes and cutlery not to shove these items into the dishwasher. After all, there is a direct threat to lose beautiful products. If you follow the simple rules for caring for nickel silver items, for many years they will remain one of the main decorations of your table. Good luck


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