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Can clay pots be washed in a dishwasher

clay potsIt is believed that clay pots are far from the most common dishes, but, nevertheless, any housewife in the closet will have a couple of three of these ceramic products. Someone doesn’t use them at all, and someone simply “drags” around food prepared in clay pots according to traditional recipes. That's just the fans of this dish and ask the question: is it possible to wash clay pots in a dishwasher? We will definitely answer it within the framework of this story, not forgetting to mention how to care for such dishes, so that they serve for a long time.

Variety of pots

If you think that the clay pot, “it is also a clay pot in Africa,” you are very mistaken. 1000 years ago, clay pots in their parts of the world almost did not differ in structure, only the shape was different. Today, technology has stepped far forward. Clay is burned in a special way, various impurities are added to it, and the products themselves are covered with a thick layer of ceramic glaze.

Special coated pots are not like their “traditional counterparts.” They will stand the test of the dishwasher and nothing will happen to them. Other ceramics are also able to pass the test machine, but not all. If you are interested in the details, read the publication on the topic Can I wash the ceramics in the dishwasherwill be helpful. Traditional clay pots, which, incidentally, are gradually becoming fashionable, are not compatible with the dishwasher, and that's why:

  • under the influence of hot water and steam mixed with detergents and coupled with vibration, the clay pot gradually collapses, becoming covered with cracks;
  • clay absorbs detergents, which can not be washed, and during cooking the material will give chemistry to food;

Just one sink in the dishwasher is enough to hopelessly ruin the pots. After such "water procedures" they will be unsuitable for cooking.

  • traditional murals, and indeed any decoration of pottery in a dishwasher, degrade, the item loses its appearance.

In general, in order not to spoil a regular clay pot, you need to wash it in a special way, not in a dishwasher. How? We will tell about it now.

Care for uncoated dishes

Despite the fact that people have been using traditional clay dishes for several thousand years, from the point of view of a modern person, they are too picky. With improper use and in the absence of care, it quickly becomes worthless and clay pots, of course, are no exception. What should be remembered when exploiting classic pottery?clay pot

  1. Clay pots and other utensils do not like household chemicals, especially detergents. Even the most harmless dishwashing gel is soaked into clay that it will not be possible to wash it from there.
  2. If you put cold foods in a clay pot, and then put it in a very preheated oven, the object may burst from a strong temperature difference.
  3. To wash off burnt food from the inner walls of the clay pot, use a brush and hot water. It is permissible to add a little soda, but in no case do not clean the pots with vinegar.
  4. If the juice of vegetables is eaten into the walls of the pot, or you used to clean it with some chemistry, then you can try to revive the product. Pour a full pot of salt and place it in the oven that has not yet had time to heat up. Gradually, the salt becomes hot and absorbs pollution into itself. Calcine the salt pot for about 1 hour.
  5. Do not store the clay pot until it is completely dry. Damp clay walls may form. If this still happened, brush the pot with a brush on which to apply the pulp from the moistened baking soda. Mold will come off quickly.

So, it is better not to wash clay dishes in the dishwasher, especially if such dishes do not have a special protective coating. Traditional clay pots should be washed only by hand, in addition, they require special attention on your part. If the clay pot is properly used and stored, it will always reward you with delicious food, but if you wash it together with other dishes in the machine, it will quickly deteriorate. Wash the dishes correctly!


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