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Can I wash the electric kettle in the dishwasher

Electric kettleFor many people, an electric kettle has become a universal household appliance. Some in it even dumplings manage to cook. It is clear that with such an active operation, the appliance quickly becomes dirty and people are tempted to wash it in the dishwasher. At first glance, this sounds absurd, but too often in different forums the question is asked: is it possible to wash an electric kettle in a dishwasher? We give a detailed answer to this question.

What will happen to the appliance?

Some dishwasher owners use their “home helpers” to the fullest. It’s even amazing how it occurs to them. In a dishwasher, wash:

  • garden tools;
  • rubber boots;
  • raw root vegetables (mainly potatoes and carrots);
  • plastic massage devices;
  • chandelier details;
  • elbow and knee pads;
  • boxing gloves and mouth guards;
  • helmets and leather gloves;
  • umbrellas;
  • flower pots and more.

Exotic lovers even manage to cook food in the dishwasher.

If you think of cooking in the dishwasherthen why condemn those who come to mind to stuff electrical appliances into the washing chamber, in this case an electric kettle. From the point of view of specialists, this should never be done. Inside the kettle there is a certain amount of electricians: a switch, an LED, several contacts, wires, a sensor. After washing the kettle in the dishwasher, we strongly wet this electrician.

Proponents of the non-standard use of the dishwasher may reasonably notice that the kettle can be thoroughly dried before use. That's how it is, but after washing dishes, the kettle stays in a humid and warm environment for a long time. Under the influence of moisture and detergents, metal contacts are covered with oxides, so that the kettle may fail.

Moisture can be removed by drying, but oxides can only be removed by cleaning the contacts. If after washing it is possible to completely disassemble the kettle, clean its contacts and conduct anti-corrosion treatment, then it can be washed. But if you do not intend to disassemble the kettle, then it is better not to stick it in the dishwasher.

If the kettle’s body consists of plastic or ceramic, this is one thing, but if the kettle is metal, then corrosion can also affect the body. In this case, the risk of losing the kettle is great. Do not take risks, clean electric kettles by hand.

What is the best way to clean the kettle?teapot

Many housewives say that the best way to clean the kettle from various internal contaminants, including scale, is to boil with citric acid. This is done very simply. We pour water into the dirty kettle from the inside (you need to pour an almost full kettle). Then pour 25 grams of citric acid into the water and bring it to a boil 2-3 times. The dirt will leave immediately, but the scale will become brittle and partially disappear. We remove the remaining scale with a cloth, on which you need to pour a little lemon and get a clean teapot.

Some housewives talk about the serious minus of this method of cleaning, and we cannot but mention it. 2-3 boiling with citric acid can "kill" an electric kettle. A leak may appear in it. Some experts also carefully hint at this, but do not directly speak.

There is a safer way to clean the kettle with vinegar. Pour some vinegar essence into the kettle, put on rubber gloves and begin to scrub its walls from the inside, as far as the narrow neck allows. In general, this method can be called suitable, the smell in the kitchen will be "just amazing." If possible, clean the kettle on the street, then rinse it, hold it in a draft to ventilate, and then bring it into the house.

Someone else suggests boiling a kettle with potato peelings or even cucumber pickle, but we would advise you to purchase a special tool for cleaning electric kettles. It costs quite inexpensively, but you will be sure of a positive result and you will definitely not lose your kettle.

So, the electric kettle has nothing to do in the dishwasher, that's for sure! Do not need these dubious experiments, take a word, they will not lead to anything good. Although, of course, a new kettle doesn’t cost a lot of money, but why are these optional victims.


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