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Can I use fairies in the dishwasher

plain fairies and PMMAgainst the backdrop of the economic crisis, we really want our man to save a little. Could it be constructive savings, but sometimes in an effort to save a couple of extra cents in his wallet, a citizen plunges himself into monstrous wastes, and all because of a lack of information. It has been quite a long time on the Web that a “fake” has been walking that you can add regular Fairy for washing dishes manually instead of a special tool in the dishwasher. We are drawn to check it. In fact, let's find out empirically whether it is possible to pour Fairies into the dishwasher.

Is it dangerous to flood Fairy?

From an economic point of view, the prospect is more than tempting. A Fairy bottle for washing dishes by hand costs less than Fairy capsules for washing dishes in a dishwasher. In addition, as the advertisement tells us, to wash a mountain of dishes, you need only a few drops of this product. Combining the two facts is not difficult and an opinion has already been formed that when you add a few drops of Fairy into the dishwasher, all the dirty dishes will wash perfectly, and you can save a lot of money. We will not draw preliminary conclusions, but we will verify this in practice.

The experiment involved: two craftsmen from our service center, dishwasher Bosch SMS24AW01R, Fairy bottle, two dozen artificially contaminated plates. The purpose of the experiment: to check whether the dishwasher will wash the dishes with a few drops of this detergent and whether it will harm the technique.

  1. A few Fairy droplets were added to the powder compartment. To prevent the product from leaking out, the masters smeared the fairies on the inner surface of the compartment.
  2. We launched the usual washing program.
  3. At the end of the program, the dishes were removed and placed for inspection.

foam in PMMWhat is the result. Plates laundered pretty badly. Pollution was washed only partially. Likewise, a soap machine would be without any detergent. Obviously, the power of a few drops of Fairy is not enough to wash the dishes in the dishwasher. At the same time, the product was well dissolved, this is evidenced by a clean powder compartment, on which only light traces of foam remained.

It turns out that it makes no sense to use Feiry, since it does not completely wash the dishes in the dishwasher? Let's not rush to conclusions and continue the experiment. We decided to repeat the experiment, while instead of a few drops Fairies added a full tablespoon of this tool. What did the increase in dosage mean?

After 35 minutes of washing, foam climbed out of the cracks in the dishwasher door. The washing had to be stopped because there was a risk of foam getting onto the control module. So ingloriously, our experiment ended. It turns out that if you pour a little Fairy into the machine, the dishes will remain dirty, and if there is a lot, increased foaming can "kill" the electronics of the dishwasher. Draw conclusions.

Repairing the control module may cost half the price of a new dishwasher.

How to save detergent?

Probably, it is already clear to everyone what will happen if you use the usual dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher. But you still want to save. Let's see how this can be done without reducing the quality of washing dishes and without harm to the "home assistant".

  1. Reduce the dose of special dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher by half. If it is powder, sprinkle instead of thirty, fifteen grams. If these are tablets, feel free to cut them in half. A whole tablet is needed only if the machine is loaded “to the eyeballs” with very dirty dishes.
  2. Accumulate dishes and wash them once a day. This will save a little more money. In addition, you will benefit a little by reducing the cost of water and electricity.
  3. If it is time to change the meter, place the meter with separate readings. Electricity is cheaper at night, which means that it will be possible to save a little by starting the machine at night.

In order to start the dishwasher at night, you do not have to go to bed late or specially get up. It is enough to start a delayed start. The machine itself is activated when needed.

Homemade detergents: benefit or harm?

There is a fairly large group of people who prefer to make their own dishwasher detergents. Adherents of home-made products vying for praise the recipes of their washing "potions", forgetting to mention that their components can cause serious harm to technology.

Take, for example, mustard based recipes. It is difficult to say who and when thought of first pouring dry mustard into the dishwasher, but the effect is invariably awful. Mustard swells in hot water, clogging spray nozzles, a dust filter, a pump and even nozzles. It is enough to wash the dishes 2-3 times with mustard and then you have to seriously clean the machine.

Even more dangerous recipes with vinegar essence. Such chemistry can damage the heating element. You save 2-3 dollars by using vinegar instead of a professional product, and then the heating element will break, and you will think what to do with this problem. Replacing a heating element will cost much more, you can stock up on dishwashing tablets a year in advance.

Summarize. Special dishwashing detergents have not just been developed for this technique. There was a good reason for that. So leave the usual Fairy in case you have to wash the dishes with your hands and go to the store for powder or tablets. Good luck


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