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Can I put a microwave on a washing machine?

microwave on the washerIn the limited space of the kitchen and a large number of household appliances, most people have a question, is it possible to put a microwave on a washing machine? Some simply put it all, without thinking about the consequences and not paying attention to the instructions in the instructions for household appliances. Therefore, we decided to give our answer, putting everything in order.

Pros and cons

To begin with, we clarify that when installing a microwave on a washer, we mean cars with a front loading type. You won’t definitely put a microwave on a machine with a vertical loading, and in general it’s better not to put anything on it, because every time you open the hatch door, you will have to clean everything. As for the front-loading machine, manufacturers of such equipment warn that heavy objects weighing more than 15 kg should not be placed on the machine.

microwave on bracketsMicrowaves are quite heavy, but everything will depend on the specific model and its size. There are both small stoves weighing about 5 kg, and large ones - weighing 18 kg. Therefore, the conclusion is that a large microwave does not have a place on the washing machine. It is better to put it on the countertop or hang it on the brackets. The large weight of the microwave will create a large moment of inertia when the machine vibrates during spinning or washing, so the oven can slowly move to the edge of the machine.

The second important nuance is the microwaves emitted by the microwave and their effect on the electronic unit of the washing machine. According to most experts, such radiation will not damage the washing chip, since the housing and reflectors inside the microwave protect them from penetrating outside.

Also, some experts are opposed to putting the microwave on the washer, explaining that the device has a magnetron. It resembles a magnetron light bulb in a device. And, as you know, from large vibrations the life of the light bulb is reduced, respectively, and this can not but affect the microwave.

Note! Despite the above arguments, many users have already experimented, and claim that they have had a microwave on the washer for more than 5 years, and nothing has happened.

Therefore, the opinion of people about whether it is still possible to put it or not is divided approximately in half. We are of the opinion that it is better to avoid the proximity of a microwave and a washer. More convenient install the washing machine under the countertop, and put everything you want on the countertop already. The advantage of this placement is that you will not spill anything on the top cover, the machine is protected. But it’s up to you to decide.

What to consider when installing a microwave

If, after much deliberation, where to put the microwave, you still decide to install it on the washer, then you need to do it right.

Theoretically, it can be put, but in practice it will not be easy. What you should pay attention to.

  • First of all, compare the dimensions of your washing machine and microwave, especially the depth. Today, narrow washing machines, the depth of which is 35-36 cm, have become very popular. On a narrow washer, put a large microwave with a depth of 34-36 cm, and even more so 41 cm is not worth it, not only because it will peek over the edge of the machine, but also because narrow machines are more prone to vibration. But a microwave with a depth of 28 cm can be easily installed.
  • To reduce vibration from the machine, you can lay a rubber mat under the microwave or make rubber legs on the stove itself.
  • Do not forget about the outlet. Microwaves usually have a short cord, so the outlet should be as close as possible.At the same time, the washing machine must be plugged into a separate, grounded outlet; an extension cord is not allowed.
  • And, of course, the weight of the microwave is important. We already wrote about this, but let’s remind you again - you can only put a microwave on a small weight on the washer.

What else can you put on a typewriter for convenience in everyday life

washing machine in the bathroomIn addition to the microwave, people try to put other household appliances on the washing machine. So, for example, you can put an electric kettle, but be sure to lay a napkin under it. Some ask if a dishwasher can be put on a washer. We believe not, because:

  • it has a large weight greater than that of a microwave;
  • large dimensions;
  • there is a risk of leakage of water from the dishwasher to the washing machine control unit, which will lead to costly repairs.

On a freestanding washing machine, you can put some kitchen accessories, but just don’t overdo it, otherwise everything will look like a bunch of junk. Shampoo bottles, jars and other bath accessories are often placed on the washing machine in the bathroom. It kind of replaces the shelf, if there really is no space, then please bet, there will be no harm. From the point of view of design and interior, it is better not to clutter up the machine or put any one accessory in the theme of room design.

Important! Do not put fragile glass items on the washing machine that could break from vibration.

To summarize, not every household appliance can be put on a washing machine. Even microwaves are different. We believe that the machine should be the last place where you put something. The fewer objects on it, the more neat and tidy the decoration of the room looks. Look for options, because they are actually not so few.


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