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All indicators on the washing machine flash

washing machine indicatorsThe washing machine is not forever, so it can break at any time. Failures and malfunctions can be different in complexity, the nature of such a failure is reported by error codes on the display of the machine. When there is no display, special indicators may flash. But what if, when turned on, all the lights flash at the same time, and what does this mean? This is what we will understand.

What does it mean?

Blinking of all indicators on the washing machine is a common problem of “washers” from Indesit. Owners of such washing machines most often turn to the master, not knowing what to do. What is the reason for such a blinking?

The most common malfunction, when all the lights are blinking, is a malfunction of the electronic board, or rather a breakdown of its parts. As a rule, the capacitors located on the board fail, or the contacts burn out when water gets on the board. Replacing capacitors is quite possible on your own, especially if you are good at using a soldering iron. In some cases, the fee has to be changed completely, which requires significant financial costs.

Note! Replacing capacitors will save your budget by a large amount, the main thing is to correctly diagnose a breakdown.

Find and troubleshoot

To check and verify the malfunction of the electronic board, you must remove it from the machine, which will have to be disassembled. Consider this process using the Indesit top-loading washing machine as an example.

The first thing we do not forget to do is turn off the washing machine. We begin the analysis of the typewriter case by unscrewing the control panel, which is mounted on two bolts on the rear of the case.analysis of the washing machineHaving removed the control panel, we unscrew the hexagonal screws holding the electronic board.analysis of the washing machine

Note! In an Indesit front-loading washing machine, the control board is located in the lower corner at the rear of the machine.

Now carefully disconnect all the wires from the board. Before that, you can take a photo that will make it easier to deal with all the wires and connect them in the washing machineWe take the board and carefully examine it, paying special attention to the capacitors C17, C16, C20. In the event of failure, the upper part of the capacitor may swell. washing machine board

Important! It is best to “ring” the capacitors with a multimeter, because if one of them is dry, then it will not work, although outwardly it does not differ from the working capacitor.

capacitorWe take out the faulty capacitor and look at the marking on it, you need to find a similar one on it. You can buy a new one, or remove the working capacitor from the board of the old TV, USB charger, etc. Next, solder a working capacitor to the board, and then assemble the washing machine.

Note! Instead of a capacitor C17 with a capacity of 680 mF, you can install a capacitor with a capacity of 1000 mF.

In more detail, the whole process is filmed in this video.

Rare causes of flashing indicators

However, the described fault is not the only one, due to which all the indicators of the machine blink. Masters note a number of reasons. Despite the fact that they are less common, they should not be excluded.

  1. Happened self draining water.
  2. Teng broke water heating or Teng drying.
  3. The electric motor is out of order.
  4. Damage to the pump (drain pump).
  5. The command apparatus (KSMA) is out of order.

The heating elements of the washing machine wear out and fail over time. Their breakdown can stop the normal operation of the washing machine and cause the indicators on the control panel to flash. To establish this cause, it is necessary to check with a multimeter that the Ten is working, and in case of malfunction, replace it. A detailed description of this work is set out in an article on how to check ten washing machine.

Electric motor it does not often fail, its breakdown can be associated with worn out brushes, the replacement of which can restore its performance. A more common malfunction is a breakdown of the drain pump or its blockage. Very often, hair and wool are wound on the impeller of the pump, as a result of which it does not work. In this case, it is enough to clean it from debris. If a more serious failure occurs, you will have to replace pump to a new one.

command deviceAs for the breakdown of a mechanical command device, this malfunction is very rare, since this part of the machine is one of the most reliable, but not eternal. Typically, the contacts burn up in the control unit. To fix the problem, you need to clean them well and reconnect. The unit itself is located under the control panel, which is held by one or two bolts.

In addition, the gear may break in the CSMA. And then the troubleshooting will depend on the model of the washing machine, because in some "washers" it will be necessary to completely change the CSMA, in some there is the possibility of repair.

So, the flashing lights on the Indesit washing machine, this is not a reason to say goodbye to the unit forever and look for a new replacement for it. After all, the reason for the light indication can be simple, not requiring large financial investments. So before you panic and think that the machine is broken, make a diagnosishopefully our article will help you do this.


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  1. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Thank you, C16 replaced and there is no problem ...

  2. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Yes, and although the current is alternating, when installing, pay attention to the (+) and (-) of the capacitor ...

    • Gravatar oleg Oleg:

      Why is it variable? There is permanent!

    • Gravatar Moryak Moryak:

      What variable is there?)

  3. Gravatar Ilya Ilya:

    When turned on and started, it does not draw water, but as if trying to wash and after a second the water levels blink. What is it? How to treat? Vertical washing machine.

    • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

      Most likely it is TEN.

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      Hello, how did you solve the problem?

  4. Gravatar Tolya Tolya:

    Good time! Guys, maybe someone faced the following malfunction - the washing machine worked normally, took out the laundry (wrung out as usual), loaded the next “portion”, after some time they wanted to start again - we see that the “ironing” and “delay timer” lamps are on , and the start button blinks constantly. At the same time, the door was open - it was not closed. The machine does not start and does not respond. turning on / off the network did not work.

    • Gravatar Victor Victor:

      Did you solve the problem?

  5. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    Thanks for the help! Saved on calling a wizard or replacing a board. Replaced Conder and everything is fine.

  6. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    A capacitor is also possible at 1000 mF, if anyone does not have 670.

  7. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Good day, please tell me what the cause of the breakdown may be if all the indicators blink first, and then it does not switch to the spin and rinse mode, even forcibly! Thanks in advance.

  8. Gravatar Alena Alyona:

    Hello, tell me please, first the machine erases, and after a while the wash indicator starts flashing and does not stop supplying water to the car. What could be the reason?

  9. Gravatar Pavel Paul:

    Hello, yesterday the Indesit washing machine started blinking with all the lights ... sinned on the capacitors. When disassembling, it turned out that this was due to new brushes in the engine. The brushes were rectangular. When grinding them, graphite dust appeared which fell into the control unit and closed the board tracks. After removing the dust, the machine began to work normally. Maybe someone will help such advice.

  10. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Wow! Typewriter vertical ARTF 1047 Indesit. After plugging in the extension cord, it does not respond, after pressing and holding the button on.After 2-3 minutes, the delay timer, super wash, extra rinse, light ironing and half-button pause begin to flash. Help!

  11. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    Hello everybody. I have a recurring problem - the Indesit WISL92 machine. The network button does not respond to clicks at all. At the same time, the machine has a network indicator or flashes or remains on (during washing), but the worst thing is that the machine does not always start with the “start” button, sometimes you have to start 8-10 times the first time. Good luck. Tell me who knows what could be the problem?

    • Gravatar Yaroslav Yaroslav:

      Replace the button itself. The old one fell into disrepair, does not close.

  12. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    People who understand, tell me! Wisl 92 machine. The network button does not respond. And the start starts after 10-15 clicks.

  13. Gravatar Greg Greg:

    Witl106. The lights on the panel blinked, the machine was silent. Replaced C16, C17 - now everything works again. The price of the issue is 20 rubles.

  14. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    I have a machine - a labor veteran. She is over 15 years old. Refused to wash several times. And each time they cope with breakdowns on their own. They changed brushes, there were problems in the board. And today, when the machine blinked, my husband was not at home. I decided to try to do something myself. I unscrewed the plug from the bottom of the car, drained the water. It turned out that two buttons were stuck in the sink. Took them away and the car started))) Well, it happens)

  15. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Indesit Witl 86. All buttons blinked. Changed c16, c17 (bloated) Now the “delay timer”, “stain removal”, “blocking indicator” buttons blink. Advise what else can be done?

  16. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    When turned on, all buttons and lights blinked. After some time, blinks all stopped and you could turn on the car. One fine day, the car did not turn on. Changed the Condors C16, C17 (swollen). Result: all buttons and the spin lamp blink. After pressing the lock button, the blinks begin: the lock button, a delay timer, stain removal. Machine Indesit Witl 86. Worked 13 years without breakdowns. Please tell me what needs to be done to fix it? Thank you in advance!

  17. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    About a year after the first appearance of this malfunction, it helped to disconnect the machine from the network and leave it for 30 minutes. Today it did not work. In the course you will have to change kondei

  18. Gravatar Alla Alla:

    Hello! I had such a problem with the Indesit machine, but the lock glows red, and then after a few minutes all the lights and misunderstandings with the hose begin to flash. It seems he can’t drain.

  19. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Hello! SMA Indesit WIU 81sci when you turn on the mode fills the water, stops, the lamps 1, 2, 4 and the hatch (spin, rinse, rpm, hatch) begin to flash. When you turn on the spin, sometimes the drum will turn and blink again. Water does not drain. The pump, the heater, the temperature sensor ring, give the norm, the drain is clean. I ask for advice.

    • Gravatar Emilia Emilia:

      Could you solve the problem? I have the same, blinked after replacing the drain pump.

  20. Gravatar Peter Peter:

    And how to open the door? Is the damp linen there, the door locked?

  21. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Hello! My INDESIT WIL 105 stops while rinsing or spinning, the deferral indicator and the door lock start to blink and blink. At the same time, you cannot turn off the ON / OFF button, you have to unplug the cord from the network. I cleaned the filter, no change.

    • Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

      We have the same problem with the deferral indicator and lock, do not want to wring out, what could it be?

  22. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Vertical. Electric pumps are working. When starting, it does not pick up water, all indicators light up.

  23. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    I replaced the capacitors, but the machine blinked and blinked.Tell me what to do?

  24. Gravatar Artem Artem:

    Hello, please tell me what is the reason ... Indesit machine. Turned on, all indicators lighted up, then went out. And no longer light up. The power button does not respond. He removed the board, cleaned the blackness on it, it did not help.

    • Gravatar Kostya Kostya:

      I have the same problem, if you solved yours - tell me how?

  25. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    Good day. Help is needed! You are welcome!
    Indesit Machine. Changed the bearing and oil seal. Included. In the mode - spin the car stops, buzzes, the entire panel blinks. Changed the heater. Idling is working fine. We loaded the laundry, again everything repeats.

  26. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    Good afternoon, Indesit machine. The entire panel flashes and immediately releases the water.

  27. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:


  28. Gravatar Valery Valery:

    Indesit Witl 86. All buttons blinked. Changed c16 (swelled, showed 460 Ohm ESR), replaced - it worked. THX!

  29. Gravatar Kostya Kostya:

    It does not turn on, the indicators do not light. Although when I stick the plug into the outlet, it is clear that there is resistance. That is, it sparkles slightly. Well, as it should be. But nothing works.

  30. Gravatar Alex Alex:

    Everything helped. Thanks for the advice.

  31. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    A month ago, all the lights blinked, after 20-30 seconds it turned on and worked fine. Yesterday they turned on, they constantly blink and do not go out.

  32. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Thanks for the advice, replaced all four capacitors, it worked, the issue price is 27 p. 50 kopecks

  33. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    Typewriter Indesit. All indicators flash. Dismantled capacitors are not swollen. He did not change. What else could be the reason? Thank you very much.

    • Gravatar Victor Victor:

      Is there a voltage of 5v and 12v? Non-inflated containers - does not mean workers. Solder and check. Maybe even shrunk 22mkf. 400v. The picture will be similar.

  34. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Typewriter Indesit witl106. Replaced the heater, but when you turn on the machine, almost all indicators light up, please tell me the reason. Thank.

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