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Marking LG washing machines with decryption

marking machines LGThe markings of specific models of LG washing machines, understandable to specialists, are stupid for many users. It is not surprising that some users roam the Internet on various sites in search of information on how the labeling of LG brand washing machines is decrypted. We decided to save people from the need to study instructions and study the pages of forums by collecting all the necessary information in one article. That's what came out of it.

Cars made in the post-Soviet space

In the CIS there are enterprises manufacturing LG washing machines. In particular, there is a very large plant in the suburbs. If you are interested in information about where are LG washing machines assembled, you can read about it in the article of the same name, we’ll talk about the features of marking equipment made in Russia and other countries.

washing machine information

The marking code and other information about the model of a specific LG washing machine can be found on its case.

The marking of the same model of the LG washing machine is not the same and depends on the country of production, although from a technical point of view the washing machines can be completely identical. It is the complete technical identity that does not allow you to immediately establish the country of origin of a particular washing machine, but you can do this by correctly decoding its marking code. This is what we will do. The picture below shows a schematic decoding of LG washing machines, or rather one of its advanced models.

marking Russian cars LG

This marking code belongs to a washing machine assembled in the CIS countries in 2015. According to the above scheme, it is already clear what this or that letter and number means, but nevertheless we allow ourselves to state a more or less detailed decoding.

  • The first two letters of the marking indicate us the brand of the washing machine. In principle, this could not be said. So it is clear that we are talking about a specific model of LG washer.
  • The next letter indicates the load type of the washing machine. In our example, this is the letter F - front loading, but there may be letters M or E.

Note! The most popular and popular washing machines in the world are front-loading, that is, the hatch is located on the front wall of the housing. Vertically loaded washing machines are a little less popular; their hatch is located on the top cover of the hull.

  • Next are two numbers that indicate the maximum possible speed of rotation of the drum during the spinning of things. In our case, this is 1200 rpm, but there are LG washing machines that can accelerate the drum to 1600 and even 1800 rpm. The higher the spin speed, the drier the laundry outlet, however, not all fabrics can be pressed at high speed.
  • After the numbers indicating the spin speed are 2 numbers that determine the design of the model. In our example, this is “96”, but there may be other numbers if the washer has a special front panel design, display, sunroof shape and more.
  • Next are 4 letters. The first letter determines how deep the body of a particular LG washing machine model is. In our case, this is a machine of standard depth (W), but there are models narrow (L) and super narrow (S).
  • The second letter in all modern models of LG cars is basically the same “D”, it means Direct Drive, which indicates that the direct drive technology is used in the washer.
  • The third and fourth letter of the marking indicates the special functions that are used in this model. In our example, this is S (steam) - the function of steaming and H - the drying function.

European-made cars

The principle of decoding the marking of LG washing machines from Europe is almost the same, but there are still some peculiarities. Let's identify these features and give a diagram in the corresponding figure.

washing machines from Europe

As you can see in the figure above, the markings of European LG washers differ from those produced in Russia, the difference in regulatory regulation affects. The beginning of the marking code for a washing machine from Europe is exactly the same:

  • the first two letters are the mark;
  • the third letter is the type of load;
  • the next two digits are the spin speed.

But with the sixth character, the features begin. The sixth letter and the seventh digit determine the control features of this washing machine. Two options are possible: a touch screen and buttons or a programmer, or even two options at once. The eighth, ninth and tenth characters define the functions that are available on the LG washing machine model. The last digit helps determine the color of the model.

In the marking code of LG washing machines manufactured in Russia there is no symbol for the color. In the opinion of experts, this omission would be nice to eliminate.

Made in the United States

Labeling features of LG washing machines manufactured for the domestic market of the United States of America are dictated by the specifics of the demand prevailing in this market.

Firstly, in the USA washing machines with a huge load are in demand, since most of the population live in private homes. Secondly, in the USA they are accustomed to vertical-loading washers, which means that the demand for them is greater than anywhere else. Thirdly, the purchasing power of the US population is on average higher than anywhere else, which means that the percentage of sales of high-tech and expensive models of washing machines that are not even produced in Western Europe and the CIS is also higher and this is also reflected in the labeling.

LG washing machines in the USA

In the above example, it can be seen that the LG washing machine code from the USA is significantly different from the same marking for washing machines manufactured in other countries. The first letter tells us that this is the marking of the washing machine, not a microwave or coffee maker. Apparently, the local legislator determined the obligation of the manufacturer to indicate this code symbol in the labeling of equipment, especially for a buyer with a low level of intelligence, because he, maybe, will not be able to distinguish one type of household appliances from another.

The second letter of the code identifies the type of washing machine. According to the American classification, three types of LG washers are distinguished:

  1. front-loading;
  2. with vertical (top) loading;
  3. designed to be embedded in a pedestal.

The latter type is a small washing machine, which is built into a special pedestal under the main washing machine. In the post-Soviet space, such machines have just appeared, but in the USA they managed to get used to them. Such a mini machine is needed to wash a small number of small things (underpants, socks, handkerchiefs). You can read more about mini cars under the pedestal in the article Washing machine for socks, in it you will find a lot of interesting information about unusual washing machines.

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth digit of the American marking determines the series of the washer and the type of its control. The seventh digit determines the presence of a special function - steam processing. The eighth digit indicates the color and appearance of the LG washer, including the presence of drawings on the front panel. And finally, the last 9 digit indicates that the model has a pedestal into which you can integrate a mini washing machine with a small drum.

In conclusion, we note that, knowing the features of decoding the marking codes of LG brand washing machines, you can easily find out about the origin of the washer even if you purchased a used model and are not its first owner. We hope this information will be useful to you, good luck!


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