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Explanation of the marking of Samsung washing machines

decoding markings SM SamsungYou decided to purchase a machine automatic. Most often, when choosing a difficulty, it causes a set of numbers and letters, indicating a kind of technique. In fact, the marking of Samsung washing machines is not so difficult to understand. In this publication, we will try to consider why these notations are necessary and how to read them.

How to recognize the marking?

A set of specific letters and numbers contains information about an automatic washing machine. Let's try to figure out the decryption based on sample WF602.

  1. In this marking, the English letter W denotes a variety of household appliances, namely, an automatic washing machine.
  2. F - in the code is prescribed to indicate the type of download. In this - front loading.
  3. The third position of the code is a figure indicating the maximum volume of the washing tank. In our version - 60. This corresponds to a load of 6 kg of linen. If at this point is 49, then we understand that we are talking about 4.9 kg. Thus, if it were 40, then 4 kg. But this way it only decrypts up to 9 kg, after 14 it will indicate the maximum weight of the loaded laundry is 14 kg.
  4. Last position is -2. Here, the manufacturer indicates the year when this model was released in production. Please note this is not the year of manufacture of one particular washing machine. We are talking about the series as a whole and the period of its appearance in the consumer market. So by the number 2, we understand that this model of SMA was first released in 2012. A certain washing machine could be made in 2016, and in any other, but not earlier specified in the code.

Now let's pay attention to sequential sets of letters and numbers and determine what they tell us about the technique. The figure is guided by the inscriptions "Letter 1", "Number 1", etc.

decryption samsung

When decoding the markings in paragraph "Letter 1", we see a set of W / B / U. What can be said about a particular device?

  • W - tells us that in this washing machine, a collector motor with a drive belt and an additional function to improve the quality of washing Eco Bubble. With this option, the formation of tiny bubbles occurs abundantly, due to which washing products more actively affect pollution.
  • The letter B designates machines with an inverter direct drive motor. That is, the belt attaching the motor to the drum is missing. This fact allows you to make the washing process virtually silent. And yet there is no additional bubble option.
  • U means that this technique combines the power and reliability of a direct-drive engine with the Eco Bubble function.

The next position can be indicated by the numbers 0 or 2. In this case, the first is assigned at 1000 rpm during the spin cycle, and 2 - 1200. Please note that if you see 7 in the marking, this will indicate a spin speed of 700 revolutions , but not about 7 thousand.

“Letter 3” indicates the type of panel on the typewriter. So, if you see C, then the equipment is equipped with a display and has 10 programs for choosing the washing mode. Option K means the presence of additional options and makes it possible to choose from 14 main programs. In additional functions, it is possible to program self-cleaning drum control through a mobile device.

The last paragraph indicates the appearance of the housing of the washing machine. For example, WA is white, and SD is gray. Moreover, in both versions, a chrome linen loading sunroof.

Sometimes there are models on which the marking differs from the standard.

In this case, you will have to read the labels located on the control panel. We will try to orient you, what information you can learn from this data.

SM panel Samsung

The photo shows the panel. In the lower right corner, the red line marks Eco Bubble. As you can guess, the device is equipped with an additional option to improve the quality of washing.And, based on the above data, we can determine that there is a collector motor with a drive belt.

panel SM Samsung2

In the second picture, the inscription “Digital Inverter Motor” is highlighted in red. In the marking, it corresponds to B. Therefore, the engine is with a drive belt, but there is no bubble function. As you can see, there is no inscription about it in the panel. The inscription “Diamond” in the lower left corner indicates the structural features of the drum. Its name appeared in connection with the shape of honeycombs, which contribute to gentle washing and preservation of the integrity of things.

panel SM Samsung3

From the third image, we can determine that the engine is driven by the machine and there is an additional option Eco Bubble. This is a combined type of SMA, which corresponds to the letter U in the marking. We have already described it above. Let us consider in more detail how that part of the panel where the programs are located looks like.

panel SM Samsung4

So, on the left you can see 10 main washing programs. Next is the led display. And buttons for adjusting the temperature regime, spin power and the use of additional options.

panel SM Samsung5

In the second panel, at a glance it is clear that the number of main programs is much larger. This is the K model, which is equipped with a graphic display. The list of additional options is wider and there is a memory function. It allows the washing machine to remember the settings for your favorite program. In addition to the considered marking designations, there are others. They can be seen on the sticker, which is usually located at the front or rear of the SMA housing. We will analyze these cases with a good example.

Give an example

In fact, to deal with the encoding on the technique is not so difficult. We will try to do this on a specific instance. For the sample, we offer an automatic washing machine "Samsung" WW80J5410GW / LP.

  1. The first two large letters of WW say that this is a washer, and not some other household appliances. It happens that the first letter W is added D. This is necessary to indicate an additional function - drying.
  2. The next item is the number 80. It gives us information about the maximum load. Specifically, in this embodiment, it is possible up to 8 kg. Accordingly, if it were written 60, then 6 kg and so on.
  3. The third position is the letter J. This is another designation of the marking of the year of development. At the same time, 2015 is designated J, the preceding - N.
  4. The number 5 encrypted information about the number of programs in the machine. It should be noted that the five indicate 7 basic washing programs, and the eight already indicate 15.
  5. The next number 4 indicates the power of the spin. In our case, this is 1400 rpm.
  6. A dozen designated the type of design of a particular washing machine.
  7. The color of the casing and the loading door was encoded with the letters GW.
  8. And the last position reveals the secret where this technique was produced. In our case, the letters LP indicate CIS. And when you meet the combination EU at the extreme, the manufacturer is located in Europe.

We examined the most common designations for marking the Samsung SMA, but it is most reliable to look at the equipment passport. Not always the seller in the store can give an exhaustive answer about the features of a particular device. With knowledge of how to read the encoding, you can accurately determine all the parameters and options of the purchased product.


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