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Brands of washing machinesIn modern times, with rare exceptions, you can find houses that do without washing machines. They are so firmly rooted in our frantic rhythm of life that the expression "I am without her, as without hands" is perceived in the literal sense of the word. In our market there is a huge selection of different brands of washing machines, so sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the one that would fulfill its “duties” in a high-quality manner.

Criteria for choosing washing machines

The first thing you should decide is what dimensions your unit should have. There is a large selection of both narrow washing machines and wide, standard ones (85x60x58; height, width, depth). In fact, the choice of narrow cars is not as diverse as their "wide" brothers.

Paying attention to the characteristics of any models of the washing machine, choose for yourself the best way to load laundry. For example, in small rooms, a machine with a vertical loading of linen will be convenient, since it does not take up much space. When choosing a machine with horizontal loading, the best option would be if the door opens 180 degrees.

One of the most important factors is the choice of material from which the drum and tank of the washing machine are made. It is better if they are made of stainless steel. A washing machine inside which the main parts are made of stainless steel is less susceptible to corrosion.

The number of revolutions performed. Experts advise choosing a washing machine, the number of revolutions of which is from 800 to 1200. At this speed, the laundry that is being dried will creep less, remaining slightly moist.

In the latest models of washing machines, there are various functions, one of them is drying clothes. The advantage of this function is that it helps to save the total time for washing, and from the machine you take out already dry linen, which should only be ironed. But, drying clothes, the machine does not care about delicacy. For this reason, do not be surprised that you will receive a “chewed” version of clothing.

The disadvantages include the option when the technical capabilities of the washing machine simply do not allow all the laundry to dry completely. For example, you washed five kilograms of laundry, and you can only dry two kilograms. You will have to alternately lay and dry the laundry.

Classifications of washing machines by technical characteristics

Washing machine classThe European Union has established standards for washing efficiency, from class A to class G. It is not difficult to guess that class A washing machines are more expensive in terms of cost.

Marking on machines with letters A and B means that this washing machine is very delicately and carefully washing your laundry. In addition, such a washing machine saves energy consumed during washing.

Classes C, D, E belong to the middle link, while the markings F and G are low. The same classes are divided, and the spin of the washing machine and, as previously mentioned, electricity consumption.

The technical characteristics include a control system. Any modern model is equipped with one or another system. Each of them performs its function:

  • water flow control;
  • control the uniform distribution of linen inside the drum;
  • foam control;
  • setting the required water temperature;
  • the system itself selects the desired washing mode for a specific fabric;
  • the system takes control of the required number of rinses, spins and so on.

The choice of the country - the manufacturer of the washing machine

Washing machine factoryAll these characteristics greatly affect the final cost of the product. But not only that. Brands of washing machines, of which there are a huge number on the Russian market, play a significant role in pricing.You should not immediately run after a recognizable label, as for the sake of economy, manufacturers often choose another country for the assembly of washing units.

When choosing any model of washing machines should pay attention to the country of origin. The shortest life of the washing machine is offered by Turkish manufacturers. A Turkish-made washing machine has a warranty period of no more than five years.

Asian and Italian manufacturers guarantee that their washing machine will serve you faithfully for eight years. But the German manufacturer gives a guarantee on its products from ten to twenty years. The exception was one brand of washing machines, but more on that later. The maximum service life is provided by Swedish and Austrian manufacturers, whose washing machines can last you more than twenty years.

Brands and brands of washing machines

  1. The first place in the quality of its products is occupied by the German brand Miele. The manufacturer uses only quality parts. The assembly of the washing machine itself is done manually and only in Germany. The washing machines of the presented brand have the longest operational life (about 30 years). This washing machine has one drawback, the price. It is very expensive, even for people whose income level is above average.
  2. The second place is occupied by several brands of washing machines and, again, German, Swedish and Austrian production. These are Bosch, Hansa, Kaiser, Siemens and Age (Germany). Evronova, Euroshob, Singdenova (Austria). In Austrian models, the components of the unit are delivered from Germany and Italy, but they are distinguished by excellent quality. But the presented "Bosch" and "Siemens" are assembled in Spain, however, according to German technology. If you want to purchase, for example, a high-quality Bosch, then look german assembly. In the Russian market there are no narrow Siemens machines (German assembly). Want quality products, make an order.
  3. "Ariston", "Zanussi", "Indesit", "Ardo", "Candy" country - the manufacturer of all these brands is Italy. This product serves as an example, value for money. Thanks to the angle of the drum, washing is much more efficient. But here, too, there is one caveat. Judging by the reviews about these brands, choose only the native assembly, that is, the Italian one, since the other assembly is notable for its quality and for the better.
  4. Siltal from an Italian manufacturer is considered almost one of the best among Italian products. Reference: well-known manufacturers order spare parts for their products from this particular concern. It differs in quality and reliability, and most importantly at an affordable price. Warranty period is about 9 years.
  5. "Vestel" and "Veko" from a Turkish manufacturer. Reasonable price and full return on work during the entire operational period make these brands so desirable for many buyers.
  6. “Maydag”, “Whirlpool”, “Frigidaire” of American production have been pleasing consumers for almost a hundred years with their low price and corresponding product quality.
  7. 7. The Japanese manufacturer of the Panasonic washing machine has glorified its name by the fact that the machine really works silently, as was announced.
  8. The next item is Korean manufacturers, who, after all the rest, occupy one of the firm positions among high-quality and reliable products. This is LG, Samsung, Daewoo Electronics. Their products are distinguished by quality. And again, if the product was assembled directly in the country of origin.
  9. Among these positions, one can place other more or less well-known brands of washing machines that meet the rule that the price must necessarily correspond to the quality. These are French, English and Slavic brands: Made, Brendt, Gorenje, Hoover, Reeson.

Recommendations for choosing washing machines

As an epilogue to this article, we will consider some tips and recommendations of people who have encountered the products presented above.

  • When buying a car, try to purchase goods only of that assembly, the country of which was indicated as the manufacturer.
  • if the means allow, then when choosing a technique, stay better on German products. After all, the Germans are famous for their pedantry and scrupulousness to many things. Indeed, the technique they have done is entirely in good faith.
  • Remember that the washing quality does not depend on where the washing machine was assembled. The service life and quality of the product itself depends on it, but not the functions that it performs.
  • The indicated number of kilograms on the washing machine should be calculated on the basis of wet linen, and not on dry weight.
  • Do not overload the washing machine more than the prescribed weight. Otherwise, even the most expensive and high-quality washing machine will not last you more than two years.

Before buying a washing machine, you should clarify whether there are services in your city to repair this brand of washing machine.


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  1. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    An interesting and informative article, from which you can learn a lot. But here I only can not agree with the list of recommended washing machines. Because I have a different opinion. For example, I appreciated how high quality and reliable the Atlant machine is. I bought an Atlant SMA 50U102-010 washing machine at a very low price and have been using it for over a year now. And I can’t get enough of my purchase, because the machine erases very well and efficiently. Can hold up to 5 kg at a time. Plus, she turned it on and forgot, because she does not create sounds at all. And while consuming a minimum of electricity.

  2. Gravatar Vlad Vlada:

    A really good brand is Atlant. There really everything is done in good faith! My sixteenth-year machine is already in its second year. And at least henna to her, I recommend Atlant!

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