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Small washing machines - overview

Mini washing machineSmall washing machines have become very relevant in recent years. This is not surprising, because not every apartment has a place for standard dimensions, and this item is simply irreplaceable in any house.

Consider the Renova model WS - 15 T. She copes with 1.5 kg of laundry in one wash, and her weight is only 5 kg. Manufacturers have clearly designed a record model in the ratio of the mass of linen and the apparatus itself. Semi-automatic mini-spinning washing machines will never be able to please as much as automatic machines do. Let's try to deal with products such as mini washing machines.


In 2013, Changhi Khan created a product that can rightly be called a record! The smallest automatic washing machine, which is able to perform the function of ironing with steam. She was called Solo due to the fact that she can only accommodate one thing.

Such a machine can easily be hung on the wall and in appearance it is completely unlike a regular washing machine. Its size is about 40 cm in length and 13 cm in height, there is no need for water inlet. A washing machine with such a small size definitely impressed the entire population of the country.

“Under the sink” washing machines

Small washing machine

Compact front-loading washing machines are very convenient to insert under the sink or in cabinets in the kitchen. Thus, we get a saved place in the interior of the kitchen and a "workhorse", which will faithfully serve for many years. As for the sizes, on sale you can find models starting from 67 cm.

It is probably wise to say that Europe and America are famous for their functionality of technology. Therefore, it is most likely that there a mini washing machine is installed not under the sink, but behind a stylish cabinet door. This can be confirmed by the presence of countertops with a sink under the washing machine.

As a result, mini automatic washing machines are perfectly located in sections of cabinets under the sinks. If we talk about domestic manufacturers, a water lily sink will be a good option, for these models the drain is located in the far corner. And this perfectly solves all communications issues for a small washing machine under the handwash.
There are other sink options that are great for washing machines.

When installing, it is worth considering one important detail:

The corrugated hose should not be bent at an acute angle, this can lead to some unpleasant consequences.

Conventional and recessed

Small built-in washing machineBuilt-in appliances must be designed so that it is beautiful, fits the style of the room or hides behind a cabinet door. The product should also have easy access.

What household appliances of this type are in stores:

  • in stores, you may come across a mini washing machine measuring 67 - 70 cm (option “for washing”);
  • and a 82 cm compact washing machine, which is easily mounted in furniture and repeats its contours.

The latter model is often carried out already with a door that hides the drum from view. With such a door, the machine is built into the furniture set and becomes a harmonious piece of furniture. There is still an option when the front panel is part of the cabinet surface - it can be seen, but it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

It is worth noting that sometimes you can find a machine with a depth of only 55 cm, they are also called a narrow model. Similar products are also in demand in the modern world.

Small washing machines save space in the apartment

It is not necessary to purchase models of automatic machines of small sizes in order to integrate it into furniture. In small apartments, in small houses, when there is a small bathroom, people prefer to use ordinary non-built-in appliances.Despite the fact that if the family is not large, then often there is simply no need for large-sized devices.

Often people buy compact top-loading washing machines, because in many ways this unit is more convenient. In families where there are small children, it is especially recommended to consider the option with vertical loading. Children do not get there and such troubles are always less.

To summarize

The washing machine is a great helper in the house and takes up little space. It can be mounted in furniture or installed under the sink for hands. It all depends on the ability to connect all the necessary communications in this place.

It also has a disadvantage, which is an expensive price. Mounting of such models takes place in a limited space and therefore is sometimes difficult. The fact is that such built-in appliances cannot be pushed on casters, as for example, with dishwashers. This is logical, because during spinning the device operates at high speeds and there is vibration.

The built-in washing machine has several advantages:

  • she does not callus eyes. It is completely invisible to guests and household;
  • children do not disturb the machine during washing;
  • animals do not bite the hoses;
  • The main advantage is aesthetics and maintaining comfort in the apartment.

Automatic machine - this is simply an indispensable assistant in every family. Of course, a person chooses which option is right for his home environment.


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