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Magnetic ball for a washing machine

magnetic balls for washingThere are a lot of accessories for the washing machine, and all of them, according to the advertisement, improve washing, make it efficient and economical. What housewives just do not buy in order to facilitate the washing process. Take, for example, a magnetic ball designed to get rid of scale. But is he really that good, let's find out.

Advantages and disadvantages

A magnetic ball is a plastic or rubber ball with magnets inside. These magnets are necessary to soften water due to the fact that insoluble salt molecules begin to move randomly, changing shape. That is why magnetic balls have a number of advantages, which we will list:

  • water penetrates the tissue fibers more easily, which helps to wash things;
  • balls have a long service life of at least 10 years, nothing happens to them even after 20 years;
  • the ball with the magnet is quite heavy, and therefore, rotating in the drum, it knocks dirt out of the laundry;
  • magnetic balls can save on washing powder and conditioners;
  • balls do not affect human health.

The advantages of such an accessory are impressive, but is it really so, we still have to find out. But the main drawback that a magnetic ball has is the noise that appears during the washing process as a result of its beating on the washing drum. If you put not one ball, but several, then the knock will be impressive.

The second disadvantage is that magnetic balls are not suitable for washing down jackets and bulky jackets. Wash, of course, is possible, but the effect is minimal.

Instructions for use

Since the balls do not harm the drum of the washing machine, they can be safely used for automatic washing. But there are some nuances associated with the characteristics of the tissues. The amount of such balls put into the drum will depend on what you are going to wash. But everything will depend on the size of the balls themselves, and they can be different.

  • When washing cotton items, you can put 12 balls from the package. Provided that they are small in size.
  • When washing delicate fabrics such as velor, 6 balls will suffice.
  • For washing wool products, 4 balls are enough.

Important! When washing using balls for the washing machine, it is enough to pour half of the indicated powder norm.

Washing with balls can be done in almost any mode. They can be used when washing in cold water, but for the "Boiling" mode or when heating water to 80 degrees and above they should not be put in the drum of the machine.

Review of magnetic balls

Who makes such balls, and where you can buy them, we will consider in the framework of this paragraph. Here are the popular magnetic balls:

The Aquamag ball is a Chinese-made ball designed to combat the formation of scale during washing, as well as to soften water. This ball weighs about 900 grams, so it is enough to have one such ball. The body of the ball is made of plastic. In addition to its basic properties, it is hypoallergenic, suitable for washing children's clothes, disinfecting clothes and eliminating unpleasant odors. To enhance the washing effect, you can first soak clothes in water with a small amount of powder and a ball for half an hour, and then put in the drum of the washing machine.

Balls "White Cat" from the company "TECHNOTRADE" - balls made in Germany are sold in packs of 12 pieces. Each ball has a rubber shell, inside of which is a magnet. The service life of these balls is unlimited. They not only contribute to the removal of scale from the machine, but also mechanically knock the dirt out of clothing. Using even one such ball, you can not sprinkle water softening agents. As you can see, the manufacturer claims a lot, but it is not known whether these balls justify themselves, but they cost about 4,600 rubles.

magnetic balls

Note! You can buy a magnetic ball in a large store of household chemicals or order on the Internet.

Ball "Eco Life" - a ball designed for the washing machine and its protection from scale. It is made in Austria. The manufacturer of this ball gives a guarantee of only 5 years, although it can be used much longer. The ball not only cleans the machine of scale, but also saves up to 30% of powder and 20% of electricity. Its price is about 400 rubles.

Ball-conditioner - a magnetic ball with a plastic case, made in three colors. It can be used not only for washing clothes in the machine, but also for washing dishes in the dishwasher. The ball is environmentally friendly, softens water. Its size in diameter is 6 cm, you can put in water no hotter than 60 degrees. The cost is about 150 rubles.

magnetic balls

As Seen on TV balls are two magnetic balls from the formation of scale in a washing machine. The cost is about 1000 rubles.


The boom of magnetic balls was back in the 90s, today it is extremely rare to buy such an accessory in a washing machine. Firstly, it is more difficult to deceive a modern consumer, and secondly, a lot of reviews about such balls and balls appeared on the Internet. Here are some of the ones we found.

amerikanka, Kherson

For the past three years I have been using White Cat balls and haven’t found any advantages. Balloons magnetic ballsmall in size, about 4 cm in diameter and weighing 35 grams. A long time of use showed that the money wasted, and rather big. In addition, the declared disposal of scale, this is complete nonsense. Confirmation of this was the blown ten. I also did not notice the effect of the washing. In general, if you really want to get rid of the scum, then use citric acid, and to better rinse the laundry, do not forget about the additional rinse function.

ZhulikYS, Lipetsk

I bought a white cat, a novelty in the world of household chemicals, magnetic balls, their seller very beautifully praised them. According to the results of long-term use, I noticed only a negligible effect in the quality of washing, complex pollution still remains. With balls, the fabric softener began to pour a little less, while things are soft and pleasant to the touch. I can not say anything about descaling, but I checked their effect on plaque in the toilet. After a week of stay, nothing has changed, the raid as it was and remained. Minus balls in their knock on the drum, although this does not harm the car, because they are rubber. In addition, they are constantly stuck in a duvet cover. Conclusion: it is better to buy ordinary cheap balls for washing, the effect will be the same.

shenia, Minsk

When I saw the ad, I bought a miracle gadget - a green Eco Life magnetic ball, but I didn’t see a miracle. When washing, as the manufacturer advises in the instructions, I stopped pouring a softener for water, reduced the amount of powder, and did not add conditioner. The laundry at the exit is really well washed, soft. But even without a ball, it is absolutely the same, the experiment was carried out repeatedly. However, I still put the ball in the car, because the money spent. But he is not worth the money.

greenline, Ufa

Through joint purchases I acquired the Eco Life magnetic ball for 380 rubles, which I called the “miracle ball”. All because the manufacturer claims a lot of advantages. This is getting rid of scale, saving powder, refusing rinse aid, and using it in a washing machine and dishwasher. I still can’t say how well the ball works, I didn’t check in my washer because it had broken, but my girlfriend’s white-gray pebbles began to come out of the car after washing. Apparently this is the result of the ball. I think there is an effect, and is inexpensive.

As you can see, magnetic balls are different in size. Most users note that such an accessory is an extra and without an effective waste of money. Someone really liked this ball. We don’t discourage you from buying, if you want to try it, try it, a successful wash!


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