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The best narrow front-loading washing machine

best narrow washing machineMany modern users, when changing washing machines or buying a front-loading automatic washing machine for the first time, prefer narrow models. There are two main reasons: firstly, for the most part, cars are built into furniture, and narrow models are better suited for installation, and secondly, the narrow model will save a little usable space, which is important for our small apartments.

As soon as the question of buying a narrow car rises, the notorious problem of choice arises. Indeed, how to choose the best narrow washing machine so that it works for many years and does not cause us problems? Agree, the question is complex, but we will try to answer it as part of this publication.

What should be a washer?

In the modern sense, a narrow washing machine is an apparatus whose body has a depth of 36-40 cm. There is still heavy duty washing machines, but they have an even more modest depth (33-35 cm), given that the width and height of the case are close to standard. Here you have the first mandatory requirement for the chosen washing machine, namely a narrow washing machine should have a depth of 36 to 40 cm and no more.

It is clear that depth is not everything. Any online store will immediately offer a couple of dozens of models of front-loading automatic washing machines that will meet the specified parameters. Just ask a query in a search engine, and you will immediately get a result that will mislead even more. What else to look for except width, depth and height? The following characteristics immediately come to mind:

  • drum capacity;
  • maximum spin speed;
  • appearance and display;
  • composition and number of programs;
  • security model.

narrow machine loadingNarrow models of washing machines usually do not differ in high load, but if you have a family of 3-4 people, then you have to start washing every few days, and once a week a large wash: bedding, pillows, outerwear. In this case, you need a drum with a capacity of at least 5-6 kg.

Also, washing a large amount of linen, you will be interested in having it squeezed out qualitatively, and high-quality spinning is possible only at a speed of 1000 rpm. Hence the following requirement: a front-loading washing machine must wring out laundry at a speed of at least 1000 rpm, preferably 1200.

I also want the front-loading washing machine with a shallow depth to look stylish and modern, to have a display, a backlit panel and other bells and whistles. Otherwise, the facade of the washing machine will have to be hidden from prying eyes, and this is unnecessary problems.

If you initially want to build in a washing machine and you already have furniture ready for this, then it is not necessary to take care of the beauty of its facade.

Machine wash programs should also be functional and varied. Here, the number of washing modes does not even matter, but their quality, in other words, each program should always be in demand by the user. If there are any additional useful functions in the arsenal of the washing machine, this is also welcome.

Any modern washing machine with vertical and front-loading, at least narrow, at least standard, should be well protected. Preferably, there is complete protection against leaks and foaming, a mandatory requirement is partial protection against leaks.

We take into account the little things

In addition to the main characteristics, it is necessary to take into account various technical subtleties that will make the installation and operation of a narrow washing machine easier. Let's list these subtleties, and you, in turn, reading the article, think what else could be taken into account when choosing a narrow model of the washer.

  1. The best washing machine with a shallow depth of housing should have a removable cover. it removable coverdefinitely facilitate its integration.
  2. If your family has small children, then there should be a protection of the control panel from children.
  3. A narrow washing machine should have a larger hatch diameter to facilitate loading of large and bulky items.
  4. A narrow washing machine should be heavy and have a sufficient number of balances that will make the "home assistant" more stable.
  5. The best washing machine must have a direct drive engine, because such engines last much longer.

For direct-drive washing machines, inverter motors are not installed, but inverter motors and there are no drive belts.

Value for money

Well, we have determined an approximate list of qualities that the best narrow washer should have. Now we need to consider a number of models and determine which washing machine with a small depth will be better than the others. And at the same time let's see which manufacturers produce the best equipment at the present time. Our experts, having examined many models of narrow washing machines, chose the best and compiled a kind of rating, with which we will introduce you now.

  • LG F-80B9LD. This narrow washing machine, which was created by Korean manufacturers, is considered, according to our masters, the best according to the main selection criteria: quality, reliability, price and maintainability. The "not killed" inverter motor, good parts and easy, inexpensive repair - all this characterizes this model. A drum with a load of 5 kg, an extraction of 1000 revolutions, a stable and heavy case with dimensions W x D x H - 60x40x85 cm. Energy-efficient, there is protection from children, a bunch of useful washing programs and a removable top cover. Price: 300 dollars.
  • Bosch WGL In the back of the head our leader breathes the brainchild of a famous German company. This washing machine has dimensions W x D x H - 60x40x85 cm. The drum holds 5 kg of laundry at a maximum rotation speed of 1000 revolutions. Bosch WGL20261 is more economical than the leader, in particular it consumes 9 liters less water and consumes slightly less electricity. However, we cannot put this model in the first place, due to the high cost of some parts and the difficulty of repairing individual components. The cost of the model is also less attractive - $ 370.
  • Electrolux EWS1054SDU. In third place was the excellent narrow washing machine from Electrolux. Great design, spacious 5 kg drum, 1000 spin speed and 38 cm depth make the model worthy of the first place. And if you add here protection from children, unbalance control and many more useful lotions, then you can safely give first place to this machine. The same notorious maintainability interferes, because according to this indicator Electrolux loses to LG and Bosch. Average price: $ 320.

The Electrolux EWS1054SDU lacks direct drive, which is not very good, especially when you consider the fairly common problems with drive belts.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston VMSF 6013B. Superb narrow washing machine. If experts compiled a rating based only on technical specifications, then it would be possible to put this washing machine in 1st place. After all, just think: dimensions W x D x H - 60x40x85 cm, load 6 kg, 1000 rpm spin, wide and comfortable sunroof, economical, has standard protection and a good set of programs. There is only one problem - repair. Spare parts are expensive, and some components are not repairable. The rest of the washing machine is chic, especially the price is $ 230.
  • Candy GC41072D. Closes our rating amazing narrow washing machine brand Kandy with a phenomenal loading drum 7 kg. It is hard to believe that a washing machine with a dimensions of W x D x H - 60x40x85 cm can have such a large load, but the fact remains. Her virtues do not end there. There are 16 washing programs, a display, housing protection, in addition, the machine is perfectly balanced, so that when spinning at 1000 rpm, it stands rooted to the spot.There are problems with reliability and maintainability, but the price is only $ 261.

In conclusion, we note that our experts tried to answer the question: what narrow washer is the best today? So far, the rating has been headed by the “home assistant” released under the LG brand name, but naturally, things can change soon. We hope you find this information useful!


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    440 depth

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    For me, the best narrow machine is Indesit. Nice price and high quality 🙂

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