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The best automatic washing machine - what is it?

Best washing machineHave you decided to buy a washing machine? And of course, you do not want to spend your money on incomprehensible trash! Do you want to buy the best machine? But how to choose her? Let's take it in order.

Modern cars differ in the mass of various parameters and functions. They can also have a diverse design. They happen with vertical and front-loading. There is a functional that facilitates the solution of various tasks.

Also, the best car should be searched for by other criteria. Namely, according to the needs that people want to satisfy with the purchase of household appliances of this kind. For example, in a number of reviews posted on our website, you can find out that:

  • For someone, it is important that the car runs for a long time and does not break.
  • Others may be pleased with saving electricity and water.
  • Still others prefer to have a roomy drum that easily erases all the necessary laundry at a time.
  • For some people, it is imperative that the washing machine is not expensive enough.
  • Some readers will want to have a machine with a dryer or a very strong spin, so that things after washing are dry or almost dry.
  • Others do not like to iron and the “easy ironing” function can make it easier, and in some cases even completely, to remove the need for additional processing of clothes and linen with an iron.
  • For some visitors to our site, the design of the machine plays an important role. Or its combination with the interior of the room in which it will be located.

As you know, people can have a lot of needs. Therefore, in order to find the washing machine that will be the best for you, we recommend deciding what you personally think is most important in your future "assistant". If there are many criteria for choosing the optimal machine, you can write them down.

Front loading

Front-loading washing machinesLet's start the description of the types of cars from the front-end. Quite often, such machines take up a little more space than vertical ones. However, it should be noted that this kind of machine has a much more diverse lineup. And if the "vertical lines" usually have only a few common options, then their frontal "brothers" can be narrow and superscale and various small and large sizes. Let's talk about standard ones for now.

The most common size of such washing machines: width - 0.6 meters, depth about 0.3 meters and height about 0.8 meters. The amount of laundry to be washed may vary. Again, this depends on the specific model. Usually from 3500gr to 8000gr.

The most remarkable detail of this type of household appliance is the hatch with a transparent glass wall. Such a detail makes it possible to monitor all processes occurring inside the drum.

If you purchased a machine that doesn’t vibrate very much during the spin cycle, or doesn’t vibrate at all, you can safely put any objects on it. That is, use the machine as an additional table for various little things.

Vertical loading

Vertical loading of washing machinesAnd we will continue our search for the perfect washing machine with a review of the top-loading machine. Such a model will help in some special cases to save some space. Since the "frontalok" hatch opens forward. And this means that it is necessary that they have some free space on the front side. In addition, the hatch may interfere if left open in a narrow room.

With a vertical machine, you are deprived of these inconveniences. Since the role of the loading hatch is played by a hinged lid. It opens up, so there is no need to leave free space in front of the front of the case. Also, a number of “vertical bars” have a smaller size than front-loading devices. And at the same time, the same drum capacity and the same weight limit of the laundry being washed are maintained.

It is also worth noting that these machines must have some margin of free space on top. Since, we recall that loading occurs through the top cover. And this cover should open freely. For these reasons, a washing machine such as a shelf or worktop should not be used.

Also, rumors were circulated earlier that such cars are more reliable. But as it turned out, they break with about the same regularity as the front ones.

Compact washing machines

Such cars are also called narrow. And their main advantage is the small size. Most often they are purchased for small apartments. And it should be noted that if a lot of people live in your living space, then with such a machine you will not be easy. After all, together with a reduced size, you get a smaller amount of laundry that you can wash at a time. Such devices can be washed from 3500gr to 6000gr. depending on which model. If few people live with you, then such a washing machine may be the best choice.

Vertical machine Front car
Plain Compact
Standard Height about 80cm Height is a little over 80cm Height is a little over 80cm
Width about 40cm 60cm wide 60cm wide
Depth about 60cm Depth 55 + -10cm Depth 33-44cm
The amount of dry laundry that can be washed at a time 4500-6000gr 5000-8000gr 3500-6000gr
Strengths of this machine It is quite roomy and, as a rule, has a smaller size than a standard front-loading washing machine. There is no need to leave free space in front of the front part, since loading occurs through the top. There are both full-size and narrow or small models. You can choose the specific one for your needs. A transparent hatch allows you to monitor the progress of the programs. If your chosen machine does not vibrate very much during the spin cycle, you can use the upper part of the body as a table top.
Location It is necessary that there is enough free space on top so that you can freely open and close the lid. The hatch opens from the front. Therefore, it is necessary that there is free space to lay or remove linen.
Colors The most common is white. Black, blue, silver and other options are also found. The most common color is also white. Other colors are also available. For example: black, blue, silver, etc. Perhaps the front cars have a little more variety in color. Since there are more models.
How much are? Typically, such cars cost slightly more than their front-end counterparts. But it is worth considering that here and there there are both budget models and a premium segment. Typically, narrow cars are a bit more expensive than regular cars or non-standard large sizes. Small cars are often a little cheaper.

How much electricity does the washing machine consume?

Electricity consumptionFor a long time there is a European classification, which addresses issues related to energy consumption. And according to this classification, all the cars are divided into classes marked with Latin letters.

At the moment, those representatives of household appliances that are super-economical have a designation from the letter “A” and two signs “+”. That is - "A ++". Behind them will be “A +”, then “A”, followed by “B”, “C”. And so on until the letter "G". It is considered the most wasteful in terms of energy consumption. True, we personally have never met the designation “G”. It is possible that such inefficient machines in terms of efficiency have not been produced for a long time.


For some of our readers, it will be interesting that the quality of the spin often depends on the number of revolutions that the washing machine supports. The logic is simple - the more revolutions set during the spin cycle, the less moisture will remain in washed items. The average speed of a modern machine when wringing linen from 800 to 1000 revolutions per minute.There are those that can do 1600ob.

Before writing this article, we carefully studied the reviews, both on our and other sites. And we want to separately mention that, although rare, there have been cases when, at speeds above 1000 rpm. deteriorated some items of clothing. In other cases, users on the contrary recommended a speed of 1200 rpm, explaining this by the fact that after such a spin, things are almost completely dry.

Management, programs and functions

Washing machine programsWe do not know whether it is worth mentioning that most users prefer cars that have a display. I think you yourself guess that to know the exact time of the end of the wash, which is usually displayed there, to see error codes, if God forbid, they will be, and to receive other information on the electronic display is convenient. There are fewer and fewer modern models that are not equipped with a display. And perhaps, within a couple of years, all household appliances of this type will have a similar device.

As far as functions are concerned, those that promise improvement in the quality of washing or any convenience are most often in demand. You won’t surprise anyone with a set of standard programs. However, there are people who prefer to be able to control every aspect of the wash. Such models are suitable in which it is fashionable to manually set the temperature, the duration of the wash, the number of revolutions during the spin cycle. Those who trust the given programs should do without unnecessary variations and buy a machine with a minimum set of different options.

Also, a lot of users praise machines that have ultra-fast modes for 15 minutes per wash. These perfectly refresh linens and quite normally remove small impurities. Again, those who do not like to iron can look for special options that facilitate or even exclude this process. For example, "easy ironing." Drying machines are useful for those who want to get dry laundry as quickly as possible.


It is also necessary to discuss security issues separately. Fixing the hatch until the end of washing will not surprise anyone. Probably all modern automatic machines are equipped with this option. But far from everyone has protection against leaks. And by the way, a very good feature. It will not allow the machine to leak if the inlet hose or pipe breaks.

Also, many young parents may be interested in child protection. This option works as a lock against accidental clicks on a mobile phone. And if your child clicks on the buttons, then the program will not fail.

That's probably all we wanted to tell you today. We understand that the topic is very large and it is practically impossible to reveal it in one article. Therefore, in order to facilitate your choice of a good washing machine, we recommend that you study the reviews about different types of washing machines, both on our website and on other sites.

Do not be lazy, spend an hour or so of your time reading about what users themselves think about different types of cars. This will help you save your nerves and money when buying and using your future assistant! Have a good day!


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