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Indicator beam on the floor in the dishwasher

beam indicator on the floorEvery year, dishwashers are becoming more convenient, functional and reliable. The manufacturer tirelessly invents and implements an ever new variety of functions. Some functions are purely an advertising move, there is no benefit from them, while some really improve the quality of washing dishes and make manipulating the dishwasher more convenient. One such useful feature is the "beam on the floor." What is it and how it works, let's understand.

How does this indicator work?

The light or laser indicator "beam on the floor" is a light point, usually red, which is located directly in front of the door of the dishwasher. Install such an indicator on fully built-in dishwashers in order to make managing them more convenient. The main task of the indicator light is to indicate the end of the washing and drying process in the dishwasher. How he does it? There are several ways:

  • the beam appears on the floor after the end of the washing and drying program;beam indicator on the floor
  • the beam disappears after the end of the washing and drying program;
  • the beam changes color, for example, from red to green, which means that the program has completed completely.

Some manufacturers have begun to develop beam-on-floor technology, turning the standard light indicator into a real projected display. In particular, some built-in dishwashers Siemens brands are capable of projecting a display on the floor, which clearly displays the time until the end of the washing program. We think that soon many manufacturers will go this way, because it is so convenient for the user.

Note! Some Siemens models even allow you to adjust the size of the projected screen to make it even more convenient for the user.

What is the use of a laser indicator?

It’s difficult to surprise a modern spoiled consumer with different technical “tricks”, in particular, some kind of “beam on the floor” doesn’t hit anyone, moreover, many don’t understand why it is needed at all, and what benefits it can bring. Let's list the main advantages that the “beam on the floor” indicator provides to the user of the dishwasher.

  1. In a conventional dishwasher, the control panel is hidden behind the facade, so it is not visible whether the machine has finished caring for the dishes or not. The indicator allows you to see that the machine has completed the program.
  2. Most modern cars have a soundtrack for washing, and "Beam on the floor" will be convenient for users with a hearing impairment.
  3. A “beam on the floor” sometimes shows the time remaining until the end of the wash.

Important! The “beam on the floor" technology can be found not only in fully built-in dishwashers, but also in partially built-in ones.

In what models of dishwashers is it found?

Let's now figure out in which models of dishwashers you can find such an indicator? We will make a small review and in its framework we will determine the best models.

  • Korting KDI A fully integrated machine model that can easily be placed in 10 beam indicator on the floorstandard sets of dishes. In addition to the "beam on the floor" technology, it has an indicator of salt and rinse aid, in addition, it is completely protected from leaks.
  • Whirlpool ADG A narrow dishwasher from a well-known manufacturer. The machine is built in, it has a full beam-on-floor indicator, a display and leakage protection. It can wash up to 10 standard sets of dishes at a time, supports the “half load” function.
  • De Dietrich DVH1120J. Full-size model with beam-on-floor technology. This dishwasher is a premium technology. It is made of quality materials and supports most modern technical solutions related to dishwashers.
  • Kuppersbusch IGVE Another premium full-sized dishwasher that can fill any high-tech kitchen with meaning.Its capacity is 13 sets, and the efficiency is amazing, because the dishwasher consumes only 6 liters of water for one washing cycle. As additional features, the dishwasher has a beam on the floor indicator.

In conclusion, we note advanced technologies, one way or another, affect all areas of our lives, they did not bypass dishwashers. The most modern dishwashers have in their arsenal a very useful function called the “beam on the floor”. Thanks to this function, the user, without looking into the car, can find out whether she has finished her work or not and no sound signals are needed.


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