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LG Washer - IE Error

IE error in LGLiving in a modern house is impossible to do without an automatic washing machine LG. You begin to realize this very sharply when your favorite "iron assistant" suddenly stops washing, freezes, and an IE error pops up on the screen. Moreover, this error will be repeated from time to time after each restart of the machine and it is completely unclear what should be done to restore the operability of the washer. Let's discuss what causes the IE bug in LG wipers, as well as how these reasons are best addressed.

Why does this code pop up?

If the LG washing machine suddenly freezes up, stops working, starts to give an alarming sound signal, and an error with the IE code appears on the display, there is no need to rush to panic. To get started, try to calm down and figure out the decryption of this error code. Experts note that in the instructions for the washing machine, this error, like many others, is decrypted very dryly, not clearly for the average user. Here is the decryption of the IE error code proposed by the manufacturer.

  • no water supply;
  • the pressure is extremely low, almost no water flows;
  • the filling valve is not functioning;
  • The sensor determining the amount of water in the tank is out of order.

We will analyze these factory transcripts in more detail and start with the case when there is no water. We will not consider a trivial reason, such as when tap water is turned off, in which case you will soon guess yourself why the machine refuses to wash. We’ll better consider the situation when there seems to be water in the water supply system and in the inlet hose, but for some reason it does not enter the machine. In this case, the matter is a flow filter.

It's no secret that tap water has a lot of impurities, or even just large debris. Over time, this garbage clogs the filter screen, which stands in front of the filling valve and water cannot get into the car LG, which leads to the fact that an error pops up IE A partially clogged filter also generates an IE error because water cannot be poured into the machine at the right speed.

Note! Much more impurities appear in tap water in the summer, when the planned replacement of pipes in urban and rural water pipelines is carried out.

water filterThe problem can take on a completely different character if the filter is clean, but still no water enters the machine. In this case, 99% of the problem is in the filling valve. The filling valve is the main barrier between the plumbing and the washing machine. When water needs to be poured, the control module gives a command to the valve, it opens and water rushes into the machine. When there is enough water, the valve is again given command and it closes.

If there is a problem with the electrics or the valve mechanism, it remains in the closed position, despite the commands of the control module, the LG washing machine stops and an IE error appears on the display. The above errors can be recognized, as they say, by ear. If you don’t hear the sound of water collecting in the car, and then a characteristic error flies out, then there is a problem with the valve or filter.

If there is a murmur of water, but IE error still crashes, then there are problems with the water level sensor.

How to fix a breakdown?

What to do if one of the failures causing an IE error occurs? At a minimum, you need to use the above advice and listen to how the LG washing machine works. If there is a sound of water when an IE pop-up error occurs, then you need to immediately start checking and replacement of the pressostat for the washing machine. If the sound of pouring water is not heard, then we will perform the following set of actions.

  1. We find on the tee tap, which is screwed to the inlet hose of the washing machine, a shut-off valve and turn it to the closing side.
  2. We unscrew the inlet hose from the tee tap and from the machine, clean and flush it.
  3. In the place of the “docking” of the inlet hose and the washing machine, we find the flow filter, pull it out and clean it.
  4. We remove the top cover of the washing machine, approximately at the place of the “docking” of the inlet hose with the washing machine body, we find the inlet valve.
  5. We take a multimeter, put it into ohmmeter mode, set the probes to the valve contacts and measure the resistance. If the resistance ranges from 2 to 4 kΩ, then everything is fine, the valve electrics are fine, if the resistance value is much less, then you need to change the valve or separately the coil, if possible.

Important! The valve electrics may be in order, but the unit will still not function normally if it breaks down the mechanism, in which case the valve must be unambiguously changed.

After performing the above steps, in the vast majority of cases, the problem can be fixed and the IE error disappears. But sometimes the IE error still remains, in this case, most likely, there was a problem with the electronics - the control module triac is faulty, which is responsible for the inlet valve or pressure switch. In such a situation, it is better not to fix this damage yourself, you can aggravate the problem, consult a specialist.

Prevention of such breakdowns

washing machine lgAnd the last question remains to be discussed in the framework of this article: how to continue to prevent breakdowns that cause IE error? There are several such measures, and they are diverse. To prevent clogging of the flow filter and hose, they must be cleaned at least once a year. Everything will take you about 10 minutes, but the LG machine will work like a clock.

To maximize the safety of the electrics and electronics of the washing machine, it is necessary to qualitatively stabilize the voltage in the electrical network. If the voltage is stable, which does not happen in Russian electric networks, then the chances of the valve coil breaking or the control module will be several times less. Effectively solve a similar problem will help special stabilizer for washing machine.

To summarize, we note that the IE error in the LG washer occurs in cases where the machine cannot pump water into the tank, either cannot, or cannot pump in the right amount. The article talks about breakdowns leading to the same and how to fix them. We hope this information will be useful, successful repair!


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