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Which washing machine is better than LG or Samsung?

Samsung and LG washing machineWhat brand of washing machines is better than Samsung or LG? The question is truly provocative, and how can you answer it with 100% accuracy, because both under the Samsung brand and under the LG brand a very large number of machines are produced, each of which has its own unique qualities. To form our position on this issue, we decided to compare from various points of view the two most advanced models of SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP and LG F14B3PDS7 machines. And what came of it, you yourself will appreciate.

Let's start with the price

Ceteris paribus, the same type of SAMSUNG and LG washing machines are different, although the set of functions they can be approximately the same. In particular, the average price of SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP is about 102,000 rubles, when as a classmate, a model with similar characteristics of the LG F14B3PDS7 costs about 70,000 rubles. Of course, talking about the advantages of LG cars, when comparing only one component is not necessary, but price accounting for many consumers is of paramount importance.

Note! The average price value was derived thanks to the analysis of prices for these machine models in the major major network companies selling household appliances in Russia.

LG washing machineThe average price difference between SAMSUNG and LG in various price categories is interpreted in favor of SAMSUNG. Flexible pricing has led to the fact that their models are generally a couple of thousand rubles cheaper than similar LG models. But again, the difference is negligible. As for the expensive car models, in some cases LG wins as in the above example by 32,000 rubles. It’s hard not to notice such a difference.

Why can not you compare models of cars only at a price? Despite the fact that the SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP machine and the LG F14B3PDS7 machine are about the same class, the characteristics differ, so the final conclusion must be made by analyzing a combination of factors.

Which machines carry out the washing cycle better?

The washing cycle is satisfactorily carried out by both SAMSUNG machines and LG cars. But whose cars are better? Let's start with the spin. As you know, the spin quality of a washing machine is largely dependent on the speed at which this spin is carried out. The faster the drum spins, the better the spin. But there is a flip side to the coin, the faster the drum spins, the greater the negative impact on the laundry. SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP and LG F14B3PDS7 have the highest spin quality, however, Samsung has a maximum drum speed of 1600 rpm, while LG has only 1400. Even at 1400 rpm, the residual humidity is only 44%, that’s enough.

The washing quality of one and the other machine is also up to par. But users of the LG washing machine with steam function note that when exposed to steam, old pollution is better washed. In addition, in such a machine you can refresh things without water and detergents, which is very useful.

About reliability and repair

Washing machine samsungProduction Samsung washing machines and LG was originally organized in Korea, today it’s not so easy to find Korean-made cars. Most often these are cars of Chinese or Russian assembly, both brands have factories in Russia. Speaking about the reliability of these washing machines, you need to compare models assembled in one country. You should not compare, for example, Samsung, assembled in Korea and LG, assembled in Russia, here the conclusion is obvious that Korean-made cars are more reliable, the masters of service centers also talk about this.

In addition, reliability is not only build quality, but also the quality of components. So in the above-described models of washing machines, inverter motors are installed, on which both Samsung and LG give a guarantee of 10 years. As for the average life of machines of these brands, it is approximately the same and is 7 years. The warranty period for the car is also the same 1 year.

As for repairs, the heating element often fails in washing machines. AT washing machines LG replacing the heating element is somewhat easier, since it is located behind the back cover of the case, but Samsung will have to remove the front cover on Samsung machines, which complicates the whole process.

About washing programs, advanced features and loading

washing machine samsungOf great importance when choosing a particular brand of washing machine is the maximum load of linen. The manufacturer LG has a maximum drum volume of 17 kg, while for Samsung machines it is only 12 kg, this applies to full-size models. In narrow washing machines, the maximum load on both brands of machines is 8 kg. Basically, the most common models have a maximum load of linen from 7 to 10 kg, we note that this is enough even for a family of 5-6 people.

Management of the washing process in both machines is intuitive. In different models it can be touch or electronic. The basic set of programs is similar, the programs are oriented for washing different types of fabrics: cotton, synthetics, wool, jeans. By the number of programs, in most cases Samsung machines win, in the SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP model there are 18 of them. But in LG washing machines programs are more productive and useful, for example, the following modes become useful: “Refresh”, “Anti-allergenic wash”, “Steam wash” "," The night cycle. "

Important! Comparison of washing modes is subjective, different people like different modes. One needs more modes for washing outerwear, while the other wants more modes for washing bedding and pillows.

By functionality, washing machines of both brands are also similar. Both models presented by us have:

  • auto weighting;
  • half drum loading;
  • accelerated washing;
  • adjustment of the amount of water;
  • delayed launch.

Samsung washing machines in their latest models use Eco Bubble bubble technology, while LG manufacturers have introduced steam technology into the washing machines. Both technologies have their pros and cons. According to consumer reviews, the function of processing things with steam is more useful, while bubble washing is only good because the powder dissolves better in water. Samsung washing machines of a premium class are equipped with sensors that allow you to dispense a detergent, select a washing program depending on contamination.

Conclusion: comparing the machines of two manufacturers according to these parameters, it is impossible to make an unambiguous conclusion which is better. Everything is subjective, we note that Samsung is still slightly superior to LG in software and functionality, but is it up to you to pay extra for 2-3 functions of additional programs.

Noise and vibration

washing machine lgAnother important characteristic that the consumer pays attention to is the noise level of the washing machine. If the machine is installed in the kitchen, and the family has a small child, this is especially important.

Both Samsung washing machines and LG washing machines install inverter motors, which are characterized by reduced noise levels. However, in some Samsung models, engineers went even further and introduced VRT-M technology, which reduces vibration and noise. So, in the SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP model, the noise level during washing is 46 dB during an extraction of 72 dB, for comparison, in the LG F14B3PDS7 washing machine, the noise level during washing is 56 dB and during an extraction of 74 dB. Conclusion: the difference is not significant, so both are worth 5.

In conclusion, we note, choosing between these two brands of washing machines, it is difficult to make a choice. Focus primarily on the functionality and programs that you need. Why pay for extra and useless modes that you will not use. And most importantly, pay attention to the country where the assembly of a specific model of the machine.


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  1. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Great article. Thank. I will consider everything.

    • Gravatar Peter Peter:

      Apparently Korean LG ordered this video.

  2. Gravatar Tanzilla Tanzilah:

    I have an LG machine. It has been working smoothly for 15 years, erasing the sutra until night! Korean assembly. And repaired only once. And then my fault was the breakdown ...

    • Gravatar Dad Dad:

      Do not confuse those cars with current ones. I also have LG the 15th year is coming. Now they don’t do that quality. 5 years maximum.

  3. Gravatar Ami Ami:

    I have Samsung, I am very pleased.

  4. Gravatar Madi Madi:

    I also have Samsung for 12 years. I'm happy with everyone

  5. Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

    I have Bosch and it broke in six months. Electronics flew 🙂

    • Gravatar Lem Lem:

      This is a success. My Bosch died a day after the warranty ended.

  6. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    I have an Ardo A400. 20 years. 2 years ago changed bearings. Works.

  7. Gravatar Albert Albert:

    We have Ardo A800. She's 19 years old. Works!

  8. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    We also have Ardo, she is 20 years old. How much she worked ... a lot. It's time to take a new car. The choice fell on LG.
    Now cars do not work so much. assembly is now practically Russia. Our Ardo was an Italian assembly. Sorry to leave ...

  9. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    We also have Ardo, she is 16 years old. Ceased to wring, repair turned out to be a master. It erases, but does not wring. We went to the store today, for a new one, returned with nothing ... all in thought.

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