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Where to put the old washing machine profitably?

Where to put the old washing machineUnfortunately, washing machines sooner or later become obsolete and fail. And what to do with the system, which has already served its major household appliances? There can be several answers to this question. Of course, the first we will consider the most profitable ways to get rid of the machine. And such methods can be considered only those ways that:

  1. Do not require our special efforts.
  2. Do not require our cash expenses.
  3. They will bring us any benefit.

Good ways to get rid of a washing machine

The first profitable way to part with a once beloved, but not quite suitable for us technique would be ... you will never guess! Return her to the home appliance store !!!

We return the machine to the home appliance store!

Household appliances storeHow come? - you ask: After all, after so many years of work, no one will definitely take it back!

That's right, at the price that you once paid for it, they will not accept it from you. Anyway, they’ll hardly accept the money in the store. But quite often this or that chain of household appliances stores holds various promotions. In these promotions, the surrender of the old machine can serve as an excellent reason to get a substantial discount on a new one!

Typically, discounts are provided for both working and broken appliances. And even for the one that was made many years ago. But just in case, we recommend that before you go to the store to call and clarify all questions regarding the conduct and rules of the action.

Most likely in this option you will have to independently deliver the machine to the store. Therefore, this method can hardly be called very simple. Especially if your old washer is heavy.

Hand over scrap metal to collection points

Scrap metal washing machineThis option promises you some money. How much money you will receive will depend on how much special institutions accept such items. And from what kind of machine you have.

Yet again, Before you go to the scrap metal collection points, we recommend that you call there. You can also clarify whether they do not independently export old household appliances. If you are lucky and you find an organization that takes the equipment itself, then you risk earning money without straining)

You can search for such companies using the Internet (may Yandex and Google help you) or through various newspapers with ads.

Free removal of household appliances

Free removal of the washing machineThese services are provided by various companies in large, and possibly in small cities of Russia. In order to find a company that is ready for free to get your old “battered in the battles with an unequal enemy” washing machine, you can again use the search engines on the Internet.

For example, if you type in Yandex the phrase: “Free removal of household appliances in Moscow,” you will see a lot of sites that offer this service. In other cities, you can also find similar companies.

This way to get rid of the machine can not be called profitable. After all, he will not bring you money. But it can be considered the simplest. And all you need is just to call and wait for the car with the loaders. They will carry out household appliances on their own, and you just have to look at them next.

What is the catch? But there’s no particular catch. It's just that your old machine also costs money:

  • Firstly, it has various parts that can be used to repair other cars or for sale.
  • Secondly, there is metal in it, which is also taken for cash.

That is why many organizations will gladly relieve you of the problem of having boring old equipment.

Sell ​​a car through bulletin boards or newspaper

AvitoThis method will be most suitable for those who have an old washing machine in working condition. What should be done?

  1. Visit the site
  2. Create an ad for the sale of your machine.
  3. It’s better to take a photo (photo ads attract more attention).
  4. Write a description of the machine (its condition, functions, programs, etc.) and its price.
  5. Post an ad.

In the same way, you can try to sell faulty household appliances. However, people should not be deceived. Immediately write that the machine is faulty. Also indicate what exactly broke in it (if you know). It is possible that some master can buy your washing machine and use it for spare parts.

By the way, through this bulletin board you can sell not only household appliances, but in general any new and used items. By the way, about how to buy a used washing machine on Avito we already wrote.

Just throw it away

This option is not at all profitable, and even more so, it can become costly. Since in order to throw out the washing machine you may need the help of movers and vehicles. In addition, for this kind of large garbage, separate special containers should be provided, which, of course, are simply not present in most garbage cans.

We can recommend this method only to those who enjoy spending extra money and carrying heavy loads. We recommend the methods described above to all others.

And if you are a creative and inventive person, you can figure out how to use an unnecessary machine and make it an original piece of furniture or a practical device in the household.


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