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How to remove the lid from the dishwasher?

top cover in the dishwasherInstalling a dishwasher in the kitchen may not be that easy. Especially if the kitchen was made in advance, and the car was bought later, and nobody checked its exact dimensions when buying. So it turns out that the car does not pass under the countertop, but there are simply no options to put it separately. The question arises, how to remove the top cover from a Bosch machine or whatever, what should I do? Try to answer it.

Why remove the top cover from the PMM

When they talk about removing the top cover, we are talking about freestanding dishwashers, because built-in appliances do not have a top cover. It is most often necessary to remove the lid in such dishwashers in those cases when the choice of a machine was spontaneous. The height of the freestanding machines is 85 cm, the standard height of the countertops in the kitchen, taking into account the thickness of the material (3 cm), is also 85 cm. As a result, the machine does not get under the tabletop, but it is very necessary.

In this case, the option comes to the head to remove the top cover from the dishwasher. However, not all dishwashers remove the top cover. There are models in which this cannot be done.. Therefore, you need to be serious about dishwasher selection, and find out such moments, and even better if you want to build in appliances to take a built-in dishwasher, specially designed for this.

Note! When the countertop is too low, then as an option, you can consider a small modernization of the kitchen, for example, increasing the height of the legs of the headset or replacing the console with a higher one.

If the lid is still removable, this makes the machine 2.5-3 cm lower, and makes it possible to insert it under the countertop. However, some experts argue that this is not entirely safe and it is necessary to isolate the "insides" of the machine from possible moisture, so that the equipment does not burn out and you are not shocked.

Remove the cover from the Bosch and Whirlpool dishwashers

Removing the lid on a Bosch brand dishwasher is quite simple. To do this, turn the machine with the back wall towards you. In the upper part on the sides you will see the latches that must be pressed.

If you can’t do it by hand, then for convenience you can use a screwdriver, but you need to do this carefully so as not to break the plastic elements.

After the latches are released, you need to slide the cover forward from the retaining grooves. If you stand on the side of the door of the Bosch dishwasher, then you need to move on yourself.

In the same way, the lid is removed for Whirlpool dishwashers, they also have latches that hold the lid.

top cover in the dishwasher

Remove the lid from the Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston dishwashers

Removing the top lid of freestanding Indesit or Hotpoint Ariston brand dishwashers is slightly different. It is also necessary to go to the rear wall of the dishwasher and at the top on the side end you will see two fixing screws. Unscrew the screws with a screwdriver and slide the cover away from you.

Important! If the removal of the lid in the dishwasher is provided by the manufacturer, then you will not be affected in any way by the warranty period and service, otherwise the warranty will be lost.

top cover in dishwasher Indesit

In general, many people do not even have a question about removing the top cover in a Bosch dishwasher, since the latches or fixing screws are in a prominent place. If they are not, then most likely such a freestanding dishwasher does not have the ability to remove the lid, therefore, it must be installed under the countertop together with the lid, taking into account the height of the machine. We hope that in our article you have found the answer to your question.


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  1. Gravatar Victoria Victoria:

    In the Bosch Sportline dishwasher, the lid is removed in front! Under a cover two clamps. Click on them and it is easy to clean.

  2. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Thank you Victoria!

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