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Faucet for connecting the dishwasher to the water supply

taps for connecting a dishwasherCorrectly and reliably connecting the dishwasher to the water supply is very important, especially if you live on the top floor of an apartment building. To organize the connection of the “iron assistant” to the conscience, it is necessary not only to choose the correct connection scheme, but also suitable accessories, in particular a crane, tee, couplings, clamps and more. In such a case there are no trifles, a small leak formed due to a weak connection can result in costly repairs in the neighbors' apartment at your expense.

Which crane to choose: general recommendations

To begin with, when organizing the connection of a dishwasher to the water supply system through a mixer or bypass, it is necessary to think not only about the quality of the taps, but also all components without exception, including hoses, pipes themselves and those elements that ensure the normal functioning of the water supply system. Most often, when connecting a dishwasher, the masters use a so-called tee, in which a tap is built-in, in other words, a tee tap. There are general recommendations for the acquisition of such a crane.taps for connecting a dishwasher

  • Do not buy a tee tap (or a different type of tap) made of plastic or silumin. Both brass and bronze taps are on sale now - they are much better and will last longer.
  • When buying a tee tap, check the integrity of its thread. Even the slightest chips and jagged on the edge of the thread should alert you.
  • Pay attention to the water shut-off mechanism. Experts say that it is better to take a crane with a ball-type overlap mechanism, since it is much more durable and reliable.
  • The appearance of the crane does not matter, because it will be hidden, but ease of use plays an important role. If the tap has an uncomfortable shut-off valve, you cannot quickly shut off the water in the event of an accident and, as a result, minimize damage. Therefore, before buying, inspect the tap, turn its valve, make sure that it turns easily and conveniently.

Note! The mechanism of overlapping ball-type water lasts longer because it is less susceptible to mineral deposits contained in the water, which eventually settle on its internal parts.

Which type of faucet you have to choose will depend on the developed connection diagram of the dishwasher. In our opinion, the simpler the circuit, the better, but there are all kinds of situations, so we decided to consider possible connection schemes a little later, but first we’ll talk about the types of cranes and other components that can be used in this case.

What taps can be used to install a “dishwasher"?

As soon as we are talking mainly about taps in our article, we will start the story with a typology of taps that will be suitable for connecting a dishwasher. For these purposes, a crane is useful:

  1. tee;
  2. angular;
  3. dual flow;
  4. with four pins.

The tee crane is used in 95% of cases, since it is used in the simplest, most common and reliable connection schemes. The tee provides the minimum number of connections, which means that the likelihood of leakage is reduced. It is easy to install and understandable to all, without exception, even outright amateurs. An angular type crane is called so because its terminals are bent at right angles. Such a faucet is installed on the finished tap of the water pipe.

The double flowing tap has two completely straight taps with a shut-off mechanism and a valve in the middle, it is also installed on the finished tap of the water pipe for connecting the dishwasher through it. Four-tap, one of the most complex.Recently, it has been used more and more often when connecting several consumers to the water supply system, although when using such a tap, switching problems may occur, because the mechanism is one, and there are two devices.

Important! A four-outlet tap allows you to connect two household appliances to the water supply system with a minimum number of connections, which will ensure maximum reliability of organized communications.

I would also like to say a few words about the components that may be required and will certainly be required to connect the dishwasher to the water supply system through a mixer or in another way. What are these accessories?adapters for connecting a dishwasher

  • Inlet hose. In the process of connecting the dishwasher, it may turn out that the length of the standard hose that comes with the dishwasher is not enough. Fortunately on sale there are inlet hoses of different lengths.
  • Fittings of various types. There are a great many fittings, and they are used if a simple connection scheme could not be created. Among them are: adapters, couplings, crosses, compensators, contours and others.
  • Materials ensuring normal sealing of joints. As a rule, this is a special fum tape or just a fumka tape. It is wound on threaded joints in a special way, after which this connection ceases to pass water.

Schemes for connecting a "dishwasher" to the water supply

There are a great many schemes for connecting the dishwasher to the water supply. We will consider only the most basic ones, without affecting the issues of preparation for connection, features of the progress of work, and so on. All this is described in detail in an article on relevant topics, namely, How to connect a dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage.

The first scheme involves connecting the dishwasher through a mixer. Strictly speaking, the connection is, of course, not through the mixer, but through the taps of the water pipe that go to the mixer. How it's done?

  1. The water is blocked and the flexible hose that comes from the tap of the water pipe to the mixer is disconnected.
  2. At the junction of the pipe outlet and the hose we screw the tee tap.
  3. We connect the pipe outlet and the hose through a tee tap. Now the pipe outlet with cold water will serve not only to supply the mixer, but also to the dishwasher. At the same time, the mixer retains full functionality.
  4. We fasten the flow filter to the free branch of the tee, and screw the inlet hose to the filter, which in turn is connected to the dishwasher.

The second scheme is applied in the case when the cold water supply pipe is specially brought out for a dishwasher or washing machine. In this situation, the connection is made not through a mixer, but directly and you can use not only a tee, but also a flow or even an angle tap. The order of production, in this case, looks even easier.

  • Water is blocked and the plug is removed from the pipe outlet.
  • We fasten the tap of the desired variety to the tap.
  • Screw the flow filter to the tap.
  • We fasten the inlet hose to the filter. Well, the hose is connected to the car.

To summarize, we note, when connecting the dishwasher to the water supply, it is very important to choose the right accessories, including a suitable tap. It must necessarily consist of quality materials and be convenient so that subsequently there are no problems with emergency switching or disconnecting the dishwasher from the water supply. In addition, it is important to choose the right machine connection diagram so that it continues to work flawlessly.


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