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baskets in the PMMOne of the most important accessories in a dishwasher can be considered a basket for a dishwasher. It’s even a little unfair that manufacturers consider baskets for dishes just an accessory, because the quality and quantity of washed dishes often depends on the basket. The more successfully arranged the basket, the better and more efficient the dishwasher works, taking out dirt even in hard-to-reach places. Today we’ll try to restore justice by devoting an entire article to baskets for dishes and cutlery trays. It's time for people to learn more about these important parts of the dishwasher.

What are dishwasher boxes?

Dish baskets or baskets in different dishwashers are similar to each other, but they are not the same. And if you start to understand the issue, then it immediately catches the eye. Today there are several fundamentally different in configuration and design baskets. If this accessory is so simple, why are manufacturers still looking for new technical solutions? Why don't traditional baskets suit them?

  • Due to the special shape of the basket, manufacturers ensure that the plates, pans, cups and other things that are placed in it are washed with washing solution as efficiently as possible.
  • The latest designs help transform the basket to accommodate different sets of dishes.
  • The first baskets for dishwashers contained less utensils. Modern accessories on average hold 3-6 sets of dishes more.
  • Successful new basket designs help keep dishes safe during washing. Even fragile glass remains intact, and this is very important.

New baskets are compatible with additional accessories in the form of holders for glasses, spacers for washing bottles, nozzles for washing baking trays, etc.

baskets for dishes top and bottomAs you can see, there is something to fight for. But what heights have the manufacturers of these accessories reached today? Are there any baskets on the market that have the most successful design? In our opinion, this type of reasoning is very subjective and we decided to refrain from it. It’s better, for starters, to find out what kind of baskets there are for different dishwashers.

Fordishwashers Mile very capacious and durable baskets of a flattened rectangular design are characteristic. The bottom box is the most capacious. It has several compartments for large dishes, folding plate holders and side locks to help adjust the position of the basket. If you need to wash large dishes, the basket can be adjusted so that everything enters.

The second basket is for smaller dishes. It is also possible to put fragile glasses into it, having fixed them with holders with a soft gasket. At the very top, on the third tier, is a transformable pallet in which you can put not only cutlery, but also small dishes. Due to this pallet, the capacity of Mile cars increases significantly.

Dishwashers of various Bosch models feature unusual baskets made using Vario Flex Plus technology. So no baskets can transform. Thanks to the system of latches and guides, you can place the baskets in the washing chamber as you need, since they move almost vertically freely. Glasses are placed on folding stops, in addition, a container for spoons and forks is provided. Due to the special shape of the basket, non-standard kitchen utensils are easily placed for washing: ladles, graters, rolling pins, cutting boards, etc.

The manufacturers of dishwashers Electrolux, when making their baskets, clearly took care of the health of customers. A special lifting mechanism has been developed to facilitate loading the dishwasher for people with a sore back. Each basket is equipped with a handle, pulling which the user can move the basket much higher.This will allow you not to bend down when you lay dirty plates, pots and everything else that needs to be washed. The Electrolux technique is also famous for its collapsible cup holders for excellent washing results.

The most stuffed with technologies can be considered Siemens dishwasher boxes. Let's try to list the innovations that have been introduced into the design of these baskets.

  1. Folding retractable shelves for small dishes. If there is no need for these shelves, you can always fold them and free up additional space for large dishes.
  2. Baskets have special folding guides that allow you to firmly hold the plates. Thanks to these guides, the plates will always be safe and sound.
  3. At the very top is a folding tray, which can generally be pulled out if it is not needed. Under normal conditions, a tray is needed to place cutlery, but if necessary, you can wash small cups, saucers and other small things in it.
  4. The interior space of all baskets is modeled. All kinds of holders, shelves, partitions are folded and pulled out, allowing the user to transform baskets to current needs.

Siemens dishwasher baskets are made of the most durable and high-quality steel, not subject to corrosion.

How to choose a suitable box

You need to choose a basket taking into account its model compatibility. It is hard to imagine that baskets from the Electrolux machine are suitable for Mila's dishwasher, although this happens occasionally. The plus is that often on old models of dishwashers of a certain brand, baskets from completely new models of machines of this brand are suitable. Quite often, owners like the machine itself, but do not like the basket for dishes. Manufacturers offer to replace standard accessories with special ones that meet your expectations. Here, for example, is what Bosch for wine glasses and glasses

  1. Box for wine glasses and glasses. If you meet a lot of guests and several dozen wine glasses and glasses for wine and champagne are lined up for washing, a special box will help you out. It is located at the bottom of the washing chamber instead of the bottom basket. It gets into 12 glasses, 12 wine glasses and 24 cups. All dishes are securely fixed and located, so that everything is washed as efficiently as possible.
  2. Top basket with six folding sections. Suitable for Bosch full-sized dishwashers, it has a huge capacity, and the interior of the basket is completely transformed. It is equipped with wheels for moving along the guides.
  3. Lower basket for dishes with six folding sections. The features of this advanced basket are: a rising rear edge, a bracket for glasses, increased capacity and special safe plate holders. This basket is suitable for any Bosch dishwasher released since 2007.

In addition to baskets, Bosch manufacturers offer to buy various accessories that further facilitate washing the dishes. We are talking about bottle holders, cutlery baskets, silver cutlery cassettes, holders for small items, etc.

Trays, holders and boxesholder for tall glasses

The purchase of new baskets is associated with significant costs. Not everyone can afford them, but there is a solution. You can improve your dishwasher by purchasing additional trays, holders or boxes for cutlery. They as well as baskets can be easily bought separately.

  • Holder for 4 tall glasses. Suitable for washing modern glasses of thin glass on a very high leg.
  • Holders for small items. They are special hooks for fixing small dishes during washing. They are good for fastening baby bottles, lids of plastic containers and other trifles.
  • Bottle holders. The accessory is designed to install baby bottles and similar utensils.
  • Nozzle for washing baking sheets. Dressed in place of a standard sprinkler.Ideal for washing large dishes: trays, trays, ducklings, etc.
  • Folding cutlery box. It is both a tray and a box in which you can put spoons forks and knives. Having opened the clamps, it can be deployed and turned into a tray, in the assembled state it is a compact box.

So, baskets, as well as many additional accessories for the dishwasher, can be purchased quite freely. But acquiring them, look at the quality of performance. If the basket consists of thin, bendable metal elements, it is better not to buy it, since this accessory should withstand heavy dishes. The tighter the basket, the better. In addition, it is better to choose chrome baskets, rather than painted. Under the influence of detergent, the paint tends to peel off. Be careful!


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