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Korean washing machinesA large number of manufacturers and brands of washing machines pose users with a difficult choice. Many people have a question, what brand of washing machine is more reliable and better.

In this article, we will talk about Korean-built cars, list their advantages and disadvantages, and review various models.

Advantages and disadvantages

Korean-made washing machines are very popular, because they are not that expensive, and in terms of functionality and implemented technologies they are not inferior to European-made machines.Machines with a large number of programs and functions are much cheaper than washers of the same class assembled in Europe. But not only the price is an advantage of such machines, they have a number of advantages:

  • direct drive, first introduced in Korean washing machines. Machines with an inverter motor without a belt drive are more reliable, have a guarantee of at least 10 years;
  • a large number of various programs;
  • simple operation and clear symbols on the panel;
  • convenient buttons and a large display;
  • in most cases, quality parts.

Note! Korean washing machines are assembled by automatic machines, unlike machines from Sweden and Germany, so they are inferior to them in reliability and quality, but they win in price.

As for the shortcomings, then without them there is no. Korean washing machines have their drawbacks, here is a list of them:

  • jamming of the lock lock of the hatch door;
  • unstable electronics;
  • branch pipes often break.

Brands of Korean cars

The most famous Korean brands: Samsung, LG and Daewoo. Korean washing machines Samsung assembly in our country are not found, since the assembly plant was opened in the Kaluga region, and therefore there is no need to bring equipment from South Korea. And this significantly affects the quality of the equipment, because even the components for the assembly are taken not by the Korean, but by the Chinese. It turns out that only the brand remained from the Korean in washing machines.

Note! You can buy a Korean-made washing machine in another country or in Korea itself, but it will cost significantly more.

The washing machines of the Korean brand LG are also very popular among Russian consumers; they are relatively inexpensive and of high quality. LG engineers were the first to use direct drive technology, which sets them apart from the competition. The manufacturer gives a 10 year warranty on its engines. According to user reviews such machines last about 8 years, and sometimes longer, without serious damage. In addition, they are easy to repair, components for them are easy to buy in the store. But just like Samsung cars, LG Korean cars cannot be found here. Almost all models are assembled in Russia and China.

No less well-known washing machines under the delirium of Daewoo, which means “Universe”. This is completely justified because the technology of this company is known all over the world. Washing machines are characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality, original design (unusual pattern on the facade). And most importantly, cars from South Korea of ​​this brand can be purchased in our country, although there are models assembled in China.

Model Overview

We offer a list of models of Korean-style washing machines, compare their technical characteristics and cost.

Daewoo Electronics DWC-UD1213 - a washing machine with a drying function, you can wash up to 10 kg of dry laundry and dry no more than 6 kg of laundry, this is a lot. This model of the machine has non-standard dimensions, therefore, under the usual countertop in the kitchen, the machine may not enter, its dimensions (WxDxH) - 63x80x93 cm. When pressed, the machine gains 1200 rpm, which provides drying class A. It pleases the presence of a large hatch with a diameter of 40 cm and 11 washing programs, including “washing” with steam. Lack of partial leakage protection. The price of the unit is 687 dollars.

Daewoo Electronics DWC-UD1213

Daewoo Electronics DWD-MH8011 - a budget washing machine with a removable cover for embedding.Enough volume drum with a load of 6 kg. The spin cycle is only 800. The machine is full-size standard with 9 washing programs. The average price is 250 dollars.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-MH8011

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC is a small-sized washing machine with a load of only 3 kg. Such a machine will easily enter even the smallest bathroom, because it can be hung on the wall, since its weight is only 17 kg and the exact dimensions (WxDxH) are 55x29x60 cm. The machine is pressed at 700 rpm. The machine is equipped with six modes, protection against children, but leakage protection is only partial. The average price is 359 dollars.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

DAEWOO DWD-UD2412K - washing machine with a volume drum for loading 12 kg of dry laundry. The drum is tilted at an angle of 40 degrees, the hatch door has a diameter of 53 cm, which facilitates loading things. The machine is also distinguished by the location of the control panel, it is located not on the front part, but on top, which makes the washing setup process very convenient.

Number of programs 9, spin speed 1200 rpm. The machine is non-standard in size, its height is 98 cm, depth 79 cm, and width 63 cm. The average price is 781 dollars.


Daewoo washing machines are the only ones assembled in Korea. We intentionally did not include Samsung brand cars in the list, but if you are interested, you can read about them in the article Washing machines samsung.


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    What flooded the market for washing machines and other household appliances, manufactured in Russia and China, killed the desire to buy this low-quality appliance to death!

  2. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Now there are already Ukrainian manufacturers of washing machines

  3. Gravatar Golden Eagle Golden eagle:

    Changed the bearing and the engine stopped working. What is the reason?

  4. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Instead of washing the Bosch machine of the Russian assembly, it will stain light-colored linen with some kind of stains that cannot be washed off.

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